Truss display

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The Perfect Truss Display for the Perfect Trade Show Booth Experience

One of the biggest promotional opportunities a company can have is a trade show. Thousands of businesses go to trade shows every year to demonstrate the products and services of their company to millions of potential customers and business affiliates. However, a company that is planning on doing demonstrations and promotional gigs at a trade fair should first consider the competition. There are going to be dozens if not hundreds of other businesses at the trade fair competing for the same audience base. Getting a custom and eye-catching display for your booth, which can show the company in a good light, is essential to trade show success.

This is where a truss display can augment the trade show booth experience of your business. Our truss displays are perfect for any business with a passion for grand and amazing exhibits. No longer will you have to fall to the wayside with a dull and haphazard table booth. Regardless of what products or services you are selling, you will almost certainly have one of the most spacious and extravagant booths in the trade show. Needless to say, your customers will have no problem finding your booth and finding out what your company is all about.

Truss displays are best suited for companies that look to have custom designed builds and booths with lots of space for demonstrations and customer traffic. Every truss display customer we have dealt with has personally told us how easy it is to set up and how flexible the design is. Our truss displays do not require any special know-how or expensive tools and equipment. It is even easier than pitching a tent, thanks to user-friendly twist and lock technology.

It doesn’t just stop there, though. Not only our truss displays easy to assemble, but they can also be customized to any particular design your company is looking for. Nearly every part of the truss display can be connected and reconnected to different sections of the apparatus. In other words, you can mix and match your parts to suit your tastes until you have a custom display perfect for your company. The different design opportunities are nearly endless. It has never been so simple to have a new and fresh trade show exhibit each and every time a trade fair comes up.

So, when you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd, make a quick visit to one of our locations. We have stores in Miami and Doral, Florida. If you happen to be in the area and are looking for a huge customer pull in your next trade show, talk to us. We will be happy to find you the perfect truss display for you from our vast variety of designs.