Custom Roll Labels

Think of custom roll labels as an extension of your marketing and branding. If you’re a startup or a small business, it’s one of the best ways to earn trust and gain following from your customers. You can have it in different shapes and sizes, so there’s an unlimited number of ways to use it. Aside from that, here are a few reasons why having custom roll labels is perfect for your business:
  • Cost-efficient printing. 
  • Sticks on almost any surface
  • Hassle-free application 
  • High-versatility
  • Highly customizable, any shape or size
  • Durable
  • Unlimited ways of use 
  • Offer more options for materials
reflective custom roll labels

Why You Should Use Custom Roll Labels?

Starting your own business or running a local store?

Then you need to brand yourself!

If you already have an idea about how you want others to perceive you and your products, you need to put it down on paper. The only way to be recognized is to get it printed and having your own custom roll labels stamp your brand’s unique personality on all your products. 

The reason why big companies put their name on everything; calendars, receipts, ballpens, mugs, etc. is that these printed materials help them increase their customer’s brand recall. 

Buying pre-printed “Thank you” stickers or generic roll label decals tell your customers a lot about you and your brand. Customizing your product roll labels give it an identity and flair or uniqueness that makes a lasting impression about who you are. 

Moreover, in a world where everybody posts absolutely everything on the internet, you have to leverage this word-of-mouth promotion so you can increase your reach, for FREE. 

See our products!
shape roll labels
Die-cut (custom shape) roll labels

If your looking for a unique way to stand out, get custom shaped kiss cut labels.

Waterproof Roll Labels

BOPP White and Clear Polypropylene material is great for food, cosmetics, hygiene products as they are oil and water resistant, printed in full color process.

clear custom shape roll labels edit
Semi Gloss Roll Labels

Great quality at an affordable price for almost any product. The decals are paper based with a semi gloss finish, durable and permanent.

Metallic roll labels (foil)

Give your products an effortless luxurious and extravagant look by using a metallic foil roll labels with full color printing or foil stamped with embossed feel.

clear custom shape roll labels edit
Writeable (White Uncoated)

Writeable roll labels give you the freedom to doodle, leave personal notes, or provide ‘use by’ or expiration dates for food items. Spot color printed.

Removable Roll Labels

Easy to remove and leaves no sticky residue behind. These are great for giveaways, favors, and gift items. Available in spot color printing.

Gives a touch of elegance
Custom roll labels give your product a more refined look. Generic labels do not reflect your brand’s unique personality and will not build a good impression of who you are. 

Better Customer Service
Aside from printing your logo, you may also include your location, telephone number, and social media information on your product labels so your customers can reach you anytime.

Builds Trust
If you’re selling food items, you will be required to disclose the ingredients you have used in making them. But more than just legal compliance, you can also use roll food labels as an avenue to feature the quality and honesty of your product.

Roll form labels generally cost less because they’re printed more efficiently than sheet labels.

Faster turnaround time
Run out of labels? Dedicated roll-fed machines print roll labels faster than sheet labels.

Great for any events
You can put custom roll labels on your wedding favors, activity kits, boxes, etc. These extra little details make anything look absolutely special.

Works on any surface
You can stick it to boxes, paper, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, bottles, and even on irregular kinds of packaging shapes or surfaces.

Highly customizable
Brand everything down to the smallest of your bottles, sticks, pens, etc. No matter the shape or size, it’s possible.

Extend your marketing
Print your Facebook page’s Messenger code and have your customers scan it so they can reach you conveniently or take advantage of your promos. You can then broadcast promo messages to them this way!

Looking for how to make your custom roll labels?

DIY making your own custom roll labels is a lot of trial and error. Save yourself from the hassle and the trouble and let us help you make roll form labels at the most competitive price. We sell affordable roll label printing at the fastest turnaround times. 

At Top Class Printing, you only need to do three things: 

  1. Upload your design. 
  2. Choose the correct size, material, and finish you want to achieve. 
  3. Tell us how you want to print it. 

We will color match your design, so you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you expect once it’s delivered to you. 

What are you waiting for? Order now! 

Need help with your design? 

We can help you! 

Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch with you right away! We have just the right people to help you create a design that will suit your style and personality.

1. Are there custom shapes available?

Yes. We offer die-cut (customized) roll labels. You have to pick the size that best fits your needs and then upload both the front artwork and the custom-shaped files. It should clearly show the cut line.

2. What are the available sizes?

Here is a few standard sizes:

  • Square – 2”x2” | 3”x3” |  4”x4”
  • Rectangle – 2”x3” | 2”x4” |  2”x5” | 2”x6” | 3”x2” | 3”x4” |  3”x5” | 4”x2” | 4”x3” | 4”x5” | 5”x2” |  5”x3”
  • Circle – 2”x2” |  3”x3” | 4”x4”
  • Oval – 2”x3” |  2”x4” | 2”x5” |  2”x6” | 3”x2” | 3”x4” |  3”x5” | 4”x2” | 4”x3” | 4”x5” |  5”x2” | 5”x3”
  • Custom – 2”x2” |  3”x3” | 4”x4”

3. Are these safe for food packaging?

Yes, these are safe for food packaging, particularly the BOPP material. However, as the business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the material that comes into contact with the food/beverage is FDA-approved for the safety of your own customers. 

4. Are these suitable for outdoor use?

Not all types of roll labels are weatherproof or safe for outdoor use. Moreover, the lifespan of your roll labels depends on how you will use it. You may consult with our consultants to know your best options.

5. What are unwind directions?

If you are going to use a specialized dispenser to apply the roll labels, we need to know how to print them so they face the right direction during application. 

6. What kind of finish do your labels have?

 Matte, semi-gloss, foil or glossy although they are not available with all products.

7. Is there a minimum order quantity?

The minimum is 500 qty.

8. How soon will I get my order?

Production time varies from 6-10 business days depending on the product.

9. Do you have color matching service?

Most labels are printed in CMYK full color process which means it prints a close watch. The only way to get a color match is with PMS spot color order which is offered in our 1 color imprint product.


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