step and repeat backdrop

Step and repeat banner stand is more than just a backdrop

step and repeat backwallA step and repeat banner stand or step and repeat backdrop is the large banner with logos that is always present in most red carpet events. A more specific explanation is that event step and repeats are an affordable way to make an event more spectacular and increase brand awareness and gives entertainment for your guests. The make a brand more visible by getting a logo and company name featured in repeated background images. Although it may be popular for big events, having a wedding step and repeat is increasingly popular by including the parties monogram logo. These stands definitely add a hip and wow factor to any event and give an impression that an event is not only well organized but also stylish, sophisticated and fun. If you have a step and repeat then your shindig is officially swanky and worth Instagramming or Facebooking! These stands are currently a common fixture in myriad of functions such as fashion events, weddings, sweet 16, galas and red carpet events.

What should you look for when buying a step and repeat back wall?

Appropriate size

The standard height of this stands is 8’ and the width is customizable depending on a client’s specific needs, 8×8′ is a standard size. We customize our stands to suit client requirements and expectations.

It is advisable to go for wider step and repeat stand if:

1) You don’t want the edges of the backdrop to appear in the final photographs. Depending on the style of photos to be taken or the amount of people per shot you may want a larger stand.

2) Wider stands allow multiple people to be photographed at the same time

3) They offer a striking visual at an event that easily grabs the attention of audiences

step and repeat banner standReasons to choose smaller step and repeat banner stands

1) Fit in tiny spaces like behind a small booth at a trade show

2) Smaller stands are more portable and affordable

3) Require less help with assembly

Ease of Assembly

The last thing you need is a complicated stand that is difficult to install and hard to set up when you have a big event and the clock is ticking. When buying a stand it is advisable to buy one that can be installed without any additional skill or special equipment. Apart from requiring no extra tool to set up, all our step and repeat banner stands are lightweight but robust and sturdy enough to support heavy matte vinyl step and repeat banners. All our stands can be easily set up in under 10 minutes and require no expert knowledge or specialized skills. Every purchase comes with a detailed instructions with step by step guideline on how to properly set up the stands.


It is recommended that you should go for a stand that is nicely packaged in an easy to carry bag and container that is also easy to store. Our standard backwalls come with a 4 piece system with a banner in a long tube but you can also opt for fabric printing to be more compact. We also can print your step and repeat backdrop artwork on a popup display or retractable banner stand. The durable heavy duty hardware we use is specially designed to allow frequent use.  Looking for a red carpet step and repeat?

Whether you are looking for a large stand for a red carpet event or a simple and portable one for a trade show, we have got you covered.

step and repeat backdropOur step and repeat banner stands are conveniently shipped from Miami Florida we ship all over the country via Fedex which can reach you within days of your event. If your in Miami, feel free to stop in and see one of them in our showroom of our step and repeat Miami displays.

Our delivery is reliable because we have an exceptionally friendly and professional customer service department that is fully committed to ensuring your purchases gets to you in pristine condition. We always like to ensure your happy with your artwork before everything is produced and always ask your inhands date to avoid any delays.

Why are our step and repeat backdrop stands an absolute must-have!

· They are specifically designed to provide free advertising that comes in handy in creating brand awareness or precious memories whether its from your Iphone or from a professional photographer. Our stands will definitely make your brand stand out at an official event such as a trade show or wedding. An added advantage is that these stands are a clever way of gaining recognition. All our stands pair well with red carpets for the most elegant award show style backdrops.

step and repeat hardware· Also known as media walls, these display walls are an excellent choice for photo opportunities or dressing up an exhibit area of a party or a professional event.

· We design stands that come in handy in making your event extra special and more memorable. We customize a stand to meet client expectations. Whether you are looking for a step and repeat backdrop or backwall for a wedding event, business event or sweet 16 step and repeat, be assured that we have got something ideal to offer you.


Other uses for our step and repeat backdrop

Although these are called step and repeat backdrops they are essentially just a backwall display that can be used behind any trade show booth or event. Step and repeat is really just a term that describes how the artwork is setup but you can put any kind of artwork including your products, services, galleries or even just a a backdrop behind you. Our backwall displays are very versitile because you can easily get multiple uses from the same display by purchasing different banners. You can go from a 4×4′ table display banner to a full 10×10 booth with just a switch of artwork. This sounds like a great deal right? For the same price hardware i can use this on a table, a smaller vertical display 3×7′ which is the same as a retractable or fully extend for your tradeshow or red carpet style event! More bang for your buck!

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