Instagram frame prop or Facebook Photo Props for an awesome event

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instagram photo prop

Get your Instagram frame prop or facebook photo props for instant party success!

Nowadays, Instagram has become an easy method to create incredible camera phone photos in a flash. The use of a Instagram frame prop which we call PiccaProp for Instagram are a fantastic way to make pictures more presentable. These social media frame props work their magic perfectly that every photo comes out in like a keepsake. To make your memories last a lifetime, it can be easily achieved with the use of these tools for changing Instagram photos into long-term work of art. (more…)

Happy National Pet Week

Top Class Signs and Printing Pet Week 2016 Promotional Items

National Pet Week celebrates its 35th anniversary, this year, in May 2016. For veterinarians, animal shelters, and pet organizations it is a great time to give out logoed branded pet friendly promotional items to bring light to their brand and/or their cause. At Top Class Signs and Printing we can help you find the best promotional products to hand out to pet lovers, pet supporters, and pet owners.

Find more information about National Pet Week at

Marketing and Printing Services in Miami

Marketing and Printing Services in Miami

brochure printingFull Color Printing

Whether you need something simple such as business cards and postcards or something more complicated such as booklets and brochures, we can provide you with a full range of full-color printing services that can be customized to suit your exact needs and circumstances. Combined with rich, vivid colors as well as smart and sensible designs, this ensures printed products that will be as pleasing to your customers as their prices will be pleasing to your wallet. We are the leader for printing in Miami services.

channel letter signsBusiness Signage

Some businesses like to stamp their logos across their fronts for the whole world to see, while others prefer more subtle signage in the form of banners, aluminum signs, PVC signs, and even custom vehicle wraps. Business signage comes in such a remarkable range of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs because it remains one of the most efficient and effective marketing methods that can be found. After all, each person who sees a sign is a chance to secure a new customer, though it is important to remember that since signs have so little space with which to say so much, you need the services of a skilled and experienced sign company if you want to maximize the marketing potential of your business signage.


How to order

General Orders


All orders must be received in writing, either via fax or e-mail. Purchase orders (PO) may be faxed or e-mailed to sales department. For accurate service and fast processing, please include the following on your purchase orders: (more…)



Orders requiring less than normal production time must be clearly stated on purchase order and art work and may vary due to order capacity. Please call for availability before placing your order. Rush orders are available with short printing runs, apparel, large format (banners, trade show displays, etc.), wristbands, and some offset items by quote. Rush order requirements:

·         Camera ready art

·         Subject to inventory availability

·         No proofs

·         One extra day is needed for processing

Rush orders charges:

Large Format:

·         4 days rush- 10% of order or $38.00 (G) (whichever is greater)

·         3 days rush- 15% of order or $38.00 (G) (whichever is greater)

·         2 days rush- 20% of order or $63.00 (G) (whichever is greater)

·         1 day rush- 25% of order or $63.00 (G) (whichever is greater)

Digital Printing:

·         1 day rush- $19.00 (G) for short runs business cards.

·         1 day rush- $96.00 (G) or $63.00 (G) on 1st item and $32.00 (G) each item after.

Table Throws:

·         3 days rush- $38.00 (G) for 1-2 throws and $19.00 (G) each throws after.

·         2 days rush- $63.00 (G) for 1-2 throws and $32.00 (G) each throws after.

·         1 day rush- $82.00 (G) for 1-2 throws and $38.00 (G) each throws after.


·         4 days rush- $150.00 (G)

Silicone Wristbands:

·        6-8 days rush- $125.00 (G)

Tyvek Wristbands:

·        24-48 hours rush- $31.00 (G)

Cut Off Times:

Tyvek and Silicone Wristbands:

·         11:30 A.M. EST

Offset and Digital Printing:

·         11:30 A.M. EST

Trade Show Displays and Table Throws and Runners:

·         1:00 P.M. EST


·         1:00 P.M. EST



Payments are accepted via all major credit cards, wire transfer, money order, and company or personal check. Credit/Debit Card payments can be made via our website, fax, or over the phone. All payments made via wire transfer will be verified before processing of order begins. Processing of orders with payment made by check or money order will not begin until the check or money order has been received, deposited and funds have cleared and are available in our account. All payments are non-refundable, unless otherwise designated, at our discretion. No job will be sent to production or released files until full payment is received. All bounced checks/ insufficient funds will be charged a $35.00 fee and if not given another method of payment are subject to legal action to the full extent of the law and penalization at customer’s expense. For credit accounts, all late payments will incur a 10% late fee per term set. All offset printing orders must be in, paid and with artwork by 12 PM cut off time or it will be put in queue the following day.

