Routed PVC Signs And Its Benefits

Give your store or business a professional look by using Routed PVC Signs! Routed PVC Signs add elegance in contrast to regular signboards and they work amazingly well for marketing purposes! We also make custom company signs and have installation services using PVC. They are more durable than most other regular signage materials.
  • Installation service available
  • Fully customizable 
  • Reusable 
  • Light-weight
  • Affordable
  • Available multiple thicknesses
  • Top-notch customer service

Why Use Routed PVC Signs?

Every business needs signage and choosing the right material is crucial to the overall aesthetic of your business. 

Our routed PVC signs are customizable. Whether you need it for personal use or your business, we can make it for you. Routed PVC signs can give your signs a 3D effect; thus, it makes your business more noticeable and memorable to whoever sees it.

They look great in photos and it really highlights what your business is about. The plastic holds color well so constant exposure to natural and artificial light won’t cause fading. We can tailor the color-scheme of the signage to the color palette of your business. It is perfect for businesses that are still establishing themselves, that are rebranding, and for establishments who need a brand new sign.

You have flexibility and control with routed PVC signs, which means you can try different shapes and elements in making your layout. You can create any wall and building signs you want with this flexible material.

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PVC logo office signs

The sky is the limit as far as design, you can combine multiple layers, thicknesses, print methods, sizes and materials.


PVC is a durable indoor and outdoor material that can be routed and painted for multiple uses.

thick pvc signs

We offer 3 thicknesses: 1/4``, 1/2`` and 1``

routed pvc signsBenefits of A Routed PVC Sign

A PVC sign is versatile, durable, affordable, lightweight, and elegant. They help draw attention to your business. You can’t go wrong with choosing a PVC sign. We work with customers to meet their design choice, aesthetic and color palette, and marketing objective.

There is a wide array of purposes for PVC signs. Some of the most common use-cases are as follows:
▪ Wayfinding
▪ Menu boards
▪ Yard Sign
▪ Tradeshow signage
▪ Point-of-purchase displays
▪ Gallery and display information

Also, since the material is lightweight, it is easy to hang from the ceiling, attach to a wall (with suction cups, nails or screws, or even double-sided tape), and place them on an easel. 

PVC is great for high-resolution images and vibrant colors. It is also naturally anti-glare which makes it perfect for an outdoor location. Colors stand out better in photographs. If you are printing a multi-colored sign with your logo in it, this is your best pick. 

Due to its durable nature, you will find a lot of value in this investment. Your sign is expected to last through many years of operation.

1. What is “PVC” or what does it stand for?

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is a standard and popular option for 3D-looking signage and it is used for a variety of purposes.

2. How long do Routed PVC Signs last?

Because the material is inherently durable, PVC signs typically last for years as long as they are well maintained and undamaged. 

3. Are these expensive?

Apart from being durable, PVC signs are relatively inexpensive as well. The price you pay will is soley based on the amount of material and size of your sign. Prices start at $4.30 per linear inch. 

4. Can PVC signs handle any color, photo, and/or shape?

PVC Signs can be customized in a number of ways: colored pvc, spray painted with standard or PMS color matches and we can even full color UV print any artwork.

5. Is the installation process long and strenuous?

Installation really varies with the type of sign ordered, whether it is a big solid shape vs individual pieces. If it is a big board then it is most likely just 4 screws needed. If it is individual pieces you may need a template to mark the wall to either use anchor studs or apply them with adhesive double sided tape. Double-sided tape is probably the easiest since it requires no tools. The more pieces and the smaller they are, typically will take more time and precision.

6. What’s the main difference between Routed PVC and other sign materials?

Routed PVC signs are cheaper in nature in contrast to the common acrylic sign. The term routed simply means we use a cnc router bit, which is basically a drill that moves through the material. The one limitation is it is not the best option for very small letters and fine details which makes acrylic a better option as it will be laser cut to fine point precision.

Acrylic has a high-gloss finish (however we typically spray paint which is typically more semi-gloss unless requested) while PVC has more of a matte look; therefore, it is more professional looking because it is sleek and elegant. The matte finish makes it so that it does not glare when under bright conditions. It is also slightly more durable than acrylic signs and thicker 3d looks can be achieved at a more affordable rate.

7. Can I have a multi-colored sign or do we stick with one color? Is there an additional cost per color used?

In general, there is no additional cost for multicolor pieces unless a PMS match is needed or a full color print upgrade is needed.

8. How long does it take to make a PVC sign.

These signs typically take 7-10 business days for standard signs.

11. Do you have color matching service?

Yes we can PMS match any color where we can add matte, gloss, luster or semi gloss finish.

12. How long do they last?

PVC signs honestly last for years, especially when indoors. However, depending on the conditions when used outdoors, the color may start to fade about 3 years but can always be repainted.


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