Is pay per Click is a Waste of Time?

organic-vs-paid-search-seoWith so much information bombarding you from every direction concerning cool advertising methods for your site, being confused and wasting time on unworkable methods is the easiest thing that can happen to you. While some methods may work for some people, it doesn’t mean that the same advertising methods will automatically work for you. You probably have someone offer you an affordable web design offer, and within a very short time, your cutely designed website goes live. You then quickly sign up for a pay per click account, select several keywords, and sit back and wait for the sales charts to rise exponentially. Unfortunately, to your disappointment, it is your credit card figures that are falling at an alarming rate instead of the expected rise of the profit graph.

This narrative is a common story to most website owners. So what exactly is the problem? Don’t get this wrong. It is not to say that PPC doesn’t work it means that it doesn’t work always for most people. Take an example of someone selling a mug at $2 (profit margin of say 0.5) versus a person selling a car at $ 30,000 (profit margin of say $5,000). The person selling the car is more likely to benefit from PPC adverting than the one selling a mug because what he pays per click is a drop compared to what he will make even if just one person, out of the many that click his link, buys the car. On the other hand, if the person selling the mug is to make any profit (or avoid losing money), most of those clicks have to translate into sales; yet, that is not what always happens-most clicks are just air. In other words, Pay per click advertising could cost you several times more than what you paid for your web design packages without seeing results because most of those clicks don’t necessarily translate to sales

Hope you now get a glimpse of the truth of the claim; pay per click could be a complete waste of your valuable time and hard-earned cash. After developing your website from the myriads of web design packages available, the next step is to find the most cost effective,  and effective advertising method for your website. The rule of thumb is; never engage yourself in any paid advertisement before your make an exhaustive cost-benefit analysis. In the long run, white hat SEO techniques remain the most sustainable methods of increasing your online presence.

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