To create an appealing menu that is functional for your restaurant, think of laminated menu printing. The 3mm (1.5mm each side) gloss laminate adds the professional touch to any of your printing works while keeping the menu longer during use. We offer  3 thickness to give you the option of soft or hard durable menus, 3mm, 5mm or 10mm for a super flat board. In the competitive market of the food and beverage industry, presenting such visually appealing menus to your customers is the right path to winning over your competition. We do the work from the design stage all through to delivery in quality that exceeds expectations.

Laminated restaurant menus are high quality and costs you just enough yet you get to use it longer than the regular paper menus. They are printed on quality paper as you desire, full color on 1 or both sides then laminated to add them medium term usable life. This menu printing service helps restaurants ensure they look their best all the time. Those who want even more durable menus can order the plastic menu printing that can take you many years before having to replace the menu.

These laminated menus are sealed to make them reusable when drinks spill on them; you can easily wipe them clean so your restaurant looks presentable and you don’t have to replace them frequently. Make your order with ready artwork and your menus will be ready in 48 hours. However, if you have no artwork, we can help create it together with you to bring out your ideas and actualize them on the printout.

It is very easy to clean up these laminated dine in menu printing. They are durable and come in full color covered with a heavy duty lamination plastic of 5 or 10 mm thick for the glossy or matte finish. The edge is trimmed to the artwork or given a margin of a ¼ inch as per customer preference. These waterproof menus don’t just list the food and drinks available but also represent the image of the establishment. When you use compelling designs for printing menus for restaurants, you are bound to attract more customers to order. The quality of the restaurant is enhanced and maintained when you use high-quality laminated menus.

When the menu is laminated, it is protected from dirt since the laminated cover is easy to wipe even with water, it protects from damage from moist, UV rays and dust. It enhances durability and ensures the menu remain presentable for an extended period compared to unlaminated menus. You, therefore, save on the cost of reproducing menus frequently and is spared the shame of poor image of your restaurant when menus are torn, or printing defaced when drinks spill on them.

What you get from our laminated menu printing:
– Superior quality: with our menu printing you can be assured of the best quality the first time we do it. Our quality guarantee means that e do not compromise on quality at all.
– Best prices: our superior quality should not scare you, our prices are also affordable even with small quantities. E always do all that we can to ensure you get the best possible price in the market.
– Fast turnaround: in as little as one day, your printing can be done with and shipped. Those that require designing to artwork may take a bit longer but is still very quick if you compare to our competitors.
– Great customer service: whether you are placing an order or making inquiries, our customer care team is always ready to serve you and solve whatever problem you may have.
– Error checking: we ensure your files are checked for errors without any cost to you. You get the best when you order with us.

You can have any type of laminated restaurant menus. The amount of information to be contained will dictate the style of menu to print. Our waterproof menus are created from professionally designed graphics and high-quality paper before it is laminated for use. Here are some of the styles available:
– Flat: a simple one-page sheet of any size can be created for simplicity. It can be printed on both sides.
– Folded: bi-fold, tri-fold or gate-fold are just some of the folding styles available for laminated menu printing.
– Booklet: for the restaurant with a lot of information for customers, this is the best option since it provides a compact format for extensive menu content.
– Self-standing: Styles like z-fold are created to be self-standing on the table. These are commonly used to promote desserts, drinks, and appetizers that accompany the main course.