How To Take Advantage of Promotional Merchandise – 3 Promotional Merchandise Tips

promotional merchandise

Companies are sending our promotional items everywhere, these are your everyday freebie merchandise, such as key chains, mugs, backpacks, and T-shirts. 

While it’s true that these promotional items are abundant, and businesses are focusing more on quantity than quality, it doesn’t mean the value of these promotional merchandise goes down.

Promotional merchandising, when done correctly, can increase brand awareness to your target audience. 

Today, you’re going to learn about how you can effectively use company swag to your business to increase your sales.

4 Advantages of Promotional Merchandise

promotional advertisingPromotional product is appealing

Brand merchandising gives you the benefit of connecting instantly to your prospects. Giving free items to your audiences, such as key chains, travel mugs, and a flash drive is alluring to them. It only comes with minimal risk, and in return, your company receives a lot of engagement. 

Brand Recognition

People often drift toward things that look and sound familiar to them, and this subconsciously happens most of the time.

When consumers make the final decision on which company to avail the product or service at, the number of times they’ve seen or heard your company could be their deciding factor.

Promotional merchandise is a chance to let people know about your company’s name at an affordable price. It increases familiarity, which builds a connection. The equation is simple, the more items you give away, the more people will recognize your company’s brand. 

Free advertisement

Having a uniquely designed custom print for your promotional merchandise adds to your company’s swag, and this makes your audience want to wear your brand. In other words, if you could produce cool looking designs, you can bet people will start wearing your merchandise. 

T-shirts are often the choice of many marketers as it serves as a form of free walking advertisements for your business when your audience decides to wear it. Travel mugs can get you to places and key chains are perfect for business gifts, so these two would work perfectly.

Word of Mouth

Increasing brand awareness can be as simple as spreading your company through word of mouth, and it also helps in strengthening your reputation.

Your clients are the biggest supporter of your business, that’s why people look up to business reviews before trusting a specific establishment. If you win the trust of your customers, you win the trust of your prospects.

What’s more, it goes to show people genuinely appreciate what you provide to them, which is more valuable than the monetary side of things.

3 Promotional Merchandise Tips

Determine your budget

While it’s true that this is one of the cheaper marketing strategies you can use in your business, you still need to have an estimated budget for the promotional products.

You need to find out what are the items that are affordable based on your budget, and your excepted return of investment. This lets you see if promotional merchandising fits your company’s marketing strategy.

Supply merchandise that fits your audience

In order to capture your audience’s attention, make sure it fits their behaviors. In other words, you have to put yourself into their shoes, so you’ll know what to give them.

For example, if your target market is bodybuilders, then giving them tumblers with your company’s name on it is a good idea. And if your target is independent contractors, then a planner or a notepad seals the deal.

business conventionTake advantage of events

You can either give it to passerby on a normal day or give it out on events. Most of the time, people take advantage of marketers. When using this method, make sure that it fits the event your company is taking part in. 

For example, if you’re participating in a fitness convention, then giving out sweatbands is feasible. The purpose of this free merchandise is to add value to your audience, not just for the sake of giving them something free.

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