Step and Repeat Banners

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What You Need to Know about the Step and Repeat Banners

What are step and repeat banners?

By definition, step and repeat banners refer to a form of backdrop display where the logos of the company, which sponsors the event, are designed repetitively in an alternate manner diagonally. The main aim of using these banners is to create emphasis and visibility for a given brand. Some of the events where such banners are used include, but are not limited to press conferences, sports events as well as product launches. When used for a red carpet event, such a banner is referred to as a red carpet backdrop. These banners are ideal for photo sessions and provide for a glamorous background.

What are the step and repeat banners made from?

Regardless of the location where the banners are to be used, whether indoors or outdoors, the material used to make the banners is quite strong and durable. The most common material is the scrim banner, a strong and flexible material well suited for this purpose. The inks used produce long lasting, and more importantly, water resistant banners and low glare for perfect photos 13 oz matte banner. On the other hand, the poles are made of steel as it is a highly strong and durable material.

Where does the term ‘step and repeat’ originate from?

Step and repeat banners get the name from the Photoshop style of duplication used in creating the object of interest, as well as the spacing. Some of the most common sizes for these banners include the 8’X8’, the 8’X10’ and the 8’X12’. However, there is the option of custom designing the event backdrops to suit a client’s needs. On hiring these banners, various companies will provide clients with the help that they need in the proper display. Just as with any other product, orders for these banners should be made well in advance.

When can one use a red carpet backdrop or media backdrop?

The red carpet backdrop makes for an interesting way to add glamour to any event. There is the choice of customizing these backdrops for special occasions. The backdrop forms an integral part of the red carpet event décor without which such event is even bound to fail. When sourcing for companies that design such backdrops, one must consider the quality of printing of the red carpet backdrop. The authenticity of the designs and the size of the backdrop must also be taken into consideration. It is best to go for a reputable company, and if needed, go through some reviews to find out the company that best suits your needs.