To build a successful restaurant you need an attractive menu with great content. You can make them extra unique, durable and memorable using plastic menu printing. Our plastic menus are pleasing aesthetically. Every job we do is completed to perfection using materials that are non-toxin and orderless. The restaurant owner benefits due to the availability of custom designs and shapes that make the restaurant to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market.

Menus are the salesperson for every restaurant so making them in attractive and safe print material goes a long way in marketing for you. No matter the type of menu you want, we can produce it right the first time. These waterproof menus are printed on .020″ to .040″ thick styrene that is stiff and very durable for a high traffic business. .020″ is affordably priced but the .040″ is more durable for long term use. You no longer have to worry about the tear and wear since this material can last a long time while perfectly serving your needs.

Money saving menus
When you use plastic menu printing, you do not have to keep paying for the replacement as the case with paper menus whenever something spills on them. This high quality washable dine in menu printing is ideal for your restaurant so that you can cut the printing costs you keep incurring whenever your paper menus are damaged. Even though we also do the regular laminated paper menus, the plastic menus are the real deal since they have no corners to be peeled off by customers. We have plastic menus in various sizes, finishes, formats and thickness to suit your particular needs. Let us print for you menus that will last a long time and still appear attractive to your customers and be superior to your competitors.

Our plastic menus are great for:
– Restaurant menu: we print custom shape menus for any restaurant, and they last a very long time without wearing or rubbing off. The waterproof menus are unique in that they can be washed to appear presentable each time a customer picks one up.
– Wedding menu: for special occasions like a wedding, we can make menus that feature the meals available. They can be designed to match the wedding theme, flowers, color and custom shapes making them unique just like your wedding.
– Drink menu: for a restaurant or bar, you need an attractive menu detailing what you have. The plastic menus cannot get wet when beer spills on them. Feature your happy hour special or extraordinary events you wish to promote.
In case you need artwork and menu design, our professional team is ready to take you through the process and help you come up with exactly what you desire. Once we know what you like, we can make it happen.
The benefits of these plastic menus
– They are durable and a great alternative to paper menus.
– Plastic menus can be applied to many uses including meals listing and promotions.
– They make a business be set apart from the crowd though raised bars in quality and luxury in the way the products are presented to the customer.
– Custom plastic printing is affordable and durable.
– You can bring your artwork and have it printed just like you want it to be.
– They are waterproof and can be washed.
– Just choose your size, and it will be produced as desired for your restaurant or whatever purpose.
– The ink goes right onto the plastic material instead of printing on paper then laminating like other restaurants still do.
– Texts and images appear crystal clear on the material making hem presentable.
– The material is lightweight, so you have no worries about customer complaining of heavy menus.
– The plastic is tear proof and cannot be affected by sweat, heat or regular spillage of water, drinks, and food.
It is time you upgrade your restaurant with plastic dine in menu printing that area great value for the money you spend printing them. Use your designs, logo, photos or any graphics you like to make the menu you have always desired to have.