3 Ways to show customer appreciation

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Show customer appreciation in 3 simple ways

Show customer appreciation to improve customer service quality and increase sales. Business cards are the most basic print service used by any business owners, whether it be a small business or big corporation. The design of the business cards and program behind it is what matters and determines your ROI. We created a list with three ways to show customer appreciation using business cards. It will improve your customer loyalty retention and improve customer loyalty.

Top Class Signs and Printing succesful loyalty program 1.Loyalty/reward cards

Customer loyalty cards, also known as customer appreciation cards are a great and inexpensive way to create a customer loyalty program. Use the reward card to thank your clients for their continuous business. Design the business card depending on the services your business offers. Also the design would vary based on the customer loyalty incentive program you want to run. For example, a restaurant may offer a free meal or discounted meal after 10 paid entrees.

2.Discount Cards

Discount cards are another way to thank clients. Give the card after an order and it can also increase chances of a future order. To create urgency, add a deadline for your customers to use the discount cards within a specific time frame. For example, a B2B, business to business, can offer a 5% discount card after an order or a 20% discount card to use during the year for VIPs.

Top Class Signs and Printing discount cards3.Winning Cards

Use the business cards to create a card allowing your clients to “enter for a chance to win” a gift/prize. If your business has a location, you can design the card to be dropped off in a bowl in order to be entered for the prize. If you don’t have a physical location for your business or even if you do, you can design the winning card to go to an online landing page. Creating a landing page on your website also allows your client to interact with your brand on another level.

The benefits of loyalty programs are definite and can improve customer loyalty retention. Running a succesful loyalty program also increases repeat sales.

Make sure to visit our standard business card page to create your succesful loyalty program.

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