Refunds: If a refund is approved it will be issued via check or credit card, and may take up to four (4) weeks to be processed. For all other situations, payments made to Top Class are non-refundable. We will always make a valid attempt to always ensure client satisfaction to the limit the situation allows us.

Prices and Specials: Prices are subject to change without notice. Price quotes are valid for 30 days. Specials/coupons may not be combined and must be mentioned on the time of ordering to be valid.

Claims/Returns: Returns must be authorized by Top Class within 14 days of purchase order. Only hardware may be returned for credit. A 20% restocking fee applies as well as all original and return freight charges.

Payment Disclaimer: Late payment charge – 10% every 2 weeks when invoice becomes past due, unless another agreement has been made. In the event of any outside collection agency or attorneys needed to recover money owed to Top Class Trade Printing, customer principals agree to be responsible for all costs of collection including collection agency & attorney’s fees and costs. Collections start after one months of being past due, we reserve the right to proceed sooner if we believe the client is a credit risk, especially if full credit terms were not given. By agreeing to a sales order or invoice you become aware of all charges and agree to them.


Prior to submission of “print-ready” artwork or approval of design for printing, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all edits are finalized, with content and design having been carefully reviewed and proofread to his/her satisfaction. Furthermore, we are not responsible for proofing any submitted “print-ready” jobs and will not accept responsibility or liability for any content or design errors within submitted “print-ready” artwork or after final approval of design for printing that has been provided. After proofs have been finalized no changes will be made. Additional charges may be added or none at our own discretion for extra time spend re-rendering files.

Note it’s your/designers responsibility to make sure files are sent to our specifications, see website for full guidelines or order a press proof. We will not be held responsible for jobs that are not submitted according to our specifications unless a cutting and quality check proof is requested for $5. We do try and scan through files as much as possible but due to the quick turnaround and volume of gang run printing we cannot dedicate too much time proofing files that should be print ready. Its the job as a designer to follow industry standards. If your not sure about a job specifications please ask or see our website but actual quality check will be billed accordingly.

Please note our design policies: Customers are entitled to 3 proofs per design done by Top Class or otherwise noted. EACH ADDITIONAL CHANGE will be charged as followed: $31.25(G)for flyers, $18.75(G)for Business Cards, and $56.25(G)for brochures. So please critique the first proof well with any changes needed and it’s always best to include all details for the initial design.

Artwork when submitted is assumed to be in full compliance with laws governing copyrights, trademarks, etc. Client assumes all responsibility for proper permission of copyrighted images, text, and logos placed on flyers, business cards, etc.

We are not responsible for typographical errors incorporated in submitted artwork. Factory reserves the right to make slight alternations in copy and logos to adapt imprinting processes.

Revisions for art work provided/adjusted by us: The client is entitled to 3 revisions per job on the initial design, after that amount there may be an extra charge, usually +-$25.00(G)extra depending on the job. All information must be provided at the start of the job or told in advance of possible changes, this will save the chance of designs having to be revised and extending the completion time. Once the job is approved any changes will incur an additional design fee. We try and complete each client’s job as quickly and efficiently, so we request that these guidelines be followed. We dedicate a certain amount of time per client in order to give each client enough time in a day to complete their job. These fees will only be waived unless agreed upon with the designer.

Files: Top Class owns the rights to all editable files produced, we are only responsible for finished products not what it took to produce the desired materials. If these files are needed there will be an additional release charge. If any logos are wanted from the design, there will be an additional logo cost expense.

Art Disclaimer: Due to gang runs printing process of flyers exact colors and flyer cuts cannot be guaranteed. If your job is color critical please let us know and we will print your job with a PMS match color match for an extra fee. We are not responsible for poor quality print from images that are sent in 72dpi which is typically images that are pulled off the web. All images must be in 300dpi. All print jobs must be sent in CMYK and in the proper sizes, we are not responsible for resizing or editing any jobs sent to us to print. We do try and make a valid effort to proof files but in an effort to produce your jobs quickly, this is not always possible.

PRINTED ITEMS and Faulty Goods: All our jobs are printed in gang runs unless noted otherwise. When printing in gangs multiple jobs are pulled together on sheets and saves setup costs, time, and paper. By doing this, slight variations in color and cut cannot be guaranteed, this is an industry standard with gang runs. It is recommended that a color match proof is ordered or that our color safe key is utilized which will allow you to have a reasonable expectation of color output. Although it is impossible to definitively match a given color, these colors are considered safe and less susceptible to large shifts in appearance.

