Logo Design Services MiamiThere are many benefits when using logos in your business. Logos offer an opportunity to reinforce your branding and a chance for differentiation from your competitors. Logos can also be used on your social media platforms as well as your websites, creating a feeling of association between the logo and your business. However, before you enjoy the merits of a logo, you would need to design it. A logo designer will be able to translate your business objectives into the design of your logo, creating one that is conducive to your end message.

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Selecting a Logo Designer

Ask for a portfolio, many logo designers have proof of their work, as well as testimonials from past customers. A portfolio will be able to show you what type of work they are most familiar with. However, their portfolio should be aligned with your branding and your particular industry.

Work with a local designer that has good communication. Designing a logo is surprisingly tedious, and there should be an open channel of communication during the creative and designing process. You may want to add a particular element to your design, and you want to convey your concerns as quickly as possible. Your logo designer should be accessible by phone or email, two forms of communication that are affordable, accessible, and able to quickly start and end a conversation.

We can’t stress enough, to ask questions!!! The fact that we do printing, signs, promotional products screen printing etc. we have seen so many horrible logo designs that do work well for many methods or have to be modified or expensive to print or just not designed well. Logos should be clean, easy to understand and not full of fancy images, gradients, and shadings. There are logos for all kinds of purposes but amateurs will sell you images when they should be selling you a brand.

Branding Boards great for logo design packages
Branding Boards

Be Prepared to Talk about Your Business when finding logo design ideas

When you are talking to a potential logo designer, it is encouraged that you are candid about your business objective. Describe your business, the tone of your message, as well as future aspirations that you may have when it comes to branding opportunities. For example, individual logos can be used for one-off campaigns, or become a mainstay of your marketing efforts. Logos that are going to be a backbone of your business and online properties should be one that is relatable, professionally done, and use coloring and fonts that have been proven to work with your particular niche.

  • Your designer should be familiar with the emotional aspect of colors. Bright and bold colors can help guide the customer’s eyes to a specific part of your logo while muted colors can add an air of sophistication. Color has real-life implications, and your logo designer should be aware of them.

  • Their portfolio should not be a clichĂ©. The portfolio should have logos and visual depictions that are unique, and absent of overused design trends. When looking through their portfolio, you should not think “oh, I saw this before.” You should be thinking, “wow, this design looks unique.”

  • Your logo designer should consider symmetry and proportions. Your logo designer should be comfortable with basic designs, as well as logos that are well-balanced, consistent and detailed.

  • A logo that has many colors may be very expensive for things such as promotional products where every color adds additional cost if even an option. Your designer will be able to meet functionality and price, creating a cost-effective logo.

Logo Design ProcessA logo can make or break an organization. No matter how professional your company is, everything might be fruitless if you have a bad or poorly designed logo. This is why companies put all the resources that they can just to have a perfect SEO Logo Design. They don’t hesitate to get professional graphic design services because they know that the rewards are worth the investment.

From a first glance, designing seems to be easy, but wait till you embark on the actual logo design process. It takes a combination of artistic and creative skills to come out with a perfect logo. Even though the rules may vary with the different designers, the principles of designing logos remain the same. Let’s look at some of the key aspects that you should consider when designing a logo and picking a custom logo design company.


1. Different type of logo styles 

There are five basic types of logos. Your choice will be determined by the nature of your organization and your goals.

These logo design styles are

  • Wordmark
  • Letter mark
  • Brand mark
  • Combination mark
  • Emblem

The styles work well is certain organizations than in others so you should not just choose any logo. If you want some assistance in selecting a perfect type of logo, consider using the logo and graphic design services in Miami. A creative team of designers will give you in-depth information about the different styles and recommend one that will work for your organization.

Choose Colors in the Logo2. Colors to use when making your logo

Your logo needs to be attractive to the eyes. It should be able to capture everyone’s attention. The only way you can achieve this goal is by incorporating a particular set of colors in the logo. However, as much as you would want your logo to look colorful, you should not go around picking any colors that just because they impress you. The process should be done in a slow but sure way. The colors in the logo should reflect your overall image of the brand.

3. Minimize the number of colors

A brilliant logo idea should have few colors. Including multiple colors of one logo can end up confusing a viewer. Different colors portray different meanings and using all of them at once can result in visual conflict, meaning that the intended message will be distorted.

4. Research about your competitors

In case you are running a small business and you are planning to have a logo, check out the logos of your competitors. See whether there any specific message that they are trying to pass through the logo. This way, you will get some ideas of how your logo should look like, but you should not attempt to copy it.

5. Flexibility is the key

The process of designing a logo requires an elastic mind. Things are bound to change during the process, and even an idea that you initially had might be scraped off or reviewed. By becoming flexible, you can change your mind to suit different situations. You will be open to something new that logo designers add.

6. Uniqueness

A lot of people will remember a unique logo for years. Try to avoid the pitfall of using cliches. Sadly, many related organizations tend to replicate each other’s logo and introduce only a few changes. For example, most energy-generating companies incorporate images of bulbs in their logos.

7. Take care of fonts

Use Fancy Fonts in Logo DesignThere are times that you would want to convey a text message through a logo. This is possible if you use the correct font. However, there is always a tendency to use ‘fancy’ fonts that look attractive to the eyes. You need to put some extra caution when choosing fonts. It’s true that some might be alluring, but they can fail to convey the intended message. Some fonts are unreadable, and the target reader will not get to spend more effort to try and deduce the meaning or goals of the organization.

Mixing different fonts in one logo is equally dangerous. They can evoke multiple emotions and even confuse a viewer. It is better to use one theme in the logo. Go to a maximum of two types of fonts especially if you want to convey different ideas or you would like to emphasize some aspect of the message.

You can also use different font colors in your logo. You only need to be careful not to overdo it. A simple mistake on the fonts can end up messing the whole logo. To avoid these risks, it is advisable that you use professional graphics and design services in Miami to assist you in choosing an appropriate font.

8. Be careful with your typeface

In the recent years, we have seen several companies trying to change their logos especially on the aspect of the typeface. A typeface determines how the name of your organization appears on the logo. Strive to make it look friendly and unique. Readers can identify an elegant and stylish typeface with ease.

9. Research about industry-specific colors for your logo

Sometimes the issue of color can lead to serious legal battles. Your competitors can easily file a lawsuit if you happened to use some of their colors in your logo. This is because some brands are just recognized by ‘their’ unique colors and might have gone ahead to register it preventing any other company from using similar color schemes. Try to have a deeper understanding of the meaning of each color and how it relates to your line of business. Some colors are suitable when used in a certain industry, but conveys a different meaning when used in others.

10. Medium of compatibility

Your logo will be appearing on various mediums and devices. It should be clear and visible regardless of the medium used. Viewers should be able to read the texts that are in the logo even when they are using mobile devices. Logo and graphic designers can help you to design a medium-compatible logo whose appearance and features won’t be affected by the medium.

Things to consider with your logo what will it go on?

  • Things like embroidery cannot accommodate full color images and gradients.
  • Promotional products you normally want to stay within 1 color as it can get expensive, if at all even possible to do multi color printing.
  • Things like banners need to be blown up large, your logo must be in vector and not an image to scale without getting blurry.

These are all things a professional designer should consider when making your logo. We may often know what we want but you should find someone who will help you make the right decision for your business long term.

Do you have dreams of transforming the image of your company? Let the logo do it for you. It takes time and immense effort to have a good logo. To spare yourself from embarrassments that come with having an ugly logo, hire a reputable company that specializes in logo and graphic design services in Miami. All your logo design issues will be sorted.