4 Marketing ideas for 2021

4 Marketing ideas for 2021

Ideas to market your business in 2021

2020 was a difficult year for everyone and in every ways possible. Now 2021 is here and all businesses are trying to figure out the best marketing ideas in unprecedented times. Know that you are not alone and it is still possible to retain business and even grow right now. It will require more time and creativity.

Focus online

Now more than ever it is important for your company to have accurate information online. Clients and potential clients are checking online for current business hours, to find out if stores are open in person, as well as safety protocol taken updates. There is nothing more frustrating than calling a restaurant at 8:00PM to order food as their website advise they are open to find out they are not. So, do not be that business, take an hour to update this information on your website as well as online.

With a global pandemic the world took to e-commerce more than ever and it’s not slowing down. So, whether you sell a product or service, a website at the very least is no longer optional but a necessity to remain in business.

As people are working from home and some not working at all, time spent online has dramatically increased. Creating content as a major part of your marketing strategy should be on top of the list. You want to create all types of content to reach as many clients and leads as possible. Content ideas can be blogs, white papers, videos, polls, reels, mail out newsletter, and the list goes on.

SEO, search engine optimization is more needed to be found online in a time when everyone is always connected. You have updated your online details, you have a website, and you created content but now how will people find you. There are millions of businesses just like yours on the web, so you need to work your SEO to be found and make your efforts worth it. This will include organic growth like the content you should already be creating as well as various methods including PPC, pay per click ads.

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Engage on social media

Once upon a time having a social media presence was optional, but that time is gone. Now more than ever it has become a marketing must whether you have a B2C or B2B business. You do not have to stretch yourself thin by trying to be on all platform and ending up being on none. Pick one or two that are relevant to your business and start there. Know your client’s persona and post for that person to share valuable content. Remember social media is about sharing, behind the scenes and value. Do not try to be too salesy; it will backfire.

A great base to start on is to create post for holidays and observances. A fun idea is also to participate in fun trending hashtags and daily celebrations. See what other brands in your fields are doing and what works for them to have an idea.

Right now, reels are really creating trading to pages on Instagram as well as video content on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Something that is well worth the time and sometimes financial investment when done properly is influencer marketing. This marketing trend is here to stay and only getting bigger. Find influencers who already have an audience with your ideal client and work with them. Whether you have a product or service you can work with influencers.

Build a community on social media platforms and overtime they will turn into great customers. By building a community of your ideal client persona you will create a group of ideal leads. Nurture them on these platforms but also find a way to get them to your email list.


Think outside the box

The rise of interactive content is evolving fast due to technology, innovation, but also because of Covid-19. With an increase of people staying at home and working from home. So, creating engaging content with your videos, polls, live streams, and live events. Get creative and you can get some serious return on investment.

Another big marketing tool in 2021 is the rise of text messages marketing. Big brands as well as individuals are now using this marketing strategy. Your clients and/or prospects can opt it to received text messages from your company. These messages can range from order updates to promotions advertising.


The rise of remote working culture and hybrid culture

The rise of remote working and the hybrid culture I here to stay. With that being said, it is important to find ways to keep in touch with clients and employees. This makes promotional products a more than ever important part of your marketing campaign.

However, these swag items should not be random, but instead be a part of a bigger campaign. Home items and home office items as well as food products are the best for this as well as lounge wear. Help employees and clients strive at home.

You can start a campaign with a mix of postcards to promotional products. Create themes and make it fun and memorable.

For businesses coming back to the office make it a safe space and have systems in place. You can have sanitizing stations as well as safety Covid-19 signage that clearly state protocols for safety.

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