If you are a local Sunny Isles Beach business you need an experienced Sign Company to handle your Outdoor Building Signs needs!

Designer stores, shopping centers, landlords, restaurants, taverns, healthcare companies and even beauty salons are frequent purchasers of Top Class Signs and Printing Outdoor Building Signs.


Channel letter signs are one of the best marketing and brand recognition tools available. These channel letters wholesale enable you to make a bold statement both during daytime and night. For many years, this type of advertising has set companies apart from their competition and brought business with it.

At Top Class Signs and Printing, our Outdoor Building Signs are fabricated using state of the art technology. They are illuminated with LED modules that are relatively cost-effective and illuminate clean light at a low power consumption. We precisely craft, weld and paint our letters to match almost any design,  type style, logo or size.

reverse channel letters
Our company offers a full range of custom colors to match and suit your specific branding guide.

Our LED channel letter signs come in different designs including a square box, one shaped box or even individual letters which can all be colored letters or full-color prints or painted specific PMS colors. Whether you are starting out or reinventing your current image, Top Class Signs and Printing offers custom sign and eye-catching designs that will make your business stand out.

Our advertising specialists will construct your LED channel letters signs or reverse channel letters according to your preferences as based on the local laws that any good Miami Sign Company should follow. LED channel letters are simply letters that glow bright, and reverse channel letters are constructed with the light coming from behind the letters, outlining the letters with a halo effect.

At Top Class, we will first decide upon which type of channel letters fit your business. If you want your company to swiftly attract potential clients, then you’ll most likely want LED channel letters; however, if you want your company to have a more prestigious look, then the reverse channel letters would be more appropriate. You get to choose the color, as well as the font, and we’ll give you examples of both so you know what it’s going to look like before we construct it.

Our Outdoor Building Signs Services for Sunny Isles Beach

  • A poor quality design can affect your company’s image. Whether you are developing a branding package or just designing your graphics, our expert team of designers can lead the way. We work closely with experienced designers to create custom signs and designs that will offer your business the greatest visibility. Or firms and organizations just like yours. We can guarantee you that the final product will be of the highest quality and will even surpass your expectations. Our sign project manager will be available throughout the entire process, to advise you on the best colors to meet your company’s needs as well as to ensure everything as per your specifications.
  • Local Laws for Sunny Isles Beach areas

Sign permits are mandatory before we can manufacture or install any sign. The sign permitting process can be confusing and painstaking. If needed, we can take care of permit acquisition for clients from Miami and Broward areas. The sign permit service includes; Engineering, Permit Processing, Contractor Fees, Liability and Workers Comp. This process takes anywhere between 2 to three weeks.

channel letter signs
  • We manufacture

At Top Class Signs and Printing, we manufacture all our backlit channel letter signs with precision using the computerized cutting-edge equipment. Our company uses a computer controlled router equipment to cut and shape the letters. We use high-quality manufacturing practices to make sure water does not get inside the letters to destroy the lighting. We also use aluminum sheet metal to fabricate the custom metal signs

to ensure they do not rust. This ensures your LED channel letter signs last for several years.

  • We install it securely and make sure pull permits

After we manufacture your LED channel letter signs, we securely install it on your preferable setting. Although the LED channel letter signs were tested in the manufacturing facility, we make sure to conduct a field test to ensure everything is functioning well. While we are located in Miami, we also design and manufacture the signs and then export them worldwide so that your local installer can put them up for you. On request, we can have the LED channel letter sign ready for you to just plug in and install on your own.

  • Front Lit LED Channel Letters

The front-lit LED is a popular type of illuminated channel lettering. We individually fabricate the Front Lit LED channel letters to give out light from the front of the sign. The letters have acrylic faces that come in a variety of colors including white acrylic with a translucent vinyl overlay to allow an even greater selection of colors. The front-lit letter is lit with LED modules which also come in various colors for you to choose from.

wholesale sign
  • Reverse Channel Letter

Reverse Channel letter displays enable your advertising and messages to be readable in any setting or lighting. We individually fabricate the reverse channel letters. They emit light from the back side of the letters to create a halo glow. The glow is created when the LED light bounces off the wall or backer panel they are installed on. The glow creates a very soft, sophisticated and modern look for your business. The front side of the letter is not illuminated.

Why we prefer to use LED lights on our channel letter signs

The energy used to light up LED modules is relatively low in comparison to traditional light methods. In fact, LED light need at least 85% less power in comparison to standard bulbs. Also, LED lights can have a long lifespan of sometimes up to 50,000 hours, so you will not have to worry about changing parts in a long time.

Project Location Services

We offer our outside signs for business services all over Miami, Doral, Hialeah, South Beach, Coral Gables, Kendall, Miami Lakes, Miramar, Aventura and Fort Lauderdale. We can install LED channel letter signs in any façade storefront, on your building, on a monument, or even high up on a pylon sign.

reverse channel letters

Why choose us as your Sunny Isles Beach, 25.950650, -80.122820 Sign Company?

We understand the importance and power of LED Channel letter signs in advertising your business. Hence we dedicate our time to creating LED channel letters that accommodate your style and needs. We have gained the necessary experience required to construct LED channel letter signs or reverse channel letter signs. Our expertise and extensive knowledge are always available to help you in making informed decisions about construction and design selections, color, and lighting.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We handle a wide variety of projects and will be our honor to take on yours. We would be happy to show you our samples and discuss the various options available to you. Our recommendations are based on the site location, your brand guidelines, the final design, sign regulations of your city and building, timing and most importantly your budget. Whether you need a sign right here in Miami or across the country, we can gladly package and ship your sign anywhere.

Located at 8455 NW 66th St. Miami, FL 33166, just 5 minutes of Palmetto 826

We have a quality experience in constructing quality illuminated channel letter signs and reverse channel letter signs. Also, we have been doing it for several years. Our professional team of advertising specialists can customize the channel letter signs as you see fit, and we’ll do so with a quick turnaround time while preserving the quality of the work done.

If you are looking for a reliable company to construct LED channel letter signs or reverse channel letter signs, we believe Top Class is one of your best options. For further information, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Thus, whether you need a sign right here in Doral Miami or across the country we can gladly package and ship your sign anywhere.