In printing it is possible in some cases for a few misprints and we normally print overruns just in case. We always try our best to always provide the best in quality and will normally replace flyers that are heavily (majority) misprinted if not noticed before packaging.

For any kind misprinted or unacceptable goods, the client has 24 hours to review and return ALL of the printed or faulty goods within one week. Once returned we will review the matter and determine a suitable solution or if they will be replaced.

Please note all large quantity flyer jobs are printed on 12pt or 14pt card stock with UV coating unless specified.

Top Class is not liable for any errors in image quality or changes due to pdfs being sent or vector files not outlined as sometimes images may change when ripped.

Note it’s your/designers responsibility to make sure files are sent to our specifications or order a press proof. We will not be held responsible for jobs that are not submitted according to our specifications unless a cutting and quality check proof is requested for $5. We do try and scan through files as much as possible but due to the quick turnaround, volume of printing jobs, we cannot dedicate too much time proofing files that should be print ready via industry standards.

Over/Under Run Policy: Orders are subject to a 5% overrun/ under run and will be billed accordingly, particularly promotional items.

Digital print work: Booklets (unless full bleed cover insert was requested), posters, presentation folders, and letterheads are printed with no bleed unless requested with additional costs.



Purchase Orders are non-cancelable after 72 hours of transmission and customer is responsible for all fees incurred to date of cancellation, including raw materials, labels, and packaging, involved with your order. If an order has gone in production prior to the 72 hours cancellation period then the order cannot be canceled under any circumstances. A $10.00 processing fee for canceled order within 24 hours will apply and a $25.00 processing fee and a $10.00 proof fee (if applicable) will be charged for orders canceled within 72 hours. A credit card processing fee will incur and varies per order. Cancellations must be made in writing via email or faxed. You will receive and invoice for any and all charges associated with your order up to that point.


Primary Shipper:Top Class standard shipping method is via UPS for all other methods (such as freight forwarders drops) add $15.00 net handling charge per order and shipping charges will be paid at destination by the customer.

Shipping method: For better service, please specify your deadline use date and requested shipping method.

Shipping weights: Weights listed on our site are approximate weights. Top Class is not responsible for differences in actual weights per box versus quoted freight charges per box.

Handling charges: All orders will be charges a $2.00 net fee per box for handling.

Shipping disclaimer:Top Class is not to be held responsible for damaged or lost goods. In the event of a damaged or missing item because of shipping you must contact the shipping company directly and file a claim. We will make every effort to help you get this situation taken care of. We have done our part by producing the goods and it is then left in the hands of the shipper to make sure it reaches on time and safely. Shipping times are only estimates based on regular circumstances and we cannot be held responsible for things beyond our control.
We are not responsible for items shipped out of the country. It is the client’s responsibility to ship goods back for any kind of refunds or exchanges to make any kind of determination of the job. We will make every effort to fix this issue with minimal costs to us and the client.
Note all shipping prices given are only estimates and actual prices may vary due to fuel price increases or weight differences etc. If the amount is higher the additional cost must be paid in full.

Car Wraps Miami & Vehicle Wraps in Doral

Wrap advertising is gaining immense popularity as a means of attracting attention of the public towards a particular product, service, message or brand. Choose Top Class Signs and Printing for your Car Wraps Miami or Vehicle Wraps in Doral needs.

In this, a vehicle is covered partially or fully with an advertisement. The intention is to attract the gaze of onlookers with all the livery. As the vehicle passes through the roads, it becomes a centre of attraction due to the vivid colors, and imagery. This form of advertising is more effective than billboards or hoardings because the mobile vehicles attract more attention than the stationary hoardings. Also, vehicle and car wraps Miami reaches out to a wider audience than any other stationary advertisement. (more…)

Sign Company Miami

Our Sign Company Miami Gets Yours Job Done

If you’re looking for the best place for your advertising needs, be it LED signs, light boxes or vehicle wraps, we’ve got what you need at our sign company Miami. We are experienced in providing a range of services to our customers that help them get their businesses off their feet. We have provided satisfaction for many customers in Kendall, Doral, Medley and Hialeah. (more…)

Contact us with any questions or quotes, please be as detailed as possible. Tel: 305-433-5575 or Toll Free 888-228-4521 See our showroom at 8455 NW 66th St. Miami, FL 33166