The Cadillac Championship PGA Tour in Doral

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There was much reason for Doral residents to be excited as the Cadillac Championship PGA Tour concluded in the city with a spectacular finish; Tiger Woods walked away with the trophy. This is probably just what the golf superstar needed to leave behind the shadows of the past. As Woods found his confidence restored after the magnificent win, outside the golf course commercial signs and feather flags promoting the tournament indicated how important this victory must be to the local business community. In a way, this was a victory both for Tiger Woods, as well as for the Doral business community.

Tiger Woods won the Doral Cadillac Championship PGA Tour by beating out ace golfers like Graeme McDowell and Phil Mickelson. This victory brings up the total of Woods’ PGA Tour wins to 76. While receiving the trophy for his victory, Woods was humble enough to thank Steve Stricker for giving him a few pointers on putting techniques a few days prior to the match. The proceedings of the match reveal that no competitor of Woods was able to maintain a lead of more than three strokes over him throughout the final match of the tournament. Steve Stricker, Woods’ closest competitor in the final match finished at 68 while Woods secured his win with 71. It was a nail-biting experience indeed.

Also, it seemed that the entire Doral, as well as the larger Miami community had been stirred by this tournament taking place in their city. Large banner stands and promo products with full color printing advertised the match while television channels ran analyses day in and day out predicting the outcome of this tournament. This victory is certainly a personal triumph for Woods. It just goes to show what determination and focus can do to recreate your standing in the community. This was Woods’ third PGA victory in only three months.

It is also quite awe-inspiring that it was in Doral where we saw Woods’ winning streak falling susceptible to his changing health condition. Other than that, Doral is known for being a business hub as people in the spectators were seen to be exchanging premium business cards throughout the tournament. Thankfully, Woods seems to have redeemed himself and silenced his critics this year. This victory has also raised hopes of Woods winning this year’s US Open, a feat that has been eluding him since 2008. It is not just the skill with which Woods plays that makes him a legend; it is his even and composed temperament that allows him to seize the right opportunities.

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