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The right tradeshow booth size for your business and budget

Which tradeshow booth size is right for your business and budget?

A tradeshow booth size vary with the type of shows you are exhibiting at.  Your business is ready to exhibit at a tradeshow and whether it is your first show or tenth show it is important to pick the best option for your business, goals, and budget. The best option of display should be well thought out based on your business needs for that specific exhibit.

           1. Establish your goals

Why are you exhibiting at this tradeshow? Knowing your goal will help you get an idea of how much space will be best suited for your goals. So, your first task is to figure out the reason to attend this tradeshow:

  • Showcase new products? If you are showcasing products you will need a tradeshow display that will hold your merchandise properly. Maybe a display with shelves or hangers, the attachments will differ based on your products.
  • Product demonstrations? If you are demonstrating products you need a merchandising tradeshow booth and a bigger space depending on your products.
  • Direct sales? If you are selling directly at the show then you will want to have ample space depending on what you sell, but also good lighting to show off your products.
  • Lead generation? For this any type of space will be fine but make sure your message comes out clear. Depending on your business, a 10×10’ booth should suffice.
  • Video Presentations? Obviously if you are having a video presentation make sure to pick a display that will hold your screen according to tradeshow and conventions regulations.
  • Interactive games/technology? This kind of display might require more space to accommodate interaction with leads and clients.
  • Private client meetings? Private meeting requires more space to accommodate a standard display of your product and services as well as a table space to host meetings.

    2. Create a budget

Now that you have established your goals, figure out your budget for this show. You want to make sure your budget includes the cost of the tradeshow, tradeshow booth graphic design and production, and marketing for the tradeshow. Your budget is probably the most important part of the puzzle. Based on your budget and goals consider the cost of the tradeshow booth size that best suits your needs and pick a space. Keep in mind that corner booths are always more expensive, and electricity and power are added costs.

       3. Contact your tradeshow consultant

You have your budget and know your goals, so let your tradeshow consultant help you figure out the best option of tradeshow displays for your needs. That will include the display, design, set up, and marketing materials. There are so many displays/booths options and configuration, that it is best to contact a professional to help you get the most out of your budget and a better ROI from your tradeshow.

Tradeshows are a big expense but can be very rewarding if done correctly. Follow these steps for your next tradeshow and see the difference it makes in your ROI.

Please feel free to reach out to us for all your tradeshow needs.

Best tradeshow giveaways for your business

Best tradeshow giveaways for your business

Tradeshow giveaways, promotional items, should always be a part of your tradeshow budget. Not all promotional items are created equal and your giveaways should vary based on your industry. However, there is a science to tradeshow giveaways and what type of promotional items you should take to your tradeshows. To be exact, you need 3 types of tradeshow giveaways.

Your “everybody” giveaways

This giveaway is your least expensive promotional item; your cheap promotional item. What this means is it is your pens or your mints. These are the items for the people who are just collecting freebies, but you still want to give to. Why would you want to reward the cheapos? Well because the fact that they are at the show you are exhibiting at means that they are in your target market or know someone who is. They will take this home or pass it on, but your branding will remain in front of them and/or their peers. And that was fifty cents well spent my friend.

Another “everybody” giveaway is the tote bag. Tote bags are the best because everyone needs them at the show to carry all the stuff they collected and when you are the booth with the branded bags, well you are the star. I know you have been at a tradeshow and heard “hey, where did you get this bag?”. You can be that booth! This also gives you the opportunity to stop the person and introduce them to your products or services. Added tip, prefill all the tradeshow tote bags with your catalog, flyer, and/or coupon.

The potential lead giveaways

This is most likely the person you are exhibiting for, your ideal lead. This giveaway is mid-range priced and should be relevant to your services/product, to your industry. It should also be relevant to your target market and their interest because you want them to use it and for your brand to remain in front of them and their peers. For example, if you are a bank and you are exhibiting at a home show, something for the home like a branded candle or a lunch container would be the best option. These promotional items should remain under your table or somewhere away and given on a per person basis. What it means is that you should give these as a “thank you” after a lead spend valuable time speaking with you.

The VIPs giveaways

This is the best giveaway, because you just closed a deal! This giveaway should cost you more, but you won’t have to buy as many. This is for new clients whom just purchased your products or services. A great gift at the show after closing the deal will make you stand out, set your company apart, and you will have a client for life.

