Foam Board Printing
foam board printing

Foam board signs are often referred to as foam core, and it’s the combination of portable and professional signboards, making it perfect for tradeshows, travels, and events. 

Board signs are useful when it comes to presentations and other enclosed area signage applications. Custom foam board signs serve as visual aids for presentations, and it’s a way to tell your customers that there are promos and other point-of-sale displays.

Foam board prints are easy to create and look fantastic overtime, which makes a smart investment for businesses for putting visual interest to your shop’s windows. 

A custom foam board is 5mm in width, and it shows off a polished matte printing exterior. These are better than the standard posters if you’re looking for something more substantial for your displays. 

What makes these board prints practical for business use is because they’re durable and lightweight, so you can easily set it up and take it down in just a matter of seconds.

Why Use Foam Board Printing?

Poster board printing gives you the freedom of personalization, you can use large graphics or pictures, or take advantage of our full-colored template for your business. 

We use UV inks to deliver vibrant and professional appearance, attracting customers and passersby. It’s an affordable method of printing high-gloss animated pictures, including family portraits or artwork. 

You can have them in different board sizes, such as /8″, 3/16″, 1/2″ in width. What’s more, you have the option to cut the foam core board to your desired size and have the print on foam on one side.

Give it as gifts



A custom foam makes the perfect affordable gifts for birthdays and holidays, these can be used to liven up the home by hanging poster prints on walls. 

Photo Props

photo booth props



You can use these posters for craft ideas. If you plan on having a photo booth, then a custom foam board does the trick for you.

Trade show stands

abstract blurred defocused tradeshow event exhibition

In trade shows, showing off the best of what your company can do is essential. A foam core poster can have nifty speech bubbles or super cool 3-D pop-ups, depending on what you want. These are the go-to displays for indoor use. 

Store displays

wooden board empty table blurred background

The foam board finish options make it perfect to display in local shops, it gives you quality poster boards for long-term use. Its quality doesn’t deter over time, especially when you choose thicker board signs. You can use your tabletop to display the signage or simply lean it against the wall. 



Work With Us

Top Class Printing offers quality foam board printing solutions for your businesses in Miami. Are you looking for a quick print to use for an upcoming event? Work with the professionals in the printing industry. 

We’re happily serving clients for over 12 years, and our team would love to work with you. Do you need help with your design? Give us a call for a free consultation appointment with our specialized marketing expert!

Foam Board Signs FAQs:

  • Is it possible to have printed on both sides?

Unfortunately, only one side is printable.


  • Can I use pens to write on the foam board signs?

Yes, you can! It’s best to use a permanent marker when doing so.


  • Do you offer custom shapes?

Currently, we don’t do other shapes aside rectangular. However, we do have a variety of foam board sizes.


  • Are foam board prints usable for outdoor advertisement?

It’s commonly used for indoor applications because these signs aren’t weather-resistant, they could easily be damaged when used outdoor.


  • Is it okay to put holes in these signs?



  • What do you use for printing?

UV digital printing technology for quality results.


  • How can I make my foam board look appealing?

Only use limited text, and avoid using busy graphics. We recommend using a larger board size for high-resolution pictures.


  • How long does it take for me to receive the sign board?

 Our team immediately works on it after receiving your request. Typically, it takes 3-5 business days.


  • Does the print peel away?

No, it won’t. It stays as is even if you scratch the print on foam, the quality remains the same.


  •  Do you have color matching service?

Yes, we do. Give us a call if you want to have color matching for your foam board prints.


  •  How long does this type of signboard last?

Most of the time, these foam boards are for one-time occasions. However, when they’re taken care of properly, and kept away from harsh weather conditions, they can go up to over 2 years. Just make sure you’re storing the board properly to lengthen its lifespan.