greeting-cardsGreeting cards have been an integral part of our lives from the time they were created to wish friends and relatives across the world. Though a greeting card is just a piece of folded card paper with printed pictures and engravings on its face with messages printed on its inside to appeal to diverse occasions they have tremendous appeal for the giver and receiver. Even in today’s world of instant messaging and video greetings people cherish greetings cards that convey wishes of sender for varied events ranging from celebration, cheering, greetings, and condolence.

Every year billions of cards are sold across the world with pictures of landscapes, animals, gardens, people, colorful graphics and eatables to suit the occasion or thought that are being conveyed with the card. To greet friends and family during special occasions like festivals people order special greetings cards with their name embossed on the envelop and behind the greeting card. These special custom greeting cards are usually ordered by corporates that have festival greetings and company logo, slogan etc., on its rear side and also on envelope.

Sometimes employers like to make their employees feel special on organization’s foundation day and send out congratulatory message to all of them for staying on with the organization for several years. This kind of custom greeting card will have name of employee along with a special message to make them feel special.