St. Maarten Hurricane Irma Damages and Donation


Devastating Effects of St. Maarten Hurricane Irma in September 2017

Hurricane Irma has bestowed a devastating deadly effect throughout Caribbean, causing huge destruction that eventually led to a catastrophic impact on Florida. St. Maarten Hurricane Irma is claimed to be the most deadly storm in the history of Atlantic as a category 5, 200mph winds. It already took the lives of many people with thousands of individuals homeless. Emergency chief even warned beforehand that the storm will put a true devastating impact on the US. The National Hurricane Center issued the first warning of Hurricane for the Keys and South Florida parts which included some Miami metropolitan habitation of about 6 million people. A storm surge warning was added and watch areas were even extended along

st.maarten hurrican irma donation relief fund
Click to donate. This is an officiallyendorsed by Sarah A. Wescot-Williams current President of St. Maarten Parliament (Government) fundraiser. It is also 100% managed by us, a registered US business, not a random individual online. #REBUILDSXMUNITED

the west and east coasts. The director of Disaster Management and Emergencies, Virginia Clerveaux said that the territory has experienced the first time a Category 5 storm. Irma was 85 km approximately south of Great Inagua Island and expected to bring 6m surges of storm to the Bahamas, before flowing to Cuba and crashing into South Florida as a powerful Category 4.

Hurricane effected Islands

Barbuda was the first island to feel the drastic force of Hurricane Irma which was devastated by the powerful and high winds. The prime minister of Barbuda and Antigua, Gaston Browne says that 90% of the buildings are destroyed, making it ‘barely habitable’ and about 1,000 people, that is, 50% of the population left homeless. The whole house stock is damaged. It is just a complete devastation.

As reported by Ronald Jackson, the executive director of the Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency, one individual died in the British overseas territory. Numerous homes had been destroyed or damaged. Anguilla was issued a fresh warning as Hurricane Jose, a category 4 headed towards the area. The British Virgin Islands along with St Kitts & Nevis, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas even underwent significant destruction of infrastructure, lives and property for Irma.

 Images of the huge damages to St. Maarten due to category 5 hurricane Irma (Pictures taken from online)


St. Maarten Hurricane Irma Destruction

As per the recent reports,

  • Eleven people are dead and more than hundred individuals are badly injured in French overseas collectivities of St. Barthelemy and St Martin
  • About 95% of St Maarten is destroyed as per the local official named Daniel Gibb who called the entire situation as ‘an enormous catastrophe’
  • The death toll would rise on these islands as expected
  • One individuals’ death has been confirmed on the Dutch side of the island. Mark Rutte, the prime minister of Netherlands said that Irma has caused widespread material destruction to the area
  • Marines have been sent to the territory along with two aid flights
  • St Barthelemy, St Martin and St Maarten are facing the fresh crash as Hurricane Jose is heading towards them at the weekend.

About Us

I, Christopher Rismay, am from St.Maarten but based here in Miami have a lot of friends and family there who have been affected. The huge impact of Hurricane Irma has left a devastating effect and the GoFundMe account is made to help the survivors who are in need of utmost help in my home island of St Maarten. This fund will offer them help in form of emergency supplies of water, food, clothes, medicine along with long-term recovery assistance for helping the residents in recovering and rebuilding.

All the donations to my GoFundMe account will support exclusively any necessary recovery and relief efforts from this powerful storm. This fund will initially help any responders who need immediate access of clean water, food, fuel, repair supplies, radios, any hygiene products, clothing as well as shelter and things needed to make this transition as smooth as possible. We will work with different local US businesses, anyone wanting to support contact us.

As soon as the initial work of relief is complete, this fund will go for supporting long-term recovery efforts made by locals, or any organizations in response to this storm disaster. By donating to this GoFundMe account, we will be able to form a stronger support for the survivors or homeless individuals to need our help to recovery the panic. This place is my home and also have to support lots of local businesses with printing services needed and signages so they can get back to normal so we can have tourists coming back as this the island main source of income.

REMEMBER: This donation page is endorsed by Sarah A. Wescot-Williams current President of St. Maarten Parliament (Government) and 100% of the funds will go directly to St. Maarten in effort to help rebuilt our island.

Please donate and be generous and help with our GoFundMe campaign. #REBUILDSXMUNITED


Once Miami is back and running we will work with our standard shipping company Four Star Cargo among 3 others to get items sent over to St. Maarten. In the meanwhile if you want to help and collect needed items see a list below:

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