EDDM Direct Mail guyDirect mail service is a marketing initiative that involves sending promotional information in the form of pamphlets and posters in full color to target audience either by email or postal mail service. Both large and small corporates understand that direct advertising is the most effective way to reach target customers and divert their attention from alternatives that are available in the market. This form of promotion allows the marketer to interact with customers on a one to one basis and understand their requirements. Direct mail service gives marketer absolute control over time and date when it is delivered to target customer so they can customize the content accordingly.

Experts in direct mail service campaigns have in-depth knowledge about usage of color and content in full color posters that may be used during the service. These experts have sample formats and layouts of previous successful advertisement campaigns and can advise you on budget that would be required for specific type of poster printing and publicity materials.

During direct mail service you can use a variety of printed materials like postcards, catalogs, booklets, brochures, leaflets and self-mailers with information about your product/s and services. Ideally this form of direct mail campaign materials should also have contact information that is clear and concise for customers to reach out to advertiser in case they want to purchase these products.