Imprinted Table Covers

Custim imprinted table covers and expo displays is a great way to dress up any trade show booth.

Full trade show booth idea that will draw attention, package includes imprinted table cover and retractable expo display

How Impressive Are Your Imprinted Table Covers?

There lies great importance in imprinting table covers with the company’s brand, though not all company owners realize this. As a matter of fact, branded table cloths or imprinted table covers with impressive colors that represent the company’s characteristic can deliver a great impression. This is especially when a company is participating in expos or exhibitions.

How Crucial Are The Imprinted Table Covers?

Product marketing is not as easy as many people might have thought before. The rising competition among companies from various niches have made marketing efforts harder than ever before. Many people opt for the brands with the best pricing, though they make their final decision after they get a good impression from the brand.

The old saying ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’ may not be relevant for promotion. Believe it or not, people will buy any product if they are impressed with it at first sight. They will continue using the product if it meets their standards. This is why companies should come up with excellently buy imprinted table covers with logos that represent the company’s selling points, ideals and belief systems.

It is a well proven fact that booths with promotional table covers get more visitors in expos or exhibitions. Imprinted table covers relate to visitors’ interests because they are more curious in attending such booths whether it’s from well-known companies or newly built ones. This is especially true when the table covers have a similar theme with the retractable expo displays. Retractable banners match perfectly with the table cover, as it enhances the performance of any promotional booth.

Why Our Company Can Help You Maintain Your Reputation.

So far our clients keep coming back to engage our products especially our custom printed table cloths. We can assure high quality and durable prints and table cover materials; because we know that our clients need to display them several times.

We pay great attention to our clients’ unique characteristics. We understand that every company has its own style. We print all kinds of personalized table covers with logos, in which company owners can choose the budgets that best suits them. Our service is more than just versatile, and company owners can send their inquiries to our customer service department, after which our representatives will provide details about the cost and design in advance. Our representatives are also willing to provide suggestions and ideas about the design that that best meets the standard and needs of each company.


Close up of a full color thermal imprint on table cover

Unlimited Choices.

Buyers can rest assured that they will get only high quality products from Top Class Signs and Printing. Our products are available in various options such as printed table runners, table covers with logos, imprinted or customized table throws and retractable displays. Many clients are usually eager to add some slogans or short messages on them. However, some of them prefer to have their logos printed without any slogan or message. Prices depend on the complexity of the design and our company assures clients that there are no hidden fees. Details of cost and design are discussed before our representatives and clients can make the deal. Transparency is key in all our transactions.

imprinted table covers at tradeshows

When your in a big tradeshow it is easy for your booth to get missed, help it stand out with custom logo table throws or runners.

Location Does Matter.

Many company owners don’t pay attention to the location of the exhibitions before they place their orders. They even use similar table covers for outdoor expos and more formal events. We understand that most clients fail to pay attention to this because they might want to save on their budget. Therefore we will suggest the best design and color for the table covers for different events depending on the location. Our staff are well-trained and will provide different ideas for the design and colors while sticking to the clients’ budgets.

It is fine to compare our service to others because we are certain that our service is the best among many other companies in this niche. We never fail to provide full refunds in cases of client dissatisfaction towards our products and services. So far all our clients are satisfied and keep using our service for their important events or exhibitions. This is why we remain the most trustworthy table covers and table throws provider throughout Miami.

Contact us.

Contacting our customer service department for further info about the design, themes and materials to be used on the table covers and retractable displays is only a phone call away. Time is priceless and we don’t want to waste our clients’ time by providing a slow response. Once our customer service gets inquiries, they will follow them up with the required quotes that clients need. We even offer same day printing on some of our table covers. If your going to attend one of the many expos at the Miami Beach Convention Center this is definatly something you will want to include!

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