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Through our screen printing services, we bring you a range of printing options on t-shirts, warehouse shirts, printed uniforms and custom shirts. Whether you need T-shirts for business, events, giveaways, family events, or for personal use, you should choose screen printing today. Depending on your needs, our team of professionals at Top Class Signs and Printing can provide you with superior craftsmanship with your preferred designs whether you need a few shirts or in bulk.
  • Many t-shirt options
  • Print on cotton or polyester
  • Order 24-5000 shirts
  • Many ink options
  • Ideal for event signage and presentation graphics on an easel or wall.
  • Hang, put it on an easel, add velcro, add double sided tape.
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Screen printing has been utilized throughout the years to add a personalized touch, especially on T-shirts and other clothing items. With screen printing art, your shirts will be designed by our team of professionals with your specific design, capturing it in a high-quality and durable imprint. For a personalized touch to family events, businesses, or as giveaways, why not go for shirts with a special design that stands out?

Screen Printed T-Shirts is one of our most popular items.

When your employees wear a customized t-shirt at work and or outside work it will serve a two-pronged approach. On one hand, it looks more professional and imbibes a sense of loyalty to the company and unity among themselves, on the other hand, it serves as a great advertising tool for the company. When employees wear their company logo printed t-shirts outside their work, it creates a strong visual message for the people who notice these shirts. It is an unconventional way of getting your brand seen and imprinted in the minds of potential customers. It does not require many efforts. In short, it is an easy way of mobile marketing. Employees feel good to receive these uniforms and t-shirts as they bring a sense of belonging to the company they work for. Screen Printing can be done on any apparel such as caps, bags, hats and more.

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Any PMS Color

We can match any brands color

many color choices of shirts
Many shirt colors

We have colors to match any uniform/apparel need

Why is Screen Printing becoming so popular lately for all the businesses?

  1. Business who take part in tradeshows to exhibit their work, use screen printing hoodies, custom shirts and more to make their booth stand out.
  2. If you choose the fabric and screenprint equipment smartly, you can get a great outcome in very little investment.
  3. To get your wholesale screen printed t-shirts designed, a large range of designs is available.
  4. It is a quick process to design bulk screen printed shirts, Thus, if you have a tradeshow event next day, you can get it done quickly.
  5. Employees or workers that wear custom screen printed t-shirts are easy to recognize in an event and does stand out in the crowd.
  6. Bulk screen printed t-shirts are a good option to go for because of their longevity. They last long and hence more brand promotion.
  7. Wherever your employees go, they will carry your brand promotion with them in the form of custom shirts.


Choose your design and we will create it for you

Depending on the design that you want, it requires a team effort to make shirts that are superior in quality and unmatched in terms of the quality of the designs. A combination of hard work, creative eye, and skillful hands will produce stunning designs that you will surely love. 

Our team of professionals fully understand the ins and outs of creating the right T-shirt. They know how to preserve the most vital elements of your design in a way that fits your available budget. In case there are necessary changes, our professionals will get in touch before your design goes to production.

Introduction to screen printing

For most of us, you might be amazed at the variety of designs you encounter with T-shirts these days. Remember though that a certain design undergoes a process before it arrives at your door. 

The art on apparel is made possible with the screen printing process. It is considered as a versatile technology that allows a variety of designs. 

When it comes to the screen printing process, it involves 4 basic components. Let us take a look at the screen printing process step by step. 

  • A woven screen mesh supporting an ink-blocking stencil. This serves as a negative made out of a waterproof photo emulsion material that is “burned” onto the screen with light.
  • A special type of ink that works with the fabric. This is applied and left to dry to a sturdy degree. 
  • A squeegee runs throughout the screen to drive the ink all the way, oftentimes called as a pull. 
  • The final product that will be printed on, whether it is a shirt, apparel, or any type of canvas.

With the diversity of the designs that can be made, it makes screen printing art a good choice in creating customized designs.

Artwork at its finest 

The artwork on a shirt can have various textures and colors. Every design is comprised of an arrangement of dots that are strikingly similar to the pixels on a screen. When it comes to silk screen printing, the screen is a physical one that is made out of a mesh in which ink is pushed through which is called as halftones. This produces the illusion of several ink colors when only a few were used. 

One color is printed at a time, so several screens are required to be made depending on the needs or complexity of the design. Every layer should be cured with heat before the next is applied. With the right screen printing equipment and our state-of-the-art silk screen printing machine, rest assured that you will get vivid designs on your shirts that will surely make heads turn.

Superior shirt printing and unrivaled expertise

Our screen printing process is the best in the business. Our professionals only use superior quality materials, ranging from apparel to the machinery and the screen printing supplies particularly the inks. A team of professionals will tirelessly work to transform your idea into a stunning piece of art on a shirt. You will be amazed by the creativity of our professionals, ensuring you with a vibrant and lively design. 

The process involves drying the design at 380 degrees F to ensure the durability of your shirt over continuous wearing and washing. 

Types of ink used in the screen printing process

Most of our shirts are printed using plastisol inks that have several good qualities, namely its good opacity on dark fabrics and retaining the fine details of the artwork. The overall texture of the finished design can be made softer or heavier by using special additives or placing several layers of ink. 

Oftentimes, other types of inks can be used such as water-based inks that can penetrate the fabric more than plastisol and produce a softer feel. It is suitable for printing darker inks onto light-colored shirts. 

Depending on the need or when a design requires it, we can utilize unique types of ink with features such as metallic, glow, and others. Each has distinct properties that accentuate the concept or theme of the design that you want to achieve. 

Top service quality as a promise

Once the designs are imprinted on the shirts, the quality assurance team will perform thorough testing for any imperfections. If the quality does not meet our high standards, the printing process is repeated until we get it right. Once it passes, your shirts are shipped and the tracking information is provided to ensure that you keep track of your order. 

In case your order does not arrive on time or if you are not completely satisfied with the results, simply get in touch with us and we will find ways to make it right. Our customer service team will work hard on your behalf to guarantee you receive the care and attention you deserve.

1. What type of silk screen printing ink do you use?

One way to ensure the best quality prints with your chosen design on your shirts, plastisol is the type of ink that we use. This is our chosen ink for screen printing since it is highly versatile, durable, and rarely requires adjustments. You will get a shirt that will surely last for a long time.

2. Do you use water-based inks?

Depending on your needs, simply get in touch if you want to learn more about water-based ink printing options.

3. Does screening printing designs wash off over time?

Since we only use the best inks on the market, the results in a shirt are guaranteed to stand the test of time even after repeated use and washing.

4. Do you print in other types of clothing?

Shirts have always been our best-selling item, but we also offer printing on other items such as sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, towels, hats, etc.


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