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Memorable Donations: big oversized checks

Companies, charities, and associations use oversized checks or big checks for recognition as they would an award. An oversized check is a symbol for a monetary award and is used at events to recognize an achievement. Big checks help make an event memorable while generation publicity and creating brand awareness.

Oversized checks can come in various standard sizes but can also be customized to any size desired. The design is customized with the donor’s logo, the date issued, the amount given, the recipient’s name (more…)

12 Most important marketing materials for the holidays

 12 Most important marketing materials for the holidays

Marketing materials for the holidays is a must for any business.

It’s that time of the year again, the holidays season. This is a very important season for retailers and businesses. Many account the holidays for as much as 40% of their revenue for the year. For small businesses to stand out from all the noise from big companies’ advertisement during the holidays, it is important to start early. Staying top of mind and spreading awareness early during this busy season is key in retaining customers and increasing sales. (more…)

3 Ways to show customer appreciation

Show customer appreciation in 3 simple ways

Show customer appreciation to improve customer service quality and increase sales. Business cards are the most basic print service used by any business owners, whether it be a small business or big corporation. The design of the business cards and program behind it is what matters and determines your ROI. We created a list with three ways to show customer appreciation using business cards. It will improve your customer loyalty retention and improve customer loyalty.

Top Class Signs and Printing succesful loyalty program 1.Loyalty/reward cards

Customer loyalty cards, also known as customer appreciation cards are a great and inexpensive way to create a customer loyalty program. Use the reward card to thank your clients for their continuous business. Design the business card depending on the services your business offers. Also the design would vary based on the customer loyalty incentive program you want to run. For example, a restaurant may offer a free meal or discounted meal after 10 paid entrees.

2.Discount Cards

Discount cards are another way to thank clients. Give the card after an order and it can also increase chances of a future order. To create urgency, add a deadline for your customers to use the discount cards within a specific time frame. For example, a B2B, business to business, can offer a 5% discount card after an order or a 20% discount card to use during the year for VIPs.


5 Back to school marketing ideas

5 Back to school marketing ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Back to school is a great way to brand your business and boost sales at the same time. If you never used back to school marketing before, consider trying it out this back to school season. Use this time to connect with your audience and clients.

1. Back to school contest

When you create a back to school promotion remember that your demographic should include the students. Older students and college students are very involved in their school supplies purchase. Online and social media specifically is the best place to find them and focus your efforts with the back to school contest. Hosting an online contest creates brand awareness and social engagement. Create the back to school contest rules and post them on all your social media platforms. Also make sure to email it to your contacts list to increase your ROI. You can also get more exposure by partnering with a non-competing company with the same target market as yours.


Imprinted mugs, a powerful tool for your brand

How to effectively use imprinted mugs for your marketing

We all start our morning with a nice cup of Joe or cup of tea. Too many of us have known how important our caffeine morning routine is. I mean how many marketing materials and morning slogans are created around your morning cup of Joe! Make your brand a part of your customers and prospects morning routine with custom imprinted mugs.

Custom coffee mugs have always been a top choice for companies to brand with their logos. Why is this promotional product so popular you may ask? It is used several times a day and seen by many people making its cost per impression very low. So why not give your clients, prospects, and employees something they truly enjoy.

When giving a gift, perception matters and there is no difference in gifting for your business with promotional products. Here are 3 simple ways to package your personalized coffee mugs to make this already affordable promotional item a bigger hit.

Top Class Signs and Printing Promotional Items Doral 5

1. Give your custom coffee mug ready to drink!

What a better way to welcome a new employee, thank a customer, or get on the good side of a prospect then by giving them a nice logoed ceramic mug with a pack of coffee, cocoa, or a few bags of tea! They will be thankful and you will stand out from other companies. Now you are not just giving them a logoed mug, but rather a gift.



Beat the Summer Pinch in 5 Simple Ways

Beat the Summer Pinch in 5 Simple Ways

Summer is a great time for ice cream shops, pool cleaning and supplies services, and bathing suits shops, but unfortunately for the majority of businesses it is a slow season. Summer is the season of vacation and time off and your business may feel the pinch of the slower business activity. This fun in the sun holiday doesn’t have to be a summer slump for your business. Here are 5 easy ways to beat the summer pinch and increase sales in the summer:

      1. Let people know you are still open for business

There is nothing worst then obscurity for a business. Take advantage of this slow time to create a creative and fun marketing mailer to businesses or homes in your area in order to boost your summer sales by acquiring some new client. If you are going to make an investment make the marketing material fun and work for you, give it a summer theme and create a buzz. An affordable way to reach your neighbors with a mailer is using EDDM, Every Door Direct Mail. Find out more about EDDM’s here.

     2. Use social media to increase visibility

Social media is an affordable way to bring some fun to your summer marketing. Get creative, host a “Summer Vacation Contest” and have clients post pictures of your products with specific “hashtags” related to your promotion. Post fun pictures of behind the scenes at your business during the summer, just get creative. You can even run local adds on social media targeted to your neighborhood. (more…)

Prospecting for leads to increase your sales

Prospecting for leads to increase your sales

Every business should actively be prospecting for new leads in order to meet their sales goals. Unfortunately most small businesses are not actively searching for new leads. So what is sales prospecting anyways? It is the process of reaching out to potential customers, also known as leads, in hopes of finding new business. Sales leads are prospective consumer of a product or service that is created when an individual or business shows interest or provides his or her contact information.

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In order to constantly find new leads for your business you should always be prospecting. To be successful at finding good leads you need a good process. The prospecting process helps you reach qualified leads and move them through your sales cycle from cold leads to hot leads. Your process will vary based on your type of business and your sales cycle.


Let’s thank our troops this Memorial Day for all their sacrifice

On this Memorial Day we want to reflect and thank our troops, all the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. We are able to enjoy our daily life because of their devotion. Today we celebrate all the fallen soldiers and honor them for all they have done for us. We also remember their family and keep them in our prayers.


Bridal Store “She said yes to her wedding dress” Photo Prop

Nowadays, social media has become an easy method to create incredible camera phone photos in a flash. The use of instagram prop, PiccaProp for Instagram, is a fantastic way to make pictures more presentable. These photo frames work their magic perfectly that every photo comes out in like a keepsake. To make your memories last a lifetime, it can be easily achieved with the use of these tools for changing social media photos into long-term work of art.

The use of instagram photo prop for bridal stores is the new trendy prop for taking pictures. We are a company that focuses on making custom instagram prop in different sizes and shapes. It all depends with what the customer wants. We also deal with custom artworks to suit any theme or event.

Since we started dealing in instagram photo frame and facebook photo prop to print your favorite photos, we use our print studio for printing from various mobile devices. We also engage in all kinds of creative works for different clients.


Our Picca Prop Cut Out is our new product for Wedding/Bridal Stores which is a great way to promote your pictures on Instagram, Facebook or whichever social media of your choice. The fun design of the cut out dress make these full color coroplast photo frames an instant hit for any bridal stores or bridal events. We customize these frames’ Message at top, Bridal Store name and or logo, Custom message/tags welcome. The social media wedding frame also includes a chalk finish area to easely change out the name of the future bride to be.

Pictures are dear to us because they remind us of good times and happenings in our life. This is the reason why they need to be stored in a good way to last for a long time and easily shared with family and friends all around the world.  Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are turning out to be one of the best places for people to upload their photos. These social media sites are all about photo sharing and creativity. The need for people to have bridal instagram props for their pictures has tremendously increased.

For pictures to last long, you need to use a company that has skills and qualifications when it comes to printing instagram and facebook photo frame. We are a company that you can rely on when it comes to professional and presentable photo frames.

The days of boring and old-fashioned photos during your favorite occasion are long gone. It is possible to have beautiful and incredible photos that can last for as long as you want. If you want to treasure your moments, you should use us to make your wish come true. We treasure your moments, and we strive to maintain authenticity in our work.

We provide clients with an elegant way to exhibit their most cherished photos. Your images will be printed on premium photo for a luster finish. We treat each print with the utmost care to deliver exactly what the customer is looking for. Whether you are looking for instagram prop, facebook photo prop or instagram photo frame services, you can trust us to deliver top-notch services.

Bridal Store “She said yes to her wedding dress” Photo Prop

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