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Top Class Printing Miami offers custom made promotional items for your business. Promotional items can be good for your marketing tactics. Promotional items help in marketing as well as publicity of your brand and business. You can get it made in a simple way or in a very impressive and dramatic way. Promotional items are in demand these days for all kinds of businesses. Top Class Printing can design and manufacture many types of promotional items for you such as Custom pens, USB memory sticks, Custom bags, Personalized lanyards, Logo Mugs, Custom logo pad-folios, Imprinted golf products, Custom Umbrellas. You should decide in advance at what time of the year will you be giving which promotional product.

Any brand who is wishing to expand its customer base should always choose promotional products wisely.

For the most part, promotional products are designed to be something that both markets and publicizes a business, a brand, or even a product. It can be a subtle advert or it can be loud and obvious. Either way, it works. In fact advertising methods like promotional products are increasing in popularity right now. The main advantage of well placed promotional items is that they give your brand visibility in unique ways.

Here are a few ideas for promo products that stand out and will give great exposure to your brand everywhere it is seen.

  • Writing Instruments imprinted pens promotional productsCustom pens

    Pens are among the most commonly used and distributed of all promotional products, you can never really go wrong with pens. Custom pens that have scrolls, laser pointers, or stylus pens make a great first impression. One of the advantages of pens is that they have the potential to be passed around, reaching many people. They are also cheap and often under $5 per piece.


  • credit card usbUSB memory sticks

    UBS sticks, also known as thumb drives, pen drives or flash drives are among the most commonly used tech items today. They can be customized in various ways as they offer almost endless options. We also provide custom shape USBs.


  • imprinted bagsCustom bags

    Bags, apart from being practical and usable, draw attention. Promotional bags, whether they are paper bags, cloth totes, or even backpacks are bound to be useful and if done right can be one of the best ways to promote your brand. If you have an attractive bag, people will ask you about it. A custom printed bag can be used and given out to people at trade shows. Supermarkets and retail stores are also a great way to hand out or even sell bags. Other options will be fairs, and in any event where large crowds gather.


  • personalized lanyardsPersonalized lanyards

    Lanyards are used to hold ID badges during events, to hold IDs in Universities, in office settings and anywhere identification has to be on display. They also tend to stick around, and often bring back memories long after the event itself is over. In large events with multiple brands in stalls, a printed lanyard is sure to stick out.
  • logo mugs Ceramic Mugs promotional productsLogo mugs

    Mugs are a classic, people will leave their mugs in a spot that is always visible, no one hides mugs. They will end up working for you like mini banners wherever they are. A mug printed with the event or brand you are trying to promote may end up on a high shelf, in someone’s cubicle or a manager’s table, they are always visible. Who doesn’t drink coffee or tea!


  • Custom logo padfoliosCustom logo padfolios

    Padfolios are a great promotional items. People can use them at the office, in meetings, at conferences, or event on the go. They are a very practical giveaway and a crowd’s favorite’s at tradeshows or events. It presents opportunities to place a number of branded items in one place and they are immensely useful.


  • custom golf productsImprinted golf products

    On the pricier side, it has a specific niche and can be golf bags, club grips, balls, or even club covers, all personalized to expose your brand. Tournaments and weekend getaways are popular right now, and most businesses have at least a few of them every year. It is the perfect opportunity to display printed Golf equipment.


  • umbrella promotional productsCustom umbrellas

    Umbrellas can be large and look like pool umbrellas, or be single, smaller ones that people can hold and use everyday. There is a lot of real estate on which printing can be done. They are also attractive and are likely to be used for many months.


The only thing that you will have to know is how much of it you are going to use and when you are going to need them. Timing is everything and a budget decides how extravagant your promo products are going to be.

It is important to invest in the promotional strategy for your brand so that more and more people can know about your business. Promotional products can be very beneficial if used at the right moment. It can help you develop a loyal and satisfied customer base. Call Top Class Printing Miami for all your brand marketing services at one place. You can contact us on our toll-free number 888-228-4521 or 305-433-5574 for answers to any queries or questions.

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