Interior Office Signage

Turn your office from boring to inviting with your logo designed as a 3d logo art piece signage installed on your reception or lobby area wall.
  • Multiple thicknesses
  • Any size from large to small
  • Many material options
  • Signs for any budget from $200-5000
  • All signs can be installed locally or shipped anywhere.
  • Multiple installation options
Interior office signage

Why you need custom 3d logo signage?

The reception area can tell a lot about the company – so it is time to make it a hospitable sight and visually appealing!

Remember that the reception is the area where your customers come up with their first impression of your company. It all depends on how your reception signages are designed and presented.

The office signage should leave the right impression of your brand to your employees and customers. Regardless of what your specific needs are, we are experts in crafting the ideal 3D interior office signage for you – whether you want to exude a modern, sleek, or old school vibe.

Our team of designers can create the finest signage that suits your desired brand image you want to display.

Make your space an inviting sight with 3D Interior Office Signage for your reception area, lobby, and interiors. 

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Material Options

Wood, Aluminum, Acrylic (most popular), Brushed Aluminum Foam and PVC

Multiple Thickness

1/8``, 1/4``, 1/2``, 3/4``, 1`` options

custom pms paint mix for screen printing
Any custom PMS colors

We can match your logo to any of your brand colors

Boards, 3d Shape or Both

We can laser cut or cnc route your logo and mount them on a board with stand offs.

Make your space more inviting with 3D Interior Office Signage for your receptionist areas, lobby and interiors.


Why do we ask for a budget? We ask for a budget to make sure quote a sign that is what you want to spend or make any adjustments to get it to that price. Do not get this confused that we want to rip you off, our prices are fixed based on per inches, if you are already thinking badly about a company, they are probably not the right person to do business with. Often making a simple change like 1″ thickness to 1/2″ or even making the sign 1 foot smaller can make a big difference. All signs are different, more text or pieces increases the cost for every 1″ of material we use and we want to make sure you get what you want and avoid price shock because you had no idea what a custom sign will cost.

What makes us stand out from others is that we deal with every lobby signage and custom 3D interior office sign design in a unique way.

We know well that every company has an individual style, a different budget, and a unique environment to consider. 

Every client has specific needs and we are eager to provide a selection of personalized designs for your company. Our indoor wall signage is custom-made using a variety of materials such as PVC, acrylic, brushed metal, etc., depending on your preferences. If you have visited an office that left you mesmerized upon entering, rest assured that we can make it happen to your business, or even better. 


Most of the signs can be readily installed by anyone who has average handy work skills. This is the ideal solution that we can ship to you in Miami. We also offer installation of 3D lettering for you or ship it across the country.

Regardless of the type of design you want for your dimensional signs, you are in good hands by creating a piece that is truly elegant and one that will bring a spark to your overall office design. We can customize and manufacture almost any type of sign you have in mind. Whether it is a simple design, it will turn out into an impressive work of art. Although many people disregard the importance of office/reception signage, it can make a big difference in your business in the long run – it can determine how many contracts you will sign, how your customers will remember your company as well as the mood of your employees in the workplace. It simply means the office signage sets the tone. This is the reason why office signs are essential in any business environment. 

interior office signage

At Top Class Signs and Printing, you will work with an exceptionally talented team of sign builders, crafters, and installers to make your office stand out.

The idea of crafting the ideal indoor wall signage is to create an engaging yet welcoming environment. We are well aware of the importance of sharing your story in the form of signs in a compelling manner using only a few or no words at all. Creating customized office signage is what we are recognized for since we love what we do and good at it. Finally, always remember that creating a dynamic work environment will also boost the productivity of the employees. The employees who are working in a fun and dynamic work atmosphere will reach higher productivity levels than those who work in a dull, monotonous workplace. The picture is clear – interior office signage can provide one of the ideal avenues of showcasing your brand, improving sales, setting the mood in the workplace as well as keeping things vibrant.


Dimensional Logo Signs

You can choose from a selection of architectural grade metals, PVC, acrylic, brushed, and metal laminates. Every letter and piece of your desired logo is cut individually and mounted on your wall to exude an impressive and professional look. 

