Screen printing is one of the most popular services we offer at Top Class Signs and Printing!

Through our screen printing services, we bring you a range of printing options on t-shirts, warehouse shirts, printed uniforms and custom shirts.

When your employees wear a customized t-shirt at work and or outside work it will serve a two-pronged approach. On one hand, it looks more professional and imbibes a sense of loyalty to the company and unity among themselves, on the other hand, it serves as a great advertising tool for the company. When employees wear their company logo printed t-shirts outside their work, it creates a strong visual message for the people who notice these shirts. It is an unconventional way of getting your brand seen and imprinted in the minds of potential customers. It does not require many efforts. In short, it is an easy way of mobile marketing. Employees feel good to receive these uniforms and t-shirts as they bring a sense of belonging to the company they work for. Screen Printing can be done on any apparel such as caps, bags, hats and more.

screen printing

Why is Screen Printing becoming so popular lately for all the businesses?

  1. Business who take part in tradeshows to exhibit their work, use screen printing hoodies, custom shirts and more to make their booth stand out.
  2. If you choose the fabric and screenprint equipment smartly, you can get a great outcome in very little investment.
  3. To get your wholesale screen printed t-shirts designed, a large range of designs is available.
  4. It is a quick process to design bulk screen printed shirts, Thus, if you have a tradeshow event next day, you can get it done quickly.
  5. Employees or workers that wear custom screen printed t-shirts are easy to recognize in an event and does stand out in the crowd.
  6. Bulk screen printed t-shirts are a good option to go for because of their longevity. They last long and hence more brand promotion.
  7. Wherever your employees go, they will carry your brand promotion with them in the form of custom shirts.

Screen printing machine develops unique visual results when compared with electronic printing. The screen printing machine will use the ink much deeper. It offers clearer sides to the photo or graphic printed. Versatile, resilient, cost-efficient and also premium quality! These are just four of the several reasons why screen printing remains to be the most prominent approach to printing in a variety of business and retail applications.

We work with all the major brands and have a wide portfolio of screen printing options and services for all our clients. Browse through our many clothing options and send us the item number, your logo, and quantity for a free custom quote.  

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