Logo Design

How to pick a logo designer and basic tips for design

There are many benefits when using logos in your business. Logos offer an opportunity to reinforce your branding and a chance for differentiation from your competitors. Logos can also be used on your social media platforms as well as your websites, creating a feeling of association between the logo and your business. However, before you enjoy the merits of a logo, you would need to design it. A logo designer will be able to translate your business objectives into the design of your logo, creating one that is conducive to your end message.

Selecting a Logo Designer

Ask for a portfolio, many logo designers have proof of their work, as well as testimonials from past customers. A portfolio will be able to show you what type of work they are most familiar with. However, their portfolio should be aligned with your branding and your particular industry.

Work with a local designer that has good communication. Designing a logo is surprisingly tedious, and there should be an open channel of communication during the creative and designing process. You may want to add a particular element for your design, and you want to convey your concerns as quickly as possible. Your logo designer should be accessible by phone or email, two forms of communication that are affordable, accessible, and able to quickly start and end a conversation.

Be Prepared to Talk about Your Business

When you are talking to a potential logo designer, it is encouraged that you are a candid about your business objective. Describe your business, the tone of your message, as well as future aspirations that you may have when it comes to branding opportunities. For example, individual logos can be used for one-off campaigns, or become a mainstay of your marketing efforts. Logos that are going to be a backbone of your business and online properties should be one that is relatable, professionally done, and use coloring and fonts that have been proven to work with your particular niche.

  • Your designer should be familiar with the emotional aspect of colors. Bright and bold colors can help guide the customer’s eyes to a specific part of your logo while muted colors can add an air of sophistication. Color has real-life implications, and your logo designer should be aware of them.
  • Their portfolio should not be a cliché. The portfolio should have logos and visual depictions that are unique, and absent of overused design trends. When looking through their portfolio, you should not think “oh, I saw this before.” You should be thinking, “wow, this design looks unique.”
  • Your logo designer should consider symmetry and proportions. Your logo designer should be comfortable with basic designs, as well as logos that are well-balanced, consistent and detailed.
  • A logo that has many colors may be very expensive for things such promotional products where every color adds additional cost if even an option. Your designer will be able to meet functionality and price, creating a cost-effective logo.
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