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Miami Vehicle WrapGetting vehicle wrap services in Miami is a sure way to get your business a lot of attention. Businesses in Coral Gables, Doral, Hialeah and South Beach are taking advantage of this affordable advertising opportunity. You can get a full or partial wrap for any type of vehicle, which will turn your car, van or truck into a mobile advertising tool.

Vehicle wrapping is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your business or brand. You can reach your target audience and you won’t need a marketing budget to promote the business because the advert on your vehicle will do it for free.

Vehicle wraps can be categorized into two types: personal and commercial wraps.

Personal vehicle wraps

Personal vehicle wraps are used to change the appearance of your vehicle according to your specific requirement. The majority of Miami car wrap companies provide a local service to people who want to make a statement with their car design.

Vinyl wraps are the most common and affordable choice. This type of car wrap material will ensure that your car or truck stands out from others on the road. The good thing about car wraps is that they can be customized to suit your needs.

If you have a particular design that you have dreamt about for years, vehicle wrap companies in Miami can make your dreams a reality.

A personal car wrap doesn’t only help when you want to make a statement. It also has another important benefit that many people overlook: you can use it to retain the value of your vehicle.

When compared to a paint job, vehicle wrapping will help preserve the manufacturers paint on your car which also makes your car more valuable if you plan to resell. The original paint of a vehicle is typically priced higher than a cheap spray job which can reduce the value of your car making it harder to resell down the line. Prospective buyers simply need to take off the wrap is they choose. Because the wrap protected the paint from wear and tear, it’ll look newer for longer.

Another benefit of getting a wrap for your personal vehicle is that there is no limitation to the type of vehicle or material that you can use. You can get a personal boat wrap, ATV wrap, chrome wrap, exotic wrap, carbon fiber, or matte wraps. As long you can drive it, Miami car wrap companies can wrap it.

Most personal car wraps are simple color wrap like black matte wraps or some funky design like camo or abstract print. Generally, personal wraps are pricier than commercial wraps because more time is spent on the vehicle to make it look natural. A personal wrap job requires more installation time as attention to detail is necessary to ensure that the car is wrapped perfectly.

vehicle wrapsCommercial vehicle wrap

Commercial vehicle wrapping is used by a lot of businesses and brands to promote their products and services. The wrap can transform your advertising campaigns and increase your brand visibility.

Business fleets wrapped in Hialeah, Doral, Coral Gables and South Beach are a mobile billboard. These wrapped commercial vehicles will get your business more sales because the fleet graphics will usually appeal to your target audience. More people will see it in your local area and this will drive targeted traffic to your business.

There are some places where traditional advertising simply can’t go such as parking lots, traffic jams etc. The good news is that as long as your vehicle can go there, you would have successfully advertised your business to the public.

A high-quality vehicle wrap is an effective way of getting thousands of people to see your adverts at a cheaper rate than traditional advertising. One interesting feature about these wraps is that you can change anything like a phone number or email whenever you want. For example, vinyl wraps are removable so you can easily swap out the wrap with one that has your updated data.

If you’re considering getting your vehicle wrapped, there might be some questions that you need to be answered. Its almost the same as getting a new coat of paint for your car and asking the right questions can reveal whether or not vehicle wrapping will suit your needs.

Here are some important questions that can help you get started on your journey to getting a fantastic vehicle wrap:

  • How long does the process take?

Installing a vehicle wrap only takes about 1 to 3 days. It is dependent on the size of the graphics and the type of vehicle to be wrapped.

Designing and printing the graphics has a different time frame though because more time is spent on design. The process is not a one-size-fits-all and the time frame will vary.

The length of time spent will mostly depend on how clear your instructions are or if you already have a design concept, it’ll make the process faster. It will only take a few days to print, but if the designer has to create an artwork from scratch, the back and forth could take about a week.

  • Can I remove the wrap whenever I want?

Yes, you can. This is one of the main benefits of a vehicle wrap. Because it is removable, car wraps are an attractive advertising tool. Businesses who want to run a short-term campaign can simply use it during the campaign and remove it right after.

The removal process is not a time consuming when done by a professional and will not leave your vehicle’s paint damaged. The wrap is normally applied with some adhesive and heat. The adhesive is pressure sensitive so it can be reactivated or removed easily.

  • How long does the wrap stay on?

Miami car wrap companies can offer a professionally installed wrap job that will stay on your vehicle for up to 5 years. This will mostly depend on how much care and treatment you give the car.

The materials used to wrap the car are also important when it comes to its longevity. Some service providers will offer a warranty for up to 6 years, but when your vehicle wrap is combined with a laminated protective film, it will last longer. Vinyl wraps will typically last between 5-6 years, while wraps with solvent inks will last for 3-7 years.

  • How do I care for my vehicle wrap?

Hand washing your vehicle is highly recommended. Some people will want to pressure wash a vehicle after getting a vinyl wrap but this isn’t recommended.

