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Are you looking for sign manufacturing and installation company in Miami? If you’re looking for a local sign company that produces excellent customized signs and graphics for your business then you’re on the right page! We’ve been making stunning, top-of-the-line business signs for over 12 years!

Our intricately designed customized company signs and customer-first service has made us one of the leading sign-making companies in Miami.


Customized Company Signs Just for You

Choose from our wide array of signs and graphics selection from route signs to pylon signs.

 We make and install all kinds of signs for different businesses, check out our sign offering below:

  • Route Signs (PVC)
  • Adhesive Vinyl Signs
  • Channel Letter Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Laser-Cut Acrylic Signs
  • Banner Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Lightbox Signs
  • Post & Panel Signs

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Why Choose Us?

We understand the need for quality business signs, you need a well-designed signage to help you stand out from your competitors. With so many sign companies in Miami to choose from, what makes Top Class Printing Unique?

12 years of Expertise in the industry

We offer all kinds of business signs

All signs are customized signs for you

Affordable & reasonably priced design and installation

Fast service and hassle-free installation process

How To Order A Company Sign From Us

Our process from ordering to building a sign is simple, all it takes is three easy steps:

  1. Request a Quote – fill out our form and request a quote.
  2. Send us your design or have us design it for you
  3. Place your order

Once we’ve received your order we’ll:

Build your sign according to your order

Take care of the sign installation process

Deal with any building permits needed for installation

With us, you can expect quick, convenient, and reliable service from start to finish

Searching for A Reliable Company Sign Maker in Miami?

Are you looking for a master sign maker to create your business signage? We have an excellent team of sign makers who can craft eye-catching signage for your business. Whether its hanging signs, fabric banners, mesh banners , sidewalk signs or any custom office signage you need, we’ll be glad to make them for you!

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Our Product Selection

We offer different kinds of general and customized signs for you to choose from. Each sign has specific benefits and layout options for you to adjust and tweak according to your company needs. With the many kinds of business signage to choose from it’s good to know which one works best for your business.


custom pvc sign

Routed Signs (PVC)

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, it's a type of durable, lightweight plastic that can be used for different purposes. It's the preferred choice of many businesses because it’s very durable. Routed signs made from PVC can withstand rain and other types of harsh climate, which makes it perfect for outdoor signs. Also, because it's lightweight and lasts long you don't have to replace it over and over again.

Benefits of Route PVC Signs:
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for outdoors
  • Gives your signs a 3D effect
  • Affordable
  • Cost-effective
You have flexibility and control with routed PVC signs, which means you can try different shapes and elements in making your layout. You can create any wall and building signs you want with this flexible material.
adhesive vinyl printing Miami

Adhesive Vinyl Signs (Full Color)

Vinyl is a durable product which you can cut and customize to your liking. It's most commonly used for signage because of its flexible nature. Adhesive Vinyl can be placed on any flat surface which makes it great for signs placed directly on walls and panes as window signs and office signage. We offer all kinds of full-color vinyl signs from full walls, murals, and even simple lettering. We do vinyl printing for all office signs and displays.

Benefits of Vinyl Signs:
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick printing
  • Versatile form
  • Durable
Vinyl signs are perfect as outdoor signage because it is resistant to water, breakage and even UV rays. These signs can last long with proper care and maintenance.
sign company in Miami

Channel Letter Signs

These signs are custom - made plastic or metal letters which are usually LED lit. These signs are generally preferred by many businesses as a company sign because of their 3D form which is perfect for commercial signs. You’ve probably seen many of them across Miami since they offer great readability as compared to other signs. We offer all types of LED lighting from backlit to halo-lit.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs:
  • Look beautiful
  • Great readability
  • 3D look for easier visibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be recycled
  • Offers multiple options for mounting
If you're looking for stunning to look at signs that glow at night then Channel Letter Signs are for you.
monument signs

Monument Signs

Monument signs are freestanding signs usually a big slab of concrete shaped based on the design. It can also be an aluminum fabricated box or a durable sandblasted foam. These signs are good for making impressions since they last longer than most signs. Though a bit on the expensive side these help you improve your exposure and give your business more personality. Used in large commercial properties, these can give your business a grand entrance.

