Custom silicone bracelets

custom silicone braceletsCustom silicone bracelets are a great low-cost way of raising awareness for a cause, charity, and event or fundraising activities.

Often referred to as rubber wristbands, these bracelets are made purely of silicone that is latex free and has been SDS certified therefore you have no safety concerns at all. Our cheap wristbands are very durable lasting years without breaking. Creating awareness for a cause or event has never been this affordable as the wristbands are very cheap to produce.

We have kept up with innovation in our high-quality custom awareness bracelets to deliver the best to our customer who desires the best for their events and causes. This is why thousands of customers only have good things to say about our products. With great quality wristbands, your event and cause will be very successful; these custom silicone bracelets are not like the common rubber wristbands that keep disappointing all the time. We create molds and produce the ordered silicone bracelets in am matter of days from design confirmation. However, when you order on an expedited plan, we can deliver the promotional wristbands within a day.
Customization options available to you

custom silicone wristbandsImprinted wristbands
The most popular types are the custom printed wristbands made of silicone. We lay the text and graphics like your logo in a professionally designed manner then print with a wear resistant ink. This method of customization offers the most details since the ink is laid directly onto the wristband surface. This method allows for the shortest lead time, can be produced in a day hence their preference when one is short of time and requires the wristbands fast.

debossed silicone wristbandsDebossed Wristbands
We can produce debossed silicone wristbands that are personalized to present a strong presence and branding for your marketing campaign for whatever objective. The graphics and text are laser etched onto the material and to give a premium appeal, the wristband can also have ink placed into the etched parts. There are about ten colors to choose from when inking a debossed silicone band. Due to this tedious work, this method has longer lead time.


Embossed silicone wristbandsEmbossed Wristbands
Another way to make your silicone wristbands look attractive is to use embossed wristbands. In this case, we raise the text and graphics of the surface of the silicone material. The raised design can also have ink added to it to create a wonderful 3-D effect that can be felt. This too has a longer lead time hence the need to start early when planning for an event.
There is nowhere else you can get cheap wristbands like ours and with the high-quality customization. Our custom printed wristbands are excellent for your marketing campaign or awareness creation program. You can easily send us your artwork or have our professional staff help you through the design process all the way to production. We have so many custom silicone bracelets options for our customers to suit all the various needs they may have.

As a way to help you choose what you want, our website has plenty of choices and sample to choose from and come up with a wonderful design in the shortest time possible. Even though they are not ideal for security purposes, these custom awareness bracelets can help raise funds or awareness of a cause. They can also be given as souvenirs to customers to wear for many months to come helping you market your cause. If the quality of material and design is impressive then you can be sure they will like wearing the rubber bracelets personalized lots of time in support of your cause.

Get promotional wristbands today and be among the best in raising awareness. It doesn’t matter your choice of color or printing or other complex designs, we will do it in time and in the best quality possible very cheaply. We have over 80 different font styles and thousands of colors to make you pick the best color for your event. With all these options, everyone in need of Custom silicone bracelets is assured of getting exactly what they desire and have the designs actualized just as expected. Give Top Class Printing a call for your custom bands!

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