5 Effective Marketing Strategies That Could Change Your Business

5 Effective Marketing Strategies

For the potential growth of your business, it is vital to have an effective marketing strategy. Instead of investing thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, you can try inexpensive ways to drive your target customers’ attention.

You may get triggered by the ideas and get an enormous advantage in the form of customers or sales. A nicely implemented idea and strategy may give your business a boost and lead it to greater heights. Whether you own a local business, having a coffee shop, leading a real estate agency or having a web design and development company, these inexpensive marketing techniques will surely aid your business growth and save your money as well.

1. Marketing through Content

Get your customers’ attraction through informational or entertaining articles. As the customers get attracted towards the content, they will get aware about your business as well.

You can create an eBook on interesting and engaging topics or you can fascinate them with fabulous illustrations, infographics, and videos on your blog. The idea is to engage your potential customers through appealing content and create your brand awareness. This technique doesn’t affect your sales directly but is a great way to attract new customers that eventually result in sales otherwise.

It is best to update them with new articles regularly and keep on reminding them with productive information about your business all along.

2. Facebook Advertising

People are mostly concerned about social media campaigns, that whether they will execute successfully or not? However, smart marketers evaluate the potential of their campaigns, they know how they can grasp the attention through attractive and alluring advertisements, they know how to showcase their company’s portfolio and convert them into pertinent revenue.

Among all social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular one so far. It is a perfect platform to hook up your brand with. Facebook allows you to run your ad campaigns in the form of videos, attractive illustrations, quotes, and eye-catching photos. It means there is a huge number of ways to express your brand or products.

You can also create a page named after your brand and update your potential customers through new stuff and developments related to your brand, like upcoming events, publications, workshops, and new arrivals. There are a lot of opportunities and you need to be smarter to get the most out of it.

3. Online Surveys

It is ideal to know what your potential customers want, what they are looking for, what are the issues with your products or services, how you can improve your services, what are the flaws or imperfections your company needs to overcome. These are the questions you may need to ask your customers and one of the ways is taking online surveys.

On completion of a survey, you can reward customers with discounts on purchase of your any product. This strategy is significant as it reflects the areas where you need to put on more focus.

4. Email Marketing

This is one of a fundamental marketing strategy as it involves gathering a list of email addresses of your potential customers and sending them emails that are meant to get them aware of your business and products. This includes promotional links, new products and other related material that results in the execution of leads.

Many people signup on your business website and doesn’t invest in your services or products.  There may be many reasons behind that, perhaps he/she hasn’t landed on the page that has most sales potential or is not inspired by your products.

You have got his email address, now it’s the time to inform him about your latest products and improved services.

The only investment you have to make is to buy an email marketing software that will send your message to a whole group of people. A small business owner can get most out of it, however, as a large-scale business, you have to invest more.

5. Referrals

To grow your business more try to invest in referral programs.  Ask your employees or customers to participate in the program. All they have to do is to manifest your brand or products. In return, they will get rewards. This could be in the form of ‘sale coupon’ for your own products, or a ticket for a cinema movie or simply a bonus cash.

One who knows about your products or services perfectly, and would be able to deliver his awareness to others usefully, could grab more customers and eventually will be able to get the reward.

It is noted that the product recommended by family or friends has the most possibilities to be sold than the ads or commercials.


Creating a capable marketing strategy is vital for small to large businesses. If you haven’t implemented any of these strategies yet, then you can start trying by applying two or three of these that will suit your business needs and do tell us, how they come up for your business. You can also test run every mentioned technique as well.


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