Response to Covid 19 Challenges and Helpful Marketing Tips


In a fast-changing situation like the coronavirus (covid 19), we are one among many business owners who are faced with the challenge of continuing our operations while protecting the health of our staff, customers, vendors, and partners. 

We’d like to assure everyone that we apply the best workplace practices to prevent the transmission of the virus within our workplace and within our community. We have a solid yet flexible business continuity plan in place, and we will continue to be of service to all our customers, vendors, partners and clients. 

We are still able to receive and process orders, especially for businesses that are vital to the community and are still allowed to operate during this time. We have created several products that help businesses during this time and a few safety products including the c-grip which helps avoid touching items and the c-shield which is a face mask.

We are continuing to monitor the coronavirus outbreak and all of our staff are well informed of and are following the CDC guidelines. 

Part of our best workplace practices that you can also apply are: 

  • More frequent cleaning of commonly touched and shared surfaces and objects such as tables, desk, ballpens, telephones, computer keyboards, doorknobs, and other vital places in our printing areas. 
  • Social distancing within our premises, minimized handshaking, and the like.
  • Access to facemasks and tissues and their proper disposal. 
  • Sanitizer stations in prominent areas of our offices, especially where we receive our clients and where our employees usually stay. 
  • Display posters for hand washing, and easy access to handwashing areas. 
  • Constant reminders and communication guidelines for the protection of everyone in the workplace, such as using bent elbow for sneezing or coughing, staying home when sick, and proper hand hygiene.  
  • The use of recommended cleaning equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants.

For further information about the best workplace practices during covid 19, please check out the official WHO guidelines

Our offices remain open until further notice and we offer pick up and our shipping department is still up and running and will send out your orders without delay.  

Marketing and Promotional Strategies During Covid- 19

Perhaps the most pressing question for all of us during this time is, with entire cities and countries on lockdown, how can businesses adapt during the covid-19 pandemic? 

Although there is no one size fits all approach to this question, there are still many acceptable ways that businesses can promote and brand themselves during this time. With zero foot traffic in brick and mortar stores, the only way to catch up on your sales and maybe make ends meet is to advance in your promotion and advertising efforts. 

It doesn’t need to be complicated, below are a few simple and sensible marketing strategies that will be helpful for you during this time. 

Send Promotional Giveaways

2 1/4" Round Celluloid Button, promotional giveaways during covid-19

With too much ad fatigue on Facebook and other social media channels, print ads are definitely a fresh breath of air. 

There is an unlimited number of ways you can promote through print and one of them is through giveaways. 

There are many different giveaways to choose from. You can get creative and just like the example above, you can make it relevant to the current events that everyone can resonate with right now. 

And who said giveaways are expensive? The celluloid button above is just $220 for 500 pieces, which could be less if you order in bulk. 

If you want to offer help or you sell essential items like sanitary items like wipes, hand sanitizers, soap, tissues or medical kits, you can make them free samples and stick printed custom roll labels for your giveaways. Aside from your logo, you can also print helpful information like gov’t agency phone numbers, covid-19 hygiene guidelines, etc. 

Clear Carry on Bag Kit with Empty Amenity Bottle Set, Travel Kit, promotional giveaways during covid-19

People are more likely to remember you through this compared to digital ads. 

Check out our full list of promotional products, and learn our shipping estimates, bulk pricing, and other details. 

Offer Free shipping

It’s no secret that many customers consider free shipping when making their purchase. 

If you’re selling food and have no means to deliver within your locality, now’s the best time to sign up on Uber Eats because they offer FREE delivery especially to the new restaurants who just joined/signed up to them. 

Change your business delivery model

consider free delivery or pick up especially for immunocompromised customers

As mentioned, you may offer free delivery within your area or curb-side pickup. Many immunocompromised individuals, the elderly, and their families will surely appreciate this because they’re at a higher risk to develop severe symptoms. 

Send Direct Mail and EDDM

Direct Mail and EDDM are also great marketing tools that you can use at this time. Since you cannot attend trade shows, you can use EDDM to announce the launching of your products or services. 

Moreover, direct mail and EDDM are more targeted, so you can send your marketing materials on the specific locations where you wanted to launch. Personalize your content, incorporate infographics, and add authentic testimonials. 

You may also add scannable QR codes, coupons, and graphics related to your digital marketing efforts to make your marketing mix more cohesive. 

Provide Helpful Product Inserts

Instead of wrapping up your packaging with the usual coupons or product how-to guides, you can instead add helpful product inserts. 

There’s no need to attempt to be a virologist, but a simple sticker about how to properly wash hands can be your temporary product inserts.



You can use water-resistant stickers like below since these will be usually placed on top of a sink or in areas where it’s constantly exposed to water. 

Square Water Resistant Stickers with helpful Covid-19 information can be good product inserts

Create Digital Channels

digital channels make it easier to connect with your customers during covid-19


Ever since the coronavirus issue started in the US, Facebook noticed a sudden surge of users in their platform. Many people who are stuck at home use Facebook to connect with their families and friends and to stay updated with the current events. 

Moreover, the restriction of movement due to lockdowns pushed people to use Google and social media to search for and buy products or services within their area. 

  • Use Facebook to connect with your customers in a more personal manner. 
  • Create your own Google My Business Page so people can find your business online. Your My Business page will be found through Maps and Search, make sure to provide the best contact information so your customers can order your products or services. 
  • Be easily reachable online. Make sure you have a strong customer service plan in place. You can use Facebook’s Messenger to connect with your customers personally. 

You may also ask us to print your QR Code on your product labels. If the customer has Messenger installed in their phones, all they need to do is scan the QR code and then two seconds later they’re talking to your own Messenger Bot.  

printed QR codes are ideal if you have your own Messenger BotAside from creating digital channels, it’s also good to review your marketing campaigns in place. Check the messaging and see if you can gear it towards a more relevant approach. 

For example, you may already have a scheduled email marketing campaign, but it’s best to review it especially at sensitive times like this. 

It’s also good to proactively send newsletters about what your company is doing to ensure the safety of your staff and customers to maintain their trust with your company. 

Find Alternatives for Live Events 

With positive cases on the rise, it’s expected to have a lower turnout in your trade shows, seminars, and other live events. CDC also created considerations for canceling or postponing mass gathering such as weddings, sporting events, concerts, festivals, etc 

If you think your attendees are coming from areas where there are higher cases of reported local transmission of covid-19, or you have greater than 250 attendees and social distancing will not be properly observed, then following CDC guidelines, it’s best to cancel or postpone your events. 


use full-color vinyl banners as your background so you stay ‘on-brand’ during your online presentation.

This doesn’t mean that your efforts in preparing for the event are wasted. If you have your attendees’ contact information, you may invite them to live online events instead where you can still present your products to them. 

You can offer other incentives for them to join your events like deals and discounts, gift cards and vouchers, etc.

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