So yes, even picking tradeshow giveaways has a science to it but it can be rewarding if done properly. We offer a great variety of promotional items, but it might be easier to reach out to us for help.

Tradeshows are a big expense but can be very rewarding if done correctly. Follow these steps for your next tradeshow and see the difference it makes in your ROI.

Please feel free to reach out to us for all your tradeshow needs.

Use social media marketing for your tradeshow

How to use social media marketing for your tradeshow

Social media is now huge and should be an important part of your business. Social media allows you to stay connected to your clients, prospects, and people you could never reach otherwise. That being said, using social media marketing for your next trade show is very important.

        1. Social media marketing for the pre-show

Use your social media platforms to advertise the show you are exhibiting at with location, date, and booth number. Use live videos and pictures to share behind the scenes of show preparation. Also look up the hashtags for the show and look for other people with that hashtag so you can add them. You want to create a buzz and interact with followers while adding new ones. Just get creative, trust me it can be fun.

        2.  Social media at the tradeshow

Now is the day and the concept being the same. Your posts allow people who were not able to be at the show to attend through your lens. This is not only about you, share other people’s booth, let followers experience the ambiance with you. Show prepping the show, setting up, interaction in your booth. The idea is to create a behind the scene experience, a VIP vibe. Interview attendees, and exhibitors, but make sure to tag. Tag people and brands as well as hashtags so that people looking for their brand will also find you. Finally, do not forget to geo tag for the same reasons.

        3.  Social media for the post-tradeshow

The tradeshow is over, and you are tired, but your work is not done. Continue to take your followers behind the scenes and get creative. If can be the flight back, sending out samples, showing off leads collected.

The idea of social media live recording is to create a personal and behind the scenes experience for your followers. Millennials are now the buyers and they want to know what your brand is about and whom they are buying from. Your prospects want to connect on another level and social media marketing gives that opportunity.

Tradeshows are a big expense but can be very rewarding if done correctly. Follow these steps for your next tradeshow and see the difference it makes in your ROI.

Please feel free to reach out to us for all your tradeshow needs.


The best practice for trade show booth graphic design

The best practice for trade show booth graphic design

Your trade show booth graphic design should be clean, clear, and simple. A trade show booth is like a billboard off the highway. People are walking by, trying to make it through the show and you have a short window to catch their attention.

What to include in your trade show booth graphic design

Your booth design should right away answer who is your company, what you do, and why you. So, the base of your design is your company name, services or products you sell, and your tagline. The text should be readable from a distance, clear, and stand out. Usually for this part bold fonts and single-color backgrounds are better. If you must add more text, bullet points are usually easier and faster to read. The point is keep the paragraphs for your printed materials like brochures, sell sheets, and/or catalogs.

Besides clear and easy to read text, you need clean and clear images of your products and services. If you are attending the show for a specific product launch let those images shine and stand out forefront. The images should relate to your trade show goals and coincide.

Keep it simple and clean

Too many people try to overdo the graphic design of their trade show booth and it just looks cluttered, unprofessional with no clear vision. Sometimes less is better and your trade show display design is one of those times.

Think of your trade show booth graphic design as an Instagram meet Twitter. Let your booth speak your message with beautiful images and 140 characters.

Trade shows are a big expense but can be very rewarding if done correctly. Follow these steps for your next trade show and see the difference it makes in your ROI.

Please feel free to reach out to us for all your trade show needs.

Marketing for a tradeshow in 3 stages

The 3 stages of marketing for a tradeshow

The pre-show

Marketing for a tradeshow is imperative to get the best ROI. Prior to your tradeshow, at least a month, let client and prospect know you will be exhibiting at the show. Here are 4 simple ideas to advertise your tradeshow attendance.

        1. Send out a newsletter

Let all your current contacts, clients, and prospects know that you will be attending the show. You can include a special offer for people who stop by your booth with the newsletter. Also try to schedule appointments with VIPS.

       2. Send out a press release

A press release is a great way to advertise online and for exposure. Any online searches for the tradeshow you are exhibiting at will allow for your press release to show up, giving you exposure. People will see your company name which could result in leads and new deals.

        3. Post it to your social media

Create a small design with a short version of your newsletter to let all your social media followers that you will be exhibiting at the tradeshow. If you have the budget you can also run ads.

