Acrylic Sneeze Guards

These custom acrylic sneeze guards work as a barrier for restaurants, offices, retail stores, and more. It is great on desks or counters and available at any size that can provide an additional layer of protection for both employees and customers.
  • Installation service available
  • Fully customizable and we accept custom orders by quote
  • Reusable and long-lasting
  • Light-weight
  • Affordable
  • Available in many sizes
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  • Custom printing/shapes available by quote.
  • Made to order
sneeze guard with aluminum support frame and clamp

Why Use Sneeze Guards?

Sneeze Guards for Additional Layer of Protection

Limiting the proliferation of germs is the main concern for every business today and many companies are in search of innovative solutions to keep everyone strong and healthy. One solution is no other than sneeze guards which allows you to safely welcome employees and customers into your space. The acrylic guards provide a barrier against droplets, spray, and other airborne contaminants.

When it comes to protection, the custom acrylic sneeze guards are the best solution. Both employees and customers in restaurants, retail, and convenience stores will benefit from the extra layer of protection.

These acrylic sneeze guards help preserve social distancing policies and strengthen hygienic practices. The transparent plastic barriers can help protect workers and customers from the proliferation of both airborne and seasonal illnesses by functioning as a physical space between people.

Minimizing cross-contamination

The sneeze guards are ideal for shopping centers, food services, and convenience stores to minimize cross-contamination from one vicinity into another, particularly with liquids.

The cleanliness in the workplace or public spaces can be maintained with these plastic sneeze guards that are easy to clean and install. With the installation of this clear physical barrier, it conveys a message that your business is taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe as the health pandemic continues.

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Custom Fabrication

Tell us about your specific needs and we’ll put a quote on it.

Material Options

Our standard materials are 1/8th and 3/16th but we can go up to 1`` thick materials.

different acrylic sneeze guard sizes
Different Sizes

We offer many different sizes and shapes to fit all kinds of needs.

sneeze guard clamps for cubicles
Clamps for Cubicles

If you are in a large office, you probably have cubicles with nowhere to stand a normal guard.

hanging sneeze guards
Hanging Barriers

Counters are valuable real estate, hang it from your ceiling and avoid being knocked over and crowding.

premium sneeze guard feet and frame
Premium aluminum frame

High quality aluminum feet and frame for your sneeze guard.

Table Clamps

Clamps great for tables up to 1`` thick

standing aluminum sneeze guard clamps
Clamps with Frame

Stable support and protected.

Adjustable and flexible design

Elegant acrylic side forked feet, adjustable to any size.

custom printed sneeze guards for desksWhat are the main uses of sneeze guards?

As a plastic screen, the sneeze guard were originally created to prevent food contamination in buffets, restaurants, and take-out areas. Today, it has been utilized in various industries which serves as a physical barrier to employees and customers including desks and counters. It helps protect both employees and customers from the spread of infectious diseases, especially during the peak seasons.

The sneeze guards are also widely used in preventing liquid spills, airborne contaminants, or germs from spreading. Today, it has been utilized in other industries as well as in doctors’ clinics.

  • Government Offices
  • Restaurants and Coffee Shops
  • Optical Retail Shops
  • Cars and Taxis
  • Banks
  • Hair Salons
  • Spas and Hotels
  • Dental and Medical Offices

The sneeze guards are not medical devices but they possess PPE qualities that help slow down the transmission, even if the employee and customer are not wearing masks. Additionally, they provide customers with the added reassurance of safety as they re-enter the “new normal” of life. When these are installed by businesses, it shows the dedication of the organization to the health and safety of their employees. It also serves as a visual reminder to observe proper hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How do sneeze guards for desks adapt and improve daily work life?

The sneeze guards ensure the necessary physical distancing without causing any disruptions to light and visibility in the office space. The main objective of these acrylic sneeze guards is the safety of employees, but it will also allow them to interact as normally as possible, without risking their health.

Even during the pandemic, any office space can resume a normal level of functionality without compromising the safety and health of employees.

Guidelines for sneeze guards

Based on the latest regulations as businesses reopen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC prepared the propositions to aid businesses in limiting the spread of microorganisms and prepare for social distancing.

A recommendation from the CDC is the installation of physical barriers such as sneeze guards. This will provide room and distance between workers and customers in various businesses and industries. It was specifically recommended by the CDC that restaurants must install sneeze guards at cash registers. In some areas, the sneeze guards might be necessary before a business is allowed to reopen. The rules and restrictions might vary by state so it is best to check with the local and state governments first.

The importance of sneeze guards in the office space

The latest COVID-19 pandemic can readily spread via air droplets. With this in mind, any business should consider investing in these acrylic guards as a way to lessen the spread of this virus.

It is not only important for the employees’ safety and health, but proper workplace protocols against the spread of the virus. In offices and almost any workspace that is packed with both employees and customers, there should be sneeze guards installed to significantly minimize the risk of transmission.

Sneeze guard Care Tips

Acrylic and polycarbonate products are designed to be reusable and easy to clean. You can clean the sneeze guards at room temperature with warm water and a detergent solution or mild soap for best results.

If possible, avoid using cleaners or disinfectants that are not compatible for the product. Hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol-based sanitizers are ideal as disinfectants on acrylic-based products but make sure that it is diluted.

Even simple soap and some vinegar and water work well as a cleaning agent. It is recommended to only use natural cleaning products to help lengthen the life of the acrylic sheet guards.

1. Are custom printing or shapes available?

Custom printing, sizes and shapes are available by quote.

2. What are the available sizes?

Standard sizes are 24×24”,  24×36”, 30×60”, 40×30” but others available with different hardware styles up to 96″ wide.

3. How do you clean a sneeze guard?

Clean at room temperature using warm water together with mild soap or detergent solution. Carefully rinse with clean cold water. Dry using a soft sponge to prevent the formation of water spots.

4. What are sneeze guards made of?

The screen guards are made of 1/8”  or 3/16 thick acrylic.

5. What are the cleaning products to avoid?

Certain disinfectants that contain hydroxides, ethyl ammonium chloride, dimethyl benzyl, hypochlorite, and ethylenediamine can cause the cracking of the polycarbonate sheets. When cleaning the product, a combination of simple soap and water with some vinegar works great. Natural cleaning products are suggested to lengthen the life span of the product.

6. How long will my order arrive?

All products are made to order and expect a production time of 3 or more business days. Bulk orders might have a longer production time.


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