9 Top Tips for a Successful Tradeshow Booth

tradeshow booth

Tradeshow booth events are used to maximize your product or service’s visibility is a must. It’s an event where both buyers and sellers come into place, which means it’s a way of advertising your brand on what you have to offer.

While it may seem like a super cool opportunity to increase brand awareness, you do have to consider the number of competitors you’re faced with within the area. Making sure your booth stands out from the crowd is a top priority. Or else potential clients are going to walk pass by your booth. 

Today, we’re going to talk about the top 10 tips to get you noticed among the sea of competition in trade shows. 

tradeshow boothLocation 

It’s an old but gold business saying “location, location, location”, and that adage still stands up to this day even with tradeshow booths. Invest in a prime location as most events offer prime location if you’re willing to pay extra. 

You have to inquire earlier as these locations sell out pretty quickly. If possible, reserve a spot a year ahead of time. You might also want to consider adding this to your contract if you plan on participating in trade shows on a yearly basis. 


It’s no magic trick, people are attracted to booths that are pleasing to the eyes. Use that to your advantage by using bright colors for your booth’s design. It works wonders in letting people visit your space. 

Make sure your signs are clear and are visible in different directions, so people can see what you have to offer. In other words, you have to maximize optimum lighting.

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Aside from spending time, effort, and money in achieving the ideal appearance, it should also be approachable. With that being said, having friendly attendants works well for your benefits.

Also, you need to have an assortment of display options, so you can cater to different audiences. For example, there are clients who love who tend to go towards flyers and reading materials. While there are participants who fancy a video demo or an HD screen. 

Most of the time, visitors love to engage with the booth attendees to ask questions, so you have to make sure your attendees are ready at all times.


Booth hosts are important, make sure the people tending your tradeshow booths are equipped with the proper knowledge to answer questions and clarifications from guests. 

Be creative, you may use entertainers, like a singer or a magician. It should fit well with your company’s persona. Just remember to keep your company persona in place when hiring hosts.

Show specials

Having show specials in tradeshows is a way of treating your clients with a discount voucher or a special offer. Spend time in making sure it’s posted clearly to avoid misunderstanding.

Contests and promotions

In tradeshow booth events, people love to win things in contests and special promotions. You can invest in small prizes just to get people riled up. Naturally, this is a give and take process, you have to make sure you’re going to have something in return, such as their business cards or contact form. 

tradeshow snacksSnacks and drinks

These attendees aren’t used to walk around in the vicinity, so if you’re going to hand them out with snacks and drinks, they’re surely going to appreciate your act of kindness. 

Of course, this is a brilliant way to advertise your brand. Offer snacks that are in line with what your company stands for. For instance, water bottles should come with packaging with your logo on it or include your business card when you’re handing them out. 

These small things make sure you’re going to get remembered, which increases the probability of clients calling for your service.

Flaunt your expertise

Flaunt what you know to your audience, it doesn’t have to extra. You can show it off via the latest trends, top product lists, or anything that makes you stand up. If you’re a business that specializes in hotel bookings, you can show off the top 10 hotels in the local area.

Social media

If you’re not using social media, your competitors will. Marketers know how important social media presence is when it comes to events like this one, so spend time in making a social media marketing plan. Invite people to your booth, and if they share a post of yours, they’ll receive a special incentive. 


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