Below are a few examples of signs and we can provide you with an estimated starting budgets. The signs vary depending on the size and design of your chosen logo.

acrylic stand off wall sign

Panel Signs (starting at $150) Placing your sign on a standoff panel adds nice 3d raised effect, this also makes it easier to install and move, typically only 4 screws. Choose from a variety of panels including clear or frosted acrylic, brushed aluminum, pvc and wood. We can optionally add led lights and dimensional logos for 3d effect. Standoff wall signs can really take a lobby from boring to exciting.

custom office signage illuminated led

Backlit Lobby Signs (starting at $800) Ensure your sign gets noticed with backlighted and front lit illuminated led lighting. All our backlit signs are created with energy efficient, low-voltage LED lights and are available in options such as individually fabricated backlit letters, reverse-cut metal panels and edge-lit glass signs.

channel letters gold painted

Fabricated Aluminum Logos (starting at $600) These frames are made out of aluminum and can be painted any color or metal finish. They can be illuminated or just raised off the wall for an impressive sign.

brushed metal sign

Cut Metal Logos (starting at $600) Choose from aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper. We offer brushed, polished, painted and oxidized finishes.

Acrylic or Foam With Metal Laminate Logos (starting at $400) Choose from brushed and polished in silver, gold, bronze and copper metal faces with an edge of black, silver, gold or a custom color.

acrylic letters

Cut Acrylic Office Sign Logos (starting at $300) Choose from colored and painted acrylic colors for your interior office signage. This is our favorite choice for 3d logo signs as they offer precision laser cut quality.

pvc office wall signage

PVC Cut Office Signage (starting at $300) Durable, elegant and thick material that can be custom painted to any color which can also be doubled for a really nice wall sign for your office or reception area. Great choice for office lobby signs and reception area signs. This material is good for indoor and outside signs.

Areas we install signs: Kendall, Pinecrest, South Miami, Coral Gables, Kendal Lakes, Sweetwater, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Homestead, Florida City, The Keys, Miami, Key Biscayne, Downtown Miami, South Beach, Miami Beach, Doral, Miami Springs, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Palm Springs, North Miami, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Aventura, Hollywood, Davie, Weston, Plantation, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach.

Not local? We can ship it to you, send instructions, show a video and help you through the process.

1. Is it possible to have printed on both sides?

Yes by special order, 2 sides may be added soon.

2. Can I use pens to write on the foam board signs?

Yes, you can! It’s best to use a permanent marker when doing so.

3. Do you offer custom shapes?

Currently, we don’t do other shapes aside rectangular as standard but contact us for more information.

4. Are foam board prints usable for outdoor advertisement?

It’s commonly used for indoor applications because these signs aren’t weather-resistant, they could easily be damaged when used outdoor.

5. Is it okay to put holes in these signs?

No, although possible foam is soft and can rip depending on what you are doing.

6. What do you use for printing?

UV digital printing technology for quality results.

7. How can I make my foam board look appealing?

Only use limited text, and avoid using busy graphics. We recommend using a larger board size for high-resolution pictures.

8. How long does it take for me to receive the sign board?

Our team immediately works on it after receiving your request. Typically, it takes 2-4 business days to produce.

9. Why is this item pickup only?

Foam board is soft and can be easily broken in transit especially when ordering just one. The shipping companies are often careless and any dents often damage the item which means you will not be happy and want another one.

10. Does the print peel away?

No, it won’t. With UV printing we print direct unlike some companies who apply vinyl.

11. Do you have color matching service?

No, all jobs are printed CMYK which matches as close as possible to the colors the machine recognizes. If order a big run, sample prints may be ordered.

12. How long does this type of signboard last?


Most of the time, these foam boards are for one-time occasions as they are not weather resistant and made of foam. However, when they’re taken care of properly, and kept away from harsh weather conditions, they can last several years. Just make sure you’re storing the board properly to lengthen its lifespan.



Contact us for any of your foam board printing needs if our handy FAQ doesn't answer your needs. We offer same day printing on this item also, visit Quick Same Day Printing.

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