This doesn’t mean that car washes are not acceptable. But you must avoid car wash services that use hard brushes or provide an extensive brushing because it can cause your wrap to fade or even damage it.

Pressure washers can potentially damage the vinyl material, so avoid pressure washing as much as possible. In some situations, this may be impossible. Try to avoid excessive pressure which can damage the graphics and never use a turbo pressure nozzle.

Waxing is also allowed, as long as the wax is not a Carnauba-based wax. Instead, opt for a Teflon or silicone-based polished as they are safer for vinyl. If your vehicle wrap is a matte wrap, or if it has a textured finish, you should not use a wax on it because matte or textured finishes are harder to repair.

Hand washing your vehicle is the safest method of keeping your vehicle clean. Avoid abrasive cleaners that don’t have a strong solvent, and don’t use brushes that can scratch the surface. Use a soft sponge and avoid excessive scrubbing.

  • Will I get a warranty?

Professional vehicle wrap companies in Miami will offer you a warranty. When a company is sure of the quality of its wrap materials, there will be no hesitation in offering a money back guarantee.

  • What is the difference between satin and matte wraps?

The thickness of the material is what differentiates matte wraps from satin wraps. Matte wraps have become a very popular option in recent times, especially for people who want a full-color wrap.

Satin wraps, on the other hand, are mostly chosen by people who just want to change the factory finish or add a layer of

protection to their vehicles.

  • How much does it cost?

Every vehicle wrap is different and the cost will vary based on the scope of work. From one project to the next, vehicle wrap requirements will change and this is how Miami car wrap companies calculate total cost.

You may be looking for a specific figure, but there are many factors that can help determine total cost.

Below are some of the variables that will be used in figuring out the cost for your wrap job:

  1. Coverage area

A full wrap will include door jams, inner door frames, and more. This is ideal for those who want a full-color change and will obviously cost more. A partial wrap will only cover the sides and back of the vehicle and will cost less.

  1. Materials used

Even though the price is directly linked to the coverage area, the materials used will also play a major part in pricing.

Factors like the brand of the vinyl wrap and whether it’s a specialty or standard wrap are major determinants. A high-quality material will dictate how long the wrap will remain on the vehicle and if lamination is required, there will be extra costs.

Vinyl wraps have come a long way. There are wrapping materials in carbon fiber patterns. These are mostly dimensional and can be designed to look like the real thing, but at a lower cost.

  1. Types of vehicle

A commercial wrap is usually less extensive than a personal car wrap. This does not mean that it’s sub-standard work. The reason is that a commercial wrap will usually not involve wrapping door handles, mirrors or bumpers. As the area covered reduces, so will the total cost of wrapping.

The model and year of the vehicle and the type of wrap is necessary for pricing. For example, a full-size SUV will cost more than a small two-door sedan. However, a full wrap on the same sedan might cost more than a partial wrap of a cargo van.

  1. The design

The design is calculated differently from all other factors and can vary widely. Some people choose intricate designs for exotic wraps, so bear in mind that the graphics and color required to produce your wrap may be higher than usual. Some design variables include:

  • Logos and images used;
  • Clients artwork;
  • Designing from scratch etc.
  1. Complexity of installation

Some wrap jobs may be more complex than others and will cost more. For example, chrome wraps are the most expensive type of wraps and the hardest to install. It takes about 5 to 6 days to install a chrome wrap, so expect to pay more for the installation.

All these factors combine to create a total cost structure, which generally ranges from $2500 to $4000. It will really depend on all the above factors and maybe more.

There is another option if cost is a problem. You could get a partial vehicle wrap instead of a full wrap. Partial wraps are cheaper and done on the sides and back of a vehicle. This is also a very effective way of advertising your business.

Just like a full wrap, a partial wrap is also calculated based on the coverage area and can range anywhere from $1000 upwards.

Although a partial wrap is not a great choice for a personal vehicle – because it does not cover the entire vehicle – it is a solid option for businesses who want to advertise but have budget constraints.

You can also reconsider getting a full color and instead choose a flat color or matte wrap. But now matter your choice, you must be careful not to select price over quality. As you research various options, you’ll find many vehicle wrap service providers in Miami who will be winning to provide a wrap below market price. Remember that you get what you pay for. Some of these wraps will not last and you may find that the job will begin to peel off in less than a year.


If you’ve been thinking about getting a custom paint job it’s time to consider a vehicle wrap. Everything from standard matte wraps to chrome, satin and camouflage is available.

When you compare the cost of a vehicle wrap to other paint jobs, you should consider not only the cost of the actual installation but the exposure that your business will get from it.

Look at it in terms of advertising impressions – which is usually how ads are measured online. Your wrapped vehicle will get you millions of impressions in a short time. But if you were to pay for the same impressions, you’d end up paying much more than the cost of getting your vehicle wrapped.

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