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Are you in search for a printing company that can provide you quality Imprinted Table Covers? Top Class Printing can help you!
  • 8ft and 6 ft sizes
  • Full 4 sided or 3 sided (short back)
  • Full color or 1 color
  • Thermal print or Dye sublimation
  • Machine Washable
  • Fast Rush Turnarounds
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If you are planning to participate in business events such as trade shows, our company’s own-made table throws can help you voice out and promote your brand. Such activities are widely known as entrepreneurs’ most significant avenues to promote what they do and offer. As such, it is wise to leverage such an opportunity. 

Custom tablecloths

Why You Need Imprinted Table Covers for Trade Shows?

The rising competition among local brands from various niches is getting tighter. And whether it is for a trade show or social media marketing, the need to promote is vital. One way to do that is to display and offer promotional items to boost your marketing efforts.

Marketing materials such as customized table covers and tabletop displays are essential for every business’ marketing efforts. However, most entrepreneurs—perhaps including you—neglect the influence of high-quality and accessible promotional merchandise. But what they do not understand is that a striking and eye-catching trade show table covers can help significantly. But how, you ask?

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Size Options

6ft and 8 ft sizes or runners to fit any table.

stretch open back table covers sublimation print
Many Styles

Whether you need fitted, standard or stretch we can make it.

Trade Show Stands

In trade shows, showing off the best of what your company can do is essential. A foam core poster can have nifty speech bubbles or super cool 3-D pop-ups, depending on what you want. These are the go-to displays for indoor use.

Store Displays

The foam board finish options make it perfect to display in local shops, it gives you quality poster boards for long-term use. Its quality doesn’t deter over time, especially when you choose thicker board signs. You can use your tabletop to display the signage or simply lean it against the wall.

Here are a few more points why you need imprinted table covers for trade shows:

  • Striking trade show tablecloths can help persuade potential customers to buy your product or subscribe to your service. Remember that the way companies present their brands can influence how prospective clients perceive the entirety of the business.
  • It will help you promote your business without initiating a sales pitch. It is especially more accessible if you purchase a table cover with logo. It guides people to see who you are (company) and what you do (your products or services).
  • First impression lasts. Folks who attend trade shows are typically one-time attendees only. Hence, you need to leave a remarkable impression of your brand so that they will not forget you. It will serve as the initial step to convert them into real, paying customers.
  • Fabric banners are usually large in size. Such a characteristic apparently has the capacity to reach a wider audience. Hence, it is an excellent advertising material, especially in large venues with crowds.
  • Compared to other promotional products, printed table covers for trade shows are cost-effective. You can use it as many times as you want until t wears out!

Why You Should Choose Top Class Printing Imprinted Table Covers

For 12 years, Top Class Printing has been serving various local businesses here in Miami and other parts of Florida. We provide premium printing services, including custom printed table covers and tabletop displays.

We offer a wide variety of throw styles as well as custom designs for a more extensive selection. Our company understands how brands differ in style and identity. Hence, we make sure to have all possible models to cater to every business’ preferences.

Here are a few more reasons why Top Class Printing imprinted table covers are the best:

  • So far, all our clients are satisfied. In fact, they keep on coming back for our printing services. We guarantee to you that we supply only high-caliber and durable table banners to make sure we won’t fail your expectations—but to exceed them.
  • We make sure that all our custom tablecloths are heavy-duty and long-lasting. Our tablecloths are all machine washable
  • We understand and pay attention to our client’s unique brand characteristics too. As such, we do deliver customized table cloth with logo as well. It is to make sure that we can supply the best and most fitting table banner for your brand.
  • We a team of graphic design experts to help you decide the best image to use in your table cover.
  • We have retractable banner stands too to pair with your customized tablecloth and complete the whole look! It will help you boost your visibility amid several businesses participating in the business event.

We print all kinds of personalized table covers with logos. Our service is more than just versatile, and company owners can send their inquiries to our customer service department, after which our representatives will provide details about the cost and design in advance. Our representatives are also willing to offer suggestions and ideas about the design that that best meets the standard and needs of each company.

Wide Variety of Selections


Top Class Printing renders a wide variety of table runner full color and table covers. You can get it in a standard size, with or without a logo, or with your design. Whatever it is you demand, we can deliver it! We can add a short message too if you prefer.


Moreover, all of our marketing materials come at reasonable prices. For table covers, the price depends solely on the complexity of the design as well as the size. Overall computation will be discussed through our company representatives. We assure all our clients that there are no hidden charges and our Miami printing company is transparent to all transactions we make.


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If you need marketing materials such as imprinted table covers, give us a call now at 305-433-5574 and tell us how we can help you! It especially fits for those who need it urgently. Top Class Printing provide same day printing for all our table covers. 


If you are going to attend events and expos in Miami Beach Convention Center or Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, this is something you will want to include!


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1. What format file do you need?

The best file is a vector pdf, ai or eps format file. If not we may have to redraw your file for $25+ depending on if it is only a logo or full design.

2. Can i print anything on my table cover?

Depending on the type of table cover your options may be limited imprint method. Thermal imprints: 1 color table colors are priced by color, full color imprint gets a max imprint of 17×42″ on stock color table covers vs dye sublimation which starts out as white and you print your background/artwork on any part of the full material.

3. How to clean my printed table covers?

All table covers are fully washable in low temp settings with mild detergent. Keep in mind particularly the thermal table covers heat sticks the imprint which means it may also remove it. Never iron directly onto prints especially on the face area of thermal transfers.

4. Can you pms match my logo?

PMS match is only possible when manually mixing inks to get an exact match. We use and 99% of printers us CMYK format which is similar to printing you may do at home printer but at a larger scale machine.

5. What size table cover do I need?

Most tables, including those given by convention centers, are typically 6ft wide in size which is typically the most popular style which is why the 6ft table cover is our best seller.

6. Do you manufacture custom size tablecloths?

No we do not, only 6 ft, 8ft and table runners.

7. What printing methods do we use?

We use two methods: Dye sublimation which is the process of printing on white cloth then cutting it to shape and sewing the edges. Thermal transfers is the process of heat pressing a special thermal material imprint of your logo/artwork into a premade cloth.

8. How long is production time?

Our team immediately works on it after receiving your request and a proof is sent within 24-48hours. Typically, it takes 5-7 business days to produce thermal and 7-10 for dyesublimation. We do offer rush service as fast as 1 business day when available.


Contact us for any of your foam board printing needs if our handy FAQ doesn't answer your needs. We offer same day printing on this item also, visit Quick Same Day Printing.

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