Get More Attention with Full Color Foil Business Cards

full-color-foil(1)Get More Attention with Full Color Foil Business Cards

Until now, it has been very expensive to get any business cards with foiling. There have also been limitations in the card stock which can be used as well as the amount of colors which can be used. This is no longer a concern with the full color foil business cards you can purchase. These use the cold foil technology that allows for easy printing of a flat business card using brilliant colors in a highly distinguishable card. The shiny card allows you to have a business card which attracts the attention of even the most jaded clients.

Removing Dyes from the Process

The process of cold foil printing not only allows you to have full color foil business cards. The colors used are not achieved using dyes. Instead, it is achieved using the different foil colors and gasses used to create the brilliant colors. The low gauge of printing gives a completely flat appearance to the business cards with only a .05mm height to the printing. By taking the dyes out of the process, there is less to worry about in cracking and other issues.

Enjoying a Wider Color Range

The new method allows you to have wonderful full color foil Business cards. The old hot foil systems used a process which limited the cards to only having a couple of colors or only degrees of the same color. This new system allows you to create Business cards which include your complete logo as well as any information you want in the card using all of your colors. The new freedom allows you to consider some looks you might not have considered before when printing a business card using a foil process.

Affordable Business Card Options

The new system is also beneficial because it is a much more affordable way of printing Business cards. The full color foil Business cards allows you to create as many of the cards as you want to and have the confidence to hand them out to all of your clients. The ability to freely hand out such a flashy and eye-catching card allows your business to seem even more impressive. Those who see your cards will not know that you got them for less money than the old foil printing required. They will only know that you are handing them what appears to be a very impressive foil printed card.

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