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Signs company in North MiamiLooking for a business signage design and installation in your area? Doral? Miami? Coral Cables? Hialeah? Then we are your Sign Company in North Miami, South Florida of choice. We are one of the leading custom business sign companies in North Miami FL providing company signs for over 12 years.

Top Class Printing – Sign Company in North Miami

The next time you visit a business, take a closer look at the sign over the business. A well-designed business signs North Miami will contain the business’s name and logo designed by an excellent logo designer. Attractive signage and panel signs will grow your business and create space for your brand in people’s minds. So, if you plan to start a business in the North Miami or North Miami area, you will need custom signage for your office. Look no further as we are the best choices for providing your company’s sign and signages

Top Class Signs and Printing is a sign design company in North Miami with years of experience in digital graphics printing. We can install high quality, competitively priced outdoor yard signs North Miami. Moreover, we offer interior office signage such as receptionist area signs, POP signs, warehouse signs, wayfinding signs, custom neon signs cheap and wall signs. Thus, if you are looking for your next commercial business sign prices, give us a call. People install commercial trending signs for many reasons. Some either launch a new business. Others want to change an old business sign for something contemporary.

The importance of business signage

A business sign not only draws attention to your business, but it also acts as a salesperson. People prefer to buy things from places they can put a name and face too. Therefore, business signage will help people locate your store and differentiate it from others around you. So, in many ways, business signage is a customer’s first point of contact with your business.

If you place signs inside a shop or establishment, it can help customers locate an area or product. For example, a Supermarket. They even promote impulse buying if you put them close to the cash counter.

How to get a business sign in the Miami and Doral or Coral Gables area?

Our process to provide you with the best business sign is quite simple,
1. First, we quote the sign needed
2. We pull the permits needed
3. We build your sign
4. Finally, we provide installation service

When searching for a sign company in North Miami, businesses look for companies that fulfill the whole process of creating business signs. We handle the whole process, for which many customers love us and we become their favorite sign company in North Miami of choice.

Why custom Business signage is needed

Business signage can help you promote your brand in the local North Miami area.

The US Small Business Administration says signs are a link between businesses and their customers. A small business doesn’t have many opportunities to promote its brand unless it goes for advertising. But, advertising is expensive if you find a good North Miami sign company so it is not feasible to advertise always. A business sign can help you reinforce your brand at an affordable price. Best of all, it is a one-time investment. You probably won’t change your business signage for years, after installing it. So except for making and sign installation charges, you don’t have to pay anything to keep a business sign. Furthermore, business signs are also installed for a long time, so it is a cost-effective way to market a business and wise to go with a professional Fl signs company in North Miami from the start. 

Strategically placed business signage such as window lettering signs with led lights can convey messages to passengers in passing vehicles, leading to future sales. For retail shopping plazas, this is typically a requirement and not optional to keeping all a uniform look.

Types of business signage we build

We are sign makers and our services make us a top sign making and manufacturing sign companies in North Miami:

There are many kinds of business signage such as light boxes, illuminated signs, window graphics signage, led channel letters, 3d office signs, building signs, pylon signs, monument signs and routed PVC signs. Here is more information.

custom pvc sign

Routed PVC signs

Expanded PVC board signs are the choice of many companies due to their outdoor durability and their affordable cost. Hence, this is the next step up for your business compared to the regular flat signs you may see around. Also, routed PVC signs give your logo a 3D effect whether you just include your logo or differently shaped elements like our example.

adhesive vinyl printing Miami

Full-color adhesive vinyl printing

Whether you need to cover full walls for custom wall murals, cut vinyl lettering with your logo and company information, we can print it in many different materials.
sign company in Miami

Channel letter signs

Led channel letter signs are large custom-made plastic or metal letters which are used to make exterior signs. Back lit channel letter signs are probably one of the most popular and widely used types of sign. These are used by many sign companies in North Miami for street signs. They are usually three dimensional, with a graphic design element. They can also be illuminated with front-lit letters, backlit letters or halo led signs. If you have been driving around, chances are you have seen our work as one of the best sign company in North Miami.

monument signs

Monument signs

Monument signs for business are good for creating lasting impressions. Although they are a bit more expensive than ordinary commercial signs, custom monument signs are worth the money. Moreover, if you want to give your business a personality and improve your exposure, go for monument signs. The idea of a monument sign is basically tombstone for your business (yes I know, horrible example but essentially the best way to describe it). It normally is a big slab of concrete made to shape, an aluminum fabricated box or durable sandblasted foam all with your logo and brand name. Furthermore, monument signs are like the gateway to your business. People typically use it for large commercial properties at the entrance to the business. Also, you can combine it with some kind of routed PVC sign or reverse channel letters on the building.


acrylic on acrylic stand off

Laser-cut acrylic signs

This is probably one of our most popular signs at the moment. Custom laser cut acrylic letters make your office look elegant and everyone who sees it will love your new office interior signage. Typically they are either laser cut 3D sign letters on acrylic and put directly on the wall as wall graphics and decals or we mount them on an acrylic standoff backing. A custom acrylic logo is definitely a great choice for any kind of interior office signage or 3d letter lobby sign.


custom outdoor banners

Full-Color Banner Signs

If you have a grand opening, a new property or just looking for some kind of outdoor promotion or even interior signs, you have probably used large mesh banners at some point in time. We produce a full-color vinyl banner for indoor use and outdoor use in both gloss and matte finishes as well as mesh banners which can be great for fences where the wind is a problem. You will find our work all over North Miami Florida as we are a highly searched amongst the Florida sign company on Google.


pole signs or pylon signs

Pylon signs

Digital pylon signs display the names of many businesses on a single board. You might have seen a pylon sign at a gas station or in front of an industrial park. If there are competing business in your lane, it is a good idea to put your name on a pylon sign.

lightbox signs

Lightbox Signs

If you want a modern, upbeat look for your business, go for outdoor light box signs. They are very eye catching and remain illuminated all the time. You can install light box indoor signs inside supermarkets or malls, where the light is a little dim as a main outdoor sign.


real estate post sign miami

Real Estate Post Signs

If you’re in real estate business, real estate sign frames are nothing new to you. We have real estate signs of all signs from large real estate post signs or hanging single post for selling houses. Furthermore, we also have simple coroplast frames that stick in the ground or real estate lawn signs. So, if you’re looking for real estate post sign North Miami, we have all the options.



Business signage, in general, is either mounted on buildings or installed on the ground. If they are mounted on a building, they are either put on top of a door or extended over the pavement, like a blade sign. Place the ground signs on the road to attract motorists and walkers.

If you are looking for Top Class Printing, the top sign manufacturer in Hialeah FL or a Miami FL sign company, our contact info is given here! We can also help you with business cards, feather flags, retractable banner stand for trade show displays, vehicle wrap or car wrap and much more.

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