Customizing your vinyl banners

Depending on your preferences and the main purposes of the vinyl banner, you can have one customized to fit your needs. With our team of professionals with years of experience in the field, the vinyl banner printing service by Top Class Signs and Printing will create the ideal banner that best conveys a promotional theme, a personal message, a special event, or even a greeting.
  • Lightweight
  • Direct UV Printed
  • Any custom size
  • White core standard, black available.
  • Ideal for event signage and presentation graphics on an easel or wall.
  • Hang, put it on an easel, add velcro, add double sided tape.
vinyl banner printing

Whether you are in need of commercial banners or a special one for a school or family event, rest assured that you will get a customized one based on your specific needs. 

A close look at the available banner options

You can have your vinyl banners customized with several options to choose from. Whether you need a simple banner indoors or heavy-duty outdoor banners, let us take a look at some of the options. 

  • Flush cut. When the banner is created, it is produced with the flush cut. With consideration to the vinyl, this is the only edging option that can be applied to the 18 oz vinyl banners.
  • Welded hem. If you are going to choose a 13 oz banner, you can decide to get a welded hem to be applied to the borders. This option provides your banner with smooth finished borders. 
  • Pole pocket. Depending on your purpose for the banner, you might want to include pole pockets. You can choose from the available 3” pole pockets on the 13 or 18 oz banners. The pole pockets will work with both the single or double-sided banners. If you are going to include grommets, this option is not available.
  • Grommets. You can also go for a vinyl banner with grommets. If you intend to hang or attach your banner during installation, you might want to include grommets. The grommets are optional and available for both 13 and 18 oz vinyl banners. They can be added every 12-18 inches, every 18-24 inches, every 2-3 feet or in the 4 corners of your banner. If pole pockets are included, grommets cannot be added. 
Pole Pockets

Pole pockets great for step and repeats, banners and pole signs.


Metal grommets for hanging your banners.

The use of an effective marketing strategy is important and should never be undermined. Customized banners can help you enhance your brand reach.

Outdoor banners can be used outside your shop or office, outside your event venue, trade shows, exhibitions and anywhere that has the potential to reach your target audience.

Banners can be used for a range of purposes, they can hang in a variety of ways, letting you choose how to most effectively express your company’s message. Select a vertical or horizontal design that creates a unique visual. Bring them to conventions to increase brand recognition and value, or use them in-house to call out new products and promotions. For nearly every event your company hosts or attends, a custom banner can help spread your marketing message.

Top Class Printing can provide fast banners if you need them quickly. Banner marketing has constantly been a popular option in the past and also is still so today. This is because banners are among the most flexible as well as low-cost kinds of advertising available. The best feature of banner printing is that the banners can be made use of over and also over once more with no further money outlay required.

Vinyl banners are a cheap and effective way to advertise your brand, company, event, or product. Vinyl banners can be used to make a statement for a low cost. You can customize a vinyl banner for any occasion or location. You can order vinyl banners for your church, sports team, business, birthday party, graduation party, advertising event and more. Banners are also used for tradeshow displays like X type banner stands and L types banner stands.

Our business banners services include-

print banners

10oz Full-Color Single Sided Banner

10oz Full color single sided banner can be used indoor and great for shorter term use and lighter weight outdoor needs. Banners can be used in many ways and with various finishing making it a great, inexpensive signage option.


13oz Full Color Single Sided Banner

13oz Full color single sided banner can be used indoor and outdoor needs. Stronger then the 10oz it makes it the go-to for long-term outdoor needs. Banners can be used in many ways and with various finishing making it a great, inexpensive signage option.


13oz Full Color Single Sided Blockout Banner

13oz Full-color single-sided blackout banner can be used indoors. This banner has a smooth surface and is great for a more professional indoor signage look. Banners can be used in many ways and with various finishing making it a great, inexpensive signage option.


13oz Full-Color Double Sided Banner

13oz Full-color double sided banner can be used indoor and outdoor needs. This banner has a smooth surface and is great for a double impression. Banners can be used in many ways and with various finishing making it to a great, inexpensive signage option.


9oz Full Color Single Sided Mesh Banner

9oz Full-color single-sided mesh banner can be used indoor and outdoor. Banners can be used in many ways and with various finishing making it a great, inexpensive signage option. Mesh banners are a great solution for windy locations instead of using wind slits which may cause your banner to tear out. Mesh banners are great for outdoors, fences, speakers, windows.


Full-Color Single Sided Textile Banner

A full color single sided textile banner can be used indoor and outdoor. This fabric banner makes any print look high end and vibrant. Fabric Banners provide a soft, upscale alternative to traditional vinyl banners. Perfect for trade shows, churches, sporting displays, and any other indoor or short-term outdoor display. Sometimes, people will order a custom fabric banner to create a custom sign for their homes; fabric banners can be an ideal wall decoration. Businesses that travel to trade shows love them because they are light enough to throw into a suitcase and easily travel and move wherever they would be suited best. Lightweight in nature, they will not weigh down luggage, whereas vinyl banners can. Cloth banners are typically used indoors to highlight the colors of the sign.

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Single and double-sided vinyl banners

When your design is printed on a 13 or 18 oz vinyl banner, the designing tool used by our professionals automatically sets to single-sided printing. This leaves the backside of the banner blank.


In case you want your design to be printed on both sides of the banner, you can go for the double-sided option which is available on our 18 oz vinyl banners. The double-sided printing option on the 18 oz vinyl will have a flush-cut edge.

Installation of vinyl banners

As one of the simplest signage options to install, you should go for banners. You can utilize cords, bungees, or strings to affix the corner grommets to an unmoving object, such as the poles. You also have the option to utilize screws and washers to install the banners to sturdy backgrounds such as wood or concrete. An option is to utilize zip ties or string to secure them to fences or between posts. 

How to care for your vinyl banners

When caring for your custom banners, you should regularly clean them using warm water and allow to air dry before storing. You can easily store the banners by rolling them up and keep at room temperature in a dry area. 

Any wrinkles that might form on your banners should flatten after a while under the heat or direct exposure to the sun. The vinyl banners can last for 3 years or more with proper placement and care. 

1. What are the available thickness options?

Our banners are available in various thickness options from 9 oz and 18 oz. For most outdoor billboards, the 13 oz thickness is the ideal choice, making it suitable for any outdoor use. In case you prefer a thicker banner, the 18 oz ensures added durability. Both thickness options can fit in either indoor or outdoor use and provide superior durability and clear printing.

2. Can you create double-sided banners?

Yes, our professionals can create double-sided custom banners. For your custom banners, you can select the 18 oz thickness option for double-sided design.

3. Is there a difference between the 13 oz and 18 oz vinyl banner options?

Both options guarantee superior durability and vibrant image quality but have differences that set each of them apart. The 13 oz option is thinner, making it lighter and more pliable. It is only available as a single-sided banner and includes a banner hem tape. If pole pockets are added, the welded hem option is not available. As for the 18 oz option, it offers double-sided printing and does not include a welded hem even if pole pockets are chosen or not. 

4. Are the vinyl banners in full color?

When it comes to vinyl banner printing, all the banners are printed using full color with UV ink. Printing in full or in one color will not affect the price of your banner. The complexity and overall design of the text or image will not affect the price of your customized banner. 


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