        4. Send out a mailer

Create a mailer for your contact list to let them know you will be attending the tradeshow and to stop by your booth. This information can be the same as your newsletter.

At the show

Marketing for a tradeshow doesn’t end prior to attending the event. The day you have prepared for is here; time to shine. If you are selling products or displaying samples, make sure you have great lighting to show them off. No matter the intent goal for your tradeshow, you must have business cards, catalogs or brochures, and flyers. It is better to take more then to run out and miss out on leads. Create a coupon, “a tradeshow only special” to create urgency and increase instant sales probability. The coupon can be on your brochures or as a standard coupon format. Your booth should also be stock with branded giveaways, promotional items. During your tradeshow you need different types of giveaways. Tradeshow promotional items are important for branding but must be done right. Depending on your space, whether you have a linear booth or a peninsula exhibit, make sure that your print materials and giveaways are accessible to leads walking by. Also make sure your booth is not too crowded and leads and clients and access samples or information with ease. Do not forget to collect information from everyone who stops by.


You made it through the show but now the work is just starting. It’s time to follow up with leads in various ways. Enter all the contacts that stopped by in you email program and send them a newsletter to thank them for taking the time to visit your booth. Then follow up individually with anyone you spoke to at the show about future business and contact all other to further communication. If you have the staff for it, make personal visits to their locations and bring them a branded promotional item as an extra bonus. You can also mail out postcards or thank you cards to the attendees list.

Tradeshows are a big expense but can be very rewarding if done correctly. Follow these steps for your next tradeshow and see the difference it makes in your ROI.

Please feel free to reach out to us for all your tradeshow needs.

small business marketing strategies

103 small business marketing ideas and tips for success, the 2018 guide

The universal goal of all small business is to market their goods and services to as many people as possible this is why we created the small business marketing ideas and tips guide.

Give us a call, we can assist you with almost all the marketing services below.

When the business is well positioned to the target audience with a product aimed to solve some problem, the business is destined to grow. Small business marketing, however, is a challenge for most businesses. The smartest thing any business can do is to develop a marketing plan and execute it in a way that will set the business apart from the rest. The marketing plan can include many strategies and elements that work together to drive the business towards a growth path.

Small businesses have so many ways to promote their growth amidst competition. You can identify a few of the many options to work with. The most effective marketing manoeuvres a small business can implement can be paid or even free. Here is a list of 100 ways to market a small business.

  1. Building signage

Building signageAt your place of business, it is imperative that you put up clear and attractive signage that will draw customers to your business. Once you pay for the design and creation of your signage, it will take another few years before you think of replacing or repairing the sign. Other than the local county fee, you have no other cost associated with this kind of small business marketing tactic. This makes locating your business easier than when you have no signage. (more…)

oversized giant checks

Memorable Donations: big oversized giant checks

Companies, charities, and associations use oversized checks or big checks for recognition as they would an award. An oversized check is a symbol for a monetary award and is used at events to recognize an achievement. Big checks help make an event memorable while generation publicity and creating brand awareness.

Oversized checks can come in various standard sizes but can also be customized to any size desired. The design is customized with the donor’s logo, the date issued, the amount given, the recipient’s name (more…)


St. Maarten Hurricane Irma Damages and Donation

Devastating Effects of St. Maarten Hurricane Irma in September 2017

Hurricane Irma has bestowed a devastating deadly effect throughout Caribbean, causing huge destruction that eventually led to a catastrophic impact on Florida. St. Maarten Hurricane Irma is claimed to be the most deadly storm in the history of Atlantic as a category 5, 200mph winds. It already took the lives of many people with thousands of individuals homeless. Emergency chief even warned beforehand that the storm will put a true devastating impact on the US. The National Hurricane Center issued the first warning of Hurricane for the Keys and South Florida parts which included some Miami metropolitan habitation of about 6 million people. A storm surge warning was added and watch areas were even extended along (more…)

car wraps Miami

Free advertising with Vehicle Graphics and Car Wraps Miami

Vehicle wrap or wrap advertising is a marketing practice where the truck is wholly or partly covered in the advertisement. Car wraps Miami!

vehicle wraps companies in miamiThe creation of a mobile billboard is gaining so much popularity. This is basically specifically designed vinyl sheets used to cover the vehicle.We print them with professionally designed graphics to attract the onlookers as the truck passes by, stops in traffic or when parked. The vivid colors make the branded vehicle a very effective advertising media. Car wraps in Miami have put so many of these mobile billboards on the road to reach a broad audience compared to the stationery advertisement.

