Tips for Buying Commercial Business Signs

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A sign may be your very first interaction with a potential customer, and you may not even know about it. Signs today are looked at much the same way as billboards are. When people read a sign, they want to walk away from it knowing a little bit more about the business, or event, or whatever it was that the sign advertised. Give them too little information and they will not even give your business a single second thought. Give them too much information and they will not bother to read the entire sign, and this will not have any true knowledge about your company as a result.

As you can easily see, the proper sign is already shaping up to be an important part of a business. It can be hard to find out just what you need. So that is why we have provided you with some simple tips to get you started.


Types of Signs Available

Signs can be made for outdoor use, or for indoor use. They can be displayed in a variety of places; on the side of a building, on a telephone pole, on a storefront window—even on a car. The way your sign is presented has a lot of bearing on how seriously your business is going to be taken and will determine whether or not anyone even reads it in the first place.

channel letters gold paintedSimple fact; for moving signs, fewer words means more success. Thus, if you choose to put your sign on a car, make it short and simple.


Types of Sign Materials

Sign lettering has a ton of options. You can get neon letters, or simple, traditional vinyl letters, or even quality channel letters. The letters all depend on your sign and your specific tastes. Just like the placement of the sign, the lettering also has a lot of bearing on who will read it.

If you want a fancier sign, you might wish for wood or carved etchings for the letters. If you want a sign to be outdoors, you might want to consider brushed aluminum, aluminum composite or even foam board and pvc, depending upon the shelter provided to the area.

Each different material is going to cost a different amount, so be sure to keep this in mind if you are on a budget.


Sign Design

Fact: People love designs. Web design is currently one of the largest fields today for the simple fact that people hate ugly websites and are unlikely to use them to conduct their business, even if the deals are great.

You can design your sign in many ways: logos, captions—even crazy etchings and pictures. Your design should be nice and neat, but it should also represent your company. If you sell doughnuts, don’t buy a sign with pictures of computers. It will only confuse the consumer, and confusion can quickly lead to resentment.


The Company

The company that makes your sign has to be right for you. There is no one company that will do the best for all jobs; different companies have different styles, and even if they do not tell you, they will have different specialties as well.

Signs can be specialized for special events, even trade shows. But no company is going to be the immediate right choice for you. And because sign choices are so important, you are going to want to take your time in the choosing portion of your hunt for the best sign.

When you are looking for a company, you want to also research them. You do not want to go off of the samples that they have to provide; they are no doubt going to be the best quality work and examples that they have done. You want to see a general quality. For that, you are going to want to take some time and hunt around, talking to different companies that have dealt with the commercial business signs company and see what their thoughts are on the finished product, and their level of satisfaction.


ADA Compliance

All commercial buildings, including businesses, are required by the ADA to accommodate disabled persons. As such, you are going to need to have proper signs for the disabled access areas of your facility, especially in large office buildings.



Depending upon your town laws, your sign size and posting placement may be subject to certain set standards. Talk to your town zoning board to ensure you do not receive any fines for noncompliance. If you’re in the South Florida Miami areas we can pull all permits for you.



Pricing for signs is going to range greatly from company to company it can be as simple as a banner or as complex as illuminated channel letters. It is in your best interest to make inquiries before commissioning any signs, as it will help you to avoid any possible nasty surprises when you get your bill after the signs have been made.


If your a local client in the Miami or Doral areas give us a call we can work with you on the design, manufacturing, permit processing and installation of your new business signage.

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