9 Essential Tips for a Successful Logo Design

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The main purpose of a logo is for your brand or business to have an image that people can associate with. It’s basically the identity of your company, but can also be used as a marketing strategy. 

One quick search on the internet can land you on tons of logo making services that are quick and affordable, but a cheap logo is not an effective logo design. It’s a far cry from what an effective logo design can do for you in terms of marketing and building a brand identity.

Tips for a Successful Logo Design

Know The Brand

Know the brand at a personal level and familiarize yourself before you even set out in designing their logo. Keep in mind when designing your logo that it needs to be targeted to your potential customers and market. 

Take notes on what the brand wants to do, what message it wants to convey, their target customers, and what plans and aspirations do they have for the foreseeable future.

Familiarize yourself with the personality of the brand – and from there, you can set the logo of the tone whether it’s a soft or tough brand. On top of that, you’ll also have an idea on how the brand likes to be conveyed to the audience. 

You must know all of those details beforehand as it will serve as a guide as you create your logo design.

An Accurate Representation of Your Business

Ensure that your logo is an accurate representation of your business and its nature. Use only the colors and images that align with the company identity, the products you provide, and the services you offer. 

Being able to and its core value in your logo will allow your target customers to get the message. It’s also when you succeed in establishing the identity of your brand onto the market. So bear these things in mind as you go along in designing your logo.

Impression is Vital

A logo design should make an impact on your target audience, as well as the market. One quick glance onto your logo should be enough to capture the audience’s attention. An effective company logo can charm their audience and customers time after time, especially when they associate that logo with a positive experience.

To create a lasting impression on your customers, your logo should be unique. Meaning, its concept must be original to make it stand out amongst the crowd of logos. And obviously, aim to design a logo that beats any logo of your competitors.

colors for logoUse Colors Wisely

In designing a logo, you can’t just use random colors in order for it to stand out. Colors have their own representation, and as such – the colors you’ll choose will be how your brand will be represented to your target customers. 

Red usually means a more energetic and aggressive brand – which is usually intended to target a younger age group. While blue is considered to be cool, collected, and calm – this is often used on social media pages.

In order to grab people’s attention, choose bright and bold colors. But make sure that the colors you choose are aligned with the brand’s personality. Science has shown that colors can evoke emotion – and your choice of color will determine what the message your target customers will receive.

Choose Fonts Wisely

Oftentimes designers just choose fonts for a logo randomly, not giving it a second thought. In fact, fonts hold the same importance as the colors.

A font or typefaces have the ability to relay the personality of your brand to your target customers. One example would be a toy store logo. You wouldn’t see one that has calligraphy or handwritten fonts on it; rather, it’ll have quