10 Powerful and free small business marketing tips to help during Covid-19

10 Powerful and free small business marketing tips to help in Covid-19

10 Powerful and free small business marketing tips to help in Covid-19

Small business marketing tips to help during Covid-19

It is no secret that the Covid-19 outbreak has affect small businesses as well as big corporations. However, smaller businesses may not have the resources financially nor the manpower to help them through these though times.

Before you start, it’s going to be okay! Take a deep breath and remember that we are all in this together. We know this is a scary time for business owners right now but it’s time to center yourself and get creative.

For many discontinuing marketing is their first option, but that is not always the best ideas. Think about it, your competition right now is also thinking the same so now is the best time to increase your marketing efforts. We know what you think, you can’t afford to market at this time, but rest assure that with a little creativity you can continue with your small business marketing without spending or spending much.

We have come up with 10 small business marketing tips you can use during Covid-19:

1. Go online

Okay, so clearly there is no better time then now to take advantage of all your online platforms. Hopefully you already have a website and a social media presence. Everyone is now online, either learning, browsing, or on social media. Your job right now is to make sure your small business is all over the internet. Update your website with fresh content, upload social media content, and connect with your local community, clients and leads. There is no better time for online networking as now.

2. Create content

It is no secret that your clients and leads are roaming the internet right now. If you are not able to sell anything right now or even if you are it’s time to share your expertise if you were not already doing so. As a major part of your small business marketing, create blogs for your website, white papers, e-books, YouTube videos, infographics, etc. You should just be sharing as much knowledge as possible that will not only help your clients and prospects, but also keep you top of mind. The last thing you want is for your small business to have been forgotten by the time we come out of this quarantine.

3. Offer pick ups, delivery, shipping

Whether you are a restaurant or retail store, offer pick ups, free delivery, and shipping to your clients. Make the system simple and make sure to disclose how you are keeping to sanitary code during the Covid-19 outbreak.

4. Get creative

There is no better time to get creative with your small business marketing. Remember right now your marketing should be more focused on giving them getting. So, for example a gym could offer free virtual classes to its members. A clothing store can host live clothing sales via social media platforms. A liquor store can do live mix drink classes and sale the complete kit with all ingredients available for pick up. A makeup artist can share free tips and host paid virtual classes. Now is the time to dig deep and find ways to reach out and sell if possible.

5. Thank clients

What better time to call on clients or mail a Thank You greeting card or postcards to your clients. Reach out to them and see how they are doing during this time and how you can be of assistance. They might not all be able to purchase from you now but when things get back to normal, they will remember the gesture.

6. Brand equity- serve

Now through your content and online interaction you will be building brand equity and that will pay off in the future. With so much time on your hands and maybe some employees with lack of work, participate in your community forums and be helpful. This is a great branding idea and an important aspect of your small business marketing.

7. Prepare for the future

There is usually so many things on our to do list we never have a chance to get to. Well, now is the time to prepare your business for the future. Figure out what will be your next move for your business once this is over. If you need bills extension, make the calls now so that you can stay in business. Make sure you have all your marketing materials ready to go as soon as the green light is given to you to re-open your small business.

8. Build a pipeline

Take this slow time to build your pipeline and your sales process on how you will approach these new leads. You can reach out to them even now not by selling but by sharing the content you should be creating as a part of your small business marketing so that they see your company’s expertise. This soft introduction will pay off later.

9. Send gifts

Not everyone can afford to send gifts right now, but if you can go ahead and thank your clients with a gift. If you are a bakery you can send cookies to your clients, if you are a gym you can send them a water bottle. Get creative with what you have or what you can afford. This right here will make your business stand out and be remembered once things get back to normal.

10. Create systems

Now is the best time to create systems. We all have been put in an awkward situation and based on how we all have had to adjust you can create systems from these lessons so you and your small business can be prepared if the future.

Make sure to take this time during Covid-19’s quarantine to work on your small business marketing and branding. During time of uncertainty it’s time to push and come out stronger.

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