Benefits of Monument Signs: 
  • Lasts longer
  • Very durable
  • Increases promotion and visibility
  • Targets any demographics
  • Amplifies your business offering
  • Serves as a landmark
Monument signs are a good choice if you want a sign that lasts a long time. Even if they are pricey at first, they serve their purpose well as permanent sign structures for your business.
acrylic on acrylic stand off

Laser-Cut Acrylic Signs

One of the most ordered products we have, these signs are made of acrylic that's shaped and intricately crafted using laser technology. They give off an elegant finish to any office interior or exterior. These signs are installed on walls as laser cut 3D letters or as graphics and decals. We mount these signs using an acrylic standoff backing.

Benefits of Laser-Cut Acrylic Signs: 
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Creates an elegant finish
  • Cost-effective
If you're looking for attractive signs that have the look and feel of expensive glass then laser-cut acrylic signs are for you. The uses for these company signage range from safety signs to lobby signs and exterior signs.
custom outdoor banners

Banner Signs

Great for outdoor promotions, banner signs are inexpensive and easy to print. These signs come in a variety of sizes from large ones use for grand openings or festivities, to small ones decked in fences. They can be used as an indoor sign or an outdoor one. They're a popular choice if you're looking for affordable promotional signage. We offer full-color options for all sizes.

Benefits of Banner Signs:
  • IInexpensive
  • Portable
  • Reusable
  • Quick to print
  • Comes in any size
For quick events and even large expos, banner signs are the cost-effective choice for any company. If you want reusable, easy to carry and inexpensive banners for your business then banner signs are for you.
pole signs or pylon signs

Pylon Signs 

These are signage that showcase the name of business on a single board. It can be single-sided or double based on the support that it's constructed on. You probably know these signs as pole signs or roadside sign. These allow the sign to be separate from your building giving you better visibility for travelers. You might have seen these signs in front of gas stations or parks.

Benefits of Pylon Signs:
  • Stand alone 
  • Good visibility
  • More exposure
  • Flexible design
  • Durable
  • Can serve as a landmark
Stunningly designed pylon signs can serve as landmarks for any area, you can easily be seen by people driving by since it's a stand-alone sign. If there are competing businesses near your area, pylon signs are the best option for you.
lightbox signs

Lightbox Signs

Modern and upbeat, lightbox signs are made with a frame with a light source inside it. The most common type is an LED lightbox which you can install inside supermarkets and malls.

Benefits of Lightbox Signs:
  • Attractive
  • Can be seen from afar
  • Double visibility 
  • Saves energy
  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
If you're looking for a modern, professional-looking sign for your business then lightbox sign is a good option for you. These eye-catching signs can help customers and prospects spot your business from afar.
real estate post sign miami

Post & Panel Signs

Known as real estate sign frames, these come in a variety of sizes and can be hanging single or double post. We offer posts signs in traditional wood or simple coroplast frames. 

Benefits of Post & Panel Signs:
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible
  • Weather resistant
  • Stand alone
Post and panel signs make great signage for new businesses who need permanent signs but are short on the budget. They're very customizable and lightweight. If you're looking for a great real estate sign or simple business standalone sign, the post and panel signs are for you.

Why Having a Stunning Business Sign Matters?

Signs help draw attention to your business, but their role doesn’t stop there, it also acts as a salesperson. It showcases your business name 24/7, night or day, rain or shine. It is the resource that helps people locate your store and helps you stand out from your competitors.

A beautifully designed and correctly installed sign will not only give your customers a splendid impression of you, but it acts as their first point of contact. Investing in a good sign, therefore, saves you money in the long run because does more for your business than just display your company name. It builds your brand helping locals and visitors alike remember you and what you have to offer. Find a reliable Miami sign company near you now!

Do You Want Eye-catching Office Signs for Your Business?

We deliver only first-class, high-grade company signage for any business, from mounted signs to standalone ones you can count on us to give you the sign you need. As one of the top sign manufacturing and installation in Miami, you can expect only quick, reliable, and convenient service from design to installation.

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Our Other Services

We also offer business card printing, retractable banner stand, vehicle wraps, and other printing services. Click here to learn more!