About our vinyls:

The use of the high-quality conformable vinyl wrapping material that can mold to any part of the vehicle has made even carbon fiber wraps in Miami a possibility. We use the correct adhesive type to ensure it doesn’t come out after a few months. Advancements in the research on plastics have led to new vinyl sheets.  They make our work even easier since they feature bubble-preventing air channels. It molds perfectly around the surface of a vehicle when the vinyl is heated with a heat gun.

Vehicle wrap budgets and options:

car or truck magnets miamiFor all your requirements of fleets wraps, our car wrap prices Miami cannot be beaten. Starting at $250, the size of your truck wraps or trailer graphics will be a major price determinant. We can handle any of your requirements very efficiently with the best in printing technology. It allows us to produce the highest quality designs and eye-catching vehicle wraps Miami has ever seen. Whatever your advertising needs, we offer a comprehensive set of printing services. The size of your food truck or trailer wrap area does not matter; also, we will print it to perfection and even beyond your imagination. Our staff is professional in their artistic creations that make eyes follow all the vehicles we wrap.

We serve all customers with every budget leaving no one out. Therefore, you can cover the whole van, do a partial cover or just a minimal design. However, if you can afford it, go for the full Miami car wrap services. This maximizes on the vehicle surface to reach a larger audience wherever the car goes. A preferred material is currently the perforated vinyl that does not obstruct vision from within your box truck. The person outside will see a complete wrap, clear images and full design. Therefore, the person inside has a full view and can clearly see out.

Talk to us about this car wraps Doral and get the most out of wrap advertising. We have the capability to wrap your entire fleet with the desired graphics to produce the best quality. We wrap buses, trains, trailers, food trucks, box trucks and vans among others. Furthermore, we can help you with any full color custom wraps.

car wraps MiamiHow you can benefit with vehicle graphics and car wraps Miami services :

Grab attention – brightly colored covered vehicles can make it stand out from the crowd and market for you very efficiently. As a result, it grabs the attention of passing drivers and pedestrians alike by actively pulling the eyes to the van.

Wider audience – reaching a wider audience is now a possibility with vehicle wraps in Miami. Specially when you have many covered vehicles crossing the Miami area or even the entire state. It can make you gain more customers than from your website.

Advertise non-aggressively – this form of advertising does not interrupt the person’s usual life like radio or TV ad does. The customer reads your advertisement without being asked or forced. Customers do respond better to such non-intrusive advertising. As a result, car wraps Miami with long commutes offers a great ROI.

fleet wraps in MiamiMobility – with vehicle wraps in Miami, your advertisements are always mobile and reach different people every day, unlike the standard ads targeted at the same individuals every day until they get bored. Get endless possibility of leads with Miami vehicle wrap.

Cost effective – this form of advertising has no recurrent expense except for the initial design, printing and mounting costs we charge. Our car wrap prices in Miami are also very attractive to any business from as low as $250 for a partial wrap or $1000-2500 for a full wrap.

Local advertising – car wraps in Miami helps you target the locality that you want business from and provides the option of changing the target market just by driving your car to the desired location or street. Use our car wrap services to produce outstanding results that you can experience very fast.

partial truck wraps in MiamiProtection – the wrap helps protect your car from scratches, debris and the effects of weather. Wrapping maintains the value of the vehicle for when you will want to trade it in or sell.

For the best designs and finish, our car wrap prices in Miami can make your marketing strategy very affordable and efficient. We have the latest in vehicle wrapping and paint alternatives. We offer black matte car wraps Miami or carbon fiber hoods as they are gaining popularity.

Contact us, Top Class Signs and Printing, providing the best full color printing and sign company in Miami services for the past 10 years!

Top Class Signs and Printing Most Important Marketing Materials for the Holidays Blog

12 Most important marketing materials for the holidays

 12 Most important marketing materials for the holidays

Marketing materials for the holidays is a must for any business.

It’s that time of the year again, the holidays season. This is a very important season for retailers and businesses. Many account the holidays for as much as 40% of their revenue for the year. For small businesses to stand out from all the noise from big companies’ advertisement during the holidays, it is important to start early. Staying top of mind and spreading awareness early during this busy season is key in retaining customers and increasing sales. (more…)

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