Acrylic Stand Off Signs

Acrylic Standoff Signs are both transparent and durable, an ideal alternative for conventional glass. Read how standoff signs help you stand out from the competition!
  • Easy to install. 4-6 screws
  • Direct UV Printed
  • Any custom size
  • Clear, white or black acrylic


  • Printed flat or 3d raised graphics
  • Custom shapes available
  • 1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″ acrylic options
frosted acrylic 3d acrylic stand off

What are the benefits of Sign Standoff?

Stand out from your competitors by adding 3D designed wall signs into the mix. Using a standoff to attach the signage and secure it to your office wall puts a new layer of air in between the mounted portion and wall.

As a result, it gives you an attention-grabbing effect that boosts credibility and professionalism to your office. What’s more, you have the freedom to add front illumination or backlighting to make it even more attractive.

The mounted sign standoff was primarily utilized for indoor usage. However, due to the adaptive resources, custom acrylic signs are now popular sign choices for business signs, promotional, and the links of wayfinding.

You can have it colored, polished, and layered to achieve your desired look. What’s more, you can cut the sign according to your company’s standards.

A standoff sign is a surefire way to upgrade your business’s appearance, and it increases the likelihood of getting your company noticed by investors and customers.

Add 3d raised laser cut logos to your sign!

standoff colors
Stand Off Colors

We offer several optional stand off colors: Silver (standard), gold, white and black.

Acrylic Board Colors

Available in clear (standard), white, black and frosted.

acrylic sign with halo and stand offs
Custom Shapes

Upgrade your sign to any shape such as contour cut or halo.

acrylic bevel and clear edges
Finished Edges

Polished glass look edges or beveled (angled edges)

What are the benefits of Sign Standoff?

These are often called standoff screws, and are extremely popular in both big and small businesses due its price and result. Companies use them for mounting purposes, it gives off a one-inch gap between the sign and the wall.

It makes it pop out from the wall, getting the attention of customers. A custom acrylic standoff sign can completely change how an ordinary sign looks. Simply using a sign standoff gives you an affordable office design solution.

This greatly enhances the building’s present décor, making it significantly important when your customers fear their ADA signs do not mix with the interior.

In addition, using adhesive as a means to hang your signage comes with the risk of the signage falling off. Standoffs serve to keep the sign intact and in place, reducing the risks of falls.

A standoff needs to be screwed to the wall, meaning it can take on the weight of the wall graphics with no problems.

Who should consider acrylic standoff signs?

Taking into account that these standoffs are known for its upscale effect on businesses, these are ideal for businesses that want to have a luxurious appearance for their clients.

Due to what it provides to businesses, it’s perfect for hotels, spas, restaurants, and offices. All in all, it’s perfect for any establishment where having professional and luxurious signage is important.

Work With Us

Top Class Printing offers Acrylic standoff signs in Miami and Doral areas. If you’re looking for a quick, hassle-free printing solution, we’re the printing company to go.

We’re a team of highly experienced professionals with over a decade of experience in the industry. Working with us means you want to maximize the advantages of having an acrylic office in your locality.

Our staff members have one goal: Quality service with the purpose of driving sales into your business with our Acrylic standoff signs.

1. Is it possible to have printed on both sides?

Yes by special order, 2 sides may be added soon.

2. Can you customize the sign’s thickness?

The standard acrylic sign is 1/4″ but we offer 1/8th, 3/8th and 1/2″ thicknessses.

3. Is it possible to drill my own holes?

Definitely! However, we won’t be able to replace or refund your signage because of that. You can have it drilled by professionals (us) or use a properly functioning drill for the job.

4. How long does the acrylic signage last?

Your acrylic sign can last five years or more, depending on how you’re taking care of it. Proper placement should make it last longer.

5. Do you have a matte or gloss finish option?

The signs have a somewhat satin feel to the printed area and the other parts have a glossy shine on them. It delivers a sheen that makes the signage appear stunning without ruining the sign’s readability.

6. What do you use for printing?

UV digital printing technology for quality results.

7. Do acrylic signs bend?

Larger signs have the tendency to bend. As mentioned earlier, acrylic is hard plastic and not glass, that’s why it’s recommended to have a middle support for large signage adding more stand offs or adding some padding behind the sign. Padding however is only suggested for colored backgrounds.

8. How long does it take for me to receive the sign board?

Our team immediately works on it after receiving your request. Typically, it takes 5-7 business days to produce depending on the options.

9. Why choose acrylic standoff signs instead of adhesive PVC posters holder?

They’re far more professional and look more modern. What’s more, they’re more permanent, and you have the freedom to customize the sign fixings to your preferred size and colors to match your company’s brand.

10. Can you work with customized artwork?

Yes, we do. For online orders, reach out to us so we can provide you a step-by-step procedure on how you can upload your artwork to our team. As soon as we have everything approved and settled, you’ll have your design within two to three business days.

11. Do you have color matching service?

No, all jobs are printed CMYK which matches as close as possible to the colors the machine recognizes. If order a big run, sample prints may be ordered.

12. Do you accept bulk orders?

Definitely! Send us an e-mail or reach out to us for the desired quantity, and we’ll give you timeline of when it’s ready for pick-up or delivery.

13. Do you offer graphic design?

We have a team of highly qualified graphic designers ready to work with you. Send us the details of your preferred design, and we’ll send you a variety of samples for you to choose from.

14. Can i add a 3d layer?

If you are looking for an extra pop, add 3d laser cut logo letters to your stand off sign.



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