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Made of superior quality polycarbonate plastic shield that is light, durable, and has a strong impact and scratch-resistance. Covers your entire face and has enough space to allow better airflow. It has a medical-grade and moisture-resistant foam padding support as a base. It doesn’t absorb sweat, therefore discouraging germ and fungal growth. Built for optimum comfort and comes with a wide adjustable band, designed for better grip and positioning. 100% Made in the USA.
  • Reusable 
  • Strong impact resistance
  • Medical-grade foam base
  • Lightweight but solid
  • Better scratch-resistance than PET
  • Wide Adjustable Band
  • Covers the whole face
Face Shield MaskS PPE Covid 19

Why Use Printed Foam Boards?

Why Use A Top Class C-Shield

Face shield masks protects you from tiny droplets that you may inhale or that could go to your eyes or face when someone next to you sneezes or talks in an intimate distance. However, not all face shields are created equal. 

Some face shields are made of thin and flimsy book cover plastic that is generally not the recommended material for face shields. They don’t hold their shape well, may fold or roll on the edges, and are prone to cracking after a few uses, compromising your safety and its purpose. 

That’s why we made our C-Shield Face Shields with polycarbonate- a superior quality of plastic that has high impact and scratch-resistance. 

And because the shield is fully detachable, you can thoroughly disinfect your face shield for another day’s use. 

With our C-Shield Face Shield Mask, you can protect yourself from tiny droplets wherever you go. This is best for those who are working in the frontlines (medical workers), people-facing business owners, supermarket workers, patrol officers, government workers, and everyone who frequently goes into publicly-shared spaces or hospitals. 

As much as possible, every person who goes out should have a face shield and also our C-Grip personal protection device. 

We can print your brand or business’ logo on the base of the face shields if you want to donate or customize it for your employees or customers. 

All our face shields are made in the USA. 

Top Class is a reliable maker of durable, high-quality, and USA-made face shields. Protect yourself and your family today!



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Moisture-resistant Foam

We use a medical-grade foam that doesn’t absorb moisture and that deters the growth of germs, fungus, or stains. It’s lightweight and breathable.

Detachable Shield

Each part is easy to detach and reassemble. Allows for thorough disinfection of your face shield. Easy to maintain cleanliness all the time.

Value for Money

All our face shields are reusable and washable and they’re made of superior, lightweight, and durable materials that ensure utmost protection and comfortability.

100% Made in the USA

Guaranteed safe and high-quality! Made and assembled in Miami, Florida. We also offer logo printing for bulk orders.

Durable Clear Shield

Made with polycarbonate plastic that withstands impacts and scratches, better than most plastics used in other face shields which uses book cover plastic.

Adjustable Band

The band is easy to adjust with minimal to zero touching to the face shield or to your head when you adjust it. You only touch the band so it’s hassle-free.

Face Shield Masks Built for Your Comfort And Protection 

Using a face shield all day? No worries, it has a wide adjustable band so you can custom fit it. 

Tight and loose bands cause you to touch your head unconsciously, compromising the purpose. 

The adjustable bands in our face shields can be easily adjusted on one end and that means your hands will have minimal to zero contact to your head or the shield itself. 

Just pull one end of the band to the level of tightness you want to achieve. 


Thick and Solid Shield Material

Other face shields are made up of acetate or book cover material that is too thin to hold its shape. And although they might be cheaper, they don’t usually last long or you may need to throw them away after your first use, which costs you more in the long term. 

On the other hand, C-Shields are made up of polycarbonate- a type of plastic that is flexible yet able to hold its shape when worn. It’s also generally what’s used in the medical field. 

Polycarbonate has high visibility and is easy to maintain and clean. 

Moreover, the face shield is fully detachable so you can remove it for proper disinfection. 

You also have enough space in between your face and the shield, so there’s enough airflow when you wear a surgical mask which makes it less prone to fogging. 


Medical-Grade Foam Padding 

One of the most important parts of the face shield is the padding or the base. We used a medical-grade foam padding as a base because packaging foam (which is often used by other sellers) doesn’t resist liquid water or water vapor. 

On the other hand, medical-grade foam padding is water-resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture. 

Meaning, it is a better barrier for moisture and vapor transmission. 

Aside from that, medical-grade foam is also lightweight and breathable. It’s designed for long term use. 

It resists stains or odors coming from sweat. 


Customize: Print Your Logo on your Face Shield Mask

We also provide custom printing for organizations or businesses that are donating or are giving out face shields for their employees.

If you want to have your logo printed on your C-Shields just provide us your logo details. Production time may increase, but not significantly depending on the quantity. 

We ship anywhere in the USA and globally. 

Disclaimer: This product is not considered as medically approved by the FDA and does not guarantee against any viruses. Follow CDC guidelines on how to protect yourself. Observe all safe practices and do as much as you can to stay protected, this is only part of the puzzle.

Stay safe! 

1. What kind of cleaning agent can I use?

For the coronavirus (COVID-19) soap and water will do or any natural cleaners but you may also use diluted hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol-based sanitizers. Disinfectants containing hydroxides, dimethyl benzyl or ethyl ammonium chloride, ethylenediamine, and hypochlorite will crack the polycarbonate sheets. 

2. Is this face shield reusable?

Yes, it is reusable. However, frequent washing with non-recommended disinfectants may result in bubbling or cracking of the polycarbonate sheet, affecting the lifespan of the face shield. 

3. Do you receive individual orders?

Yes we offer as small as one shield or bulk orders at a lower rate. We can even customize your logo if you order 25+

4. How much is the minimum order quantity for bulk pricing?

Bulk starts at 10 qty.

5. How long is the production time?

Since everything is currently being made to order depending on the quantity it can be anywhere from 1-10 days depending on how many.


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