The Importance of Signage – 5 Elements of Retail Signs

importance of signage

New marketing strategies are springing up thanks to technological advancements in this era, making marketers forget the conventional methods of advertisements.

In other words, business owners are forgetting the importance of signage. It’s an undervalued method of marketing, and that’s why entrepreneurs are missing out on customers’ right under their noses. 

If you’re in the service industry, business signage guides clients on where they should go. In addition, it conveys information on special deals and rates.

A business sign allows you to communicate with your clients non-verbally, surpassing language barriers in the process, such as safety signs and wayfinding signage.


What are the 5 elements of retail signs?

retail signageHaving a signboard isn’t enough, there are five elements you need to take into consideration before you can start making your business signage. 

They are shape, color, images, text, and placement. Colors can affect a person’s mood; image complexity can make signs difficult to interpret; text that is small, too close together, or too long can be hard to read; and placement can directly impact the usefulness of the sign and it’s size, content or materials.


Think about the shape of your signage, holds its own meaning. For instance, a stop sign is in the shape of an octagon. Using a triangle sign translates to dangers, and a circle stands for railroad warning. Shapes provide information to your clients and make a difference in signage design. 


Color impacts the emotions of your clients. For example, choosing the color blue for your business sign gives a calming effect. It makes sense to choose blue when you’re intention for the signage is for a customer service desk. 

On the other hand, the color red raises alarm to people, which makes it an ideal color for emergency exits and security alert signs. 


Simplicity is the key when it comes to adding images to signs. The more complex it is, the harder it is to spot from a distance, which means it becomes a barrier in sending messages to people.

Use universally used signs and symbols, it overcomes language boundaries. What’s more, the picture doesn’t make a lot of noise, making it easier to understand.


In most cases, sign images are accompanied by text, and others are solely based on text. While a little text doesn’t hurt, a lengthy one does more harm than good. 

The ideal outdoor signs text is readable for passing motorists, so you can convey your message to them about your store or business’s promos or limited special deals.


Placement is everything. Even if you have somehow created the perfect signage, you won’t have brand exposure is the location is concealed from the view of people. 

Depending on where you plan on placing the sign, you’ll figure out its size and suitable words and symbols.

For instance, if you have a small parking lot allocated for your customers at the back of the building, you can use a suitable sign outside that informs your clients where to park their vehicles. Adding outdoor signage, in this case, saves headaches and accidents. 


What are the types of signage?

blank billboard bannerStreet View Signs

These are outdoor signage that marks your area, it faces the street, so passerby can see. It serves as a means of free advertisement for your business. 

However, you do have to take into consideration the rules imposed by the local government. Depending on where you are located, they have regulations for signs, such as height, closeness to the street, and color. 

Building Signs

These signs are most ideal for businesses located in a business center, it aids your clients on your locations, and help them find their designated parking location. The size should be enough to draw attention to people, and it should ideally fit your branding. 

 If you’re staying in an area where there are a lot of restrictions on signs, you may opt for window signs. You won’t be violating regulations, and it feeds people’s information at the same time.

Interior Signs

This generally dictates to a company’s room number, name placard, or department signs. In a nutshell, these are signs indicating the building’s interior. It guides clients on where they’re heading to. 

Two things you need to keep in mind with interior signs: strategic placement & consistency, so your customers can easily navigate the building. 


Banners and rigid signs are the ones you see in promotions and special events, these are portable and temporary. It allows you to showcase your product in tradeshows and expos, and you can easily replace them afterward.


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