Custom floor graphics

custom floor decals miami

When putting together a store or marketing space, it seems that all of the efforts made are at eye level. While that makes sense, you are not utilizing all of your available space in the best way possible. This is particularly true if you are at a trade show or some outdoor street event where you are only given a very small amount of space to work in. When you are placed in that situation, you want to use as much as you can, which is where custom floor graphics can be especially effective.

We understand the need to impress the customer, and in the case of marketing, that means offering something a little unique. That is definitely what you get with custom floor decals, as this is something that the customer may not necessarily be expecting, and which will more than likely make them talk to others about what they have seen. If you are intrigued by this method of marketing, you are probably wondering how these decals work and how long you can expect them to last.

Most of our custom floor decals are able to put on just about any type of surface that you care to imagine. You can go with your corporate logo or some advertising message on the concrete floor of your establishment. They will also fit on wood, till, and brick, as well as a host of other surfaces. If you aren’t sure about whether or not they will be suitable for the surface you have in mind, please feel free to contact us and we will let you know.

custom floor graphics miami

We can create your custom floor graphics to any type of size and design that you please, keeping in mind that these are good for both indoor and outdoor use.  We make these decals to last, and you can choose from a laminated or un-laminated version which has a textures non slip resistant surface. The laminated decals may be best for outdoor use and high traffic areas, but you will also find that the un-laminated version are durable and ready to stand up to the elements, too.

One question that we are often asked about the floor decals is how safe they are to have on display. They may look bright and shiny, but we can assure that our custom graphics are made to be non-slip. There is absolutely zero chance of one of your customers stepping on them and slipping. They are more likely to stop, look down, and be wowed by something that they really don’t see very often. That means your logo or message will be sure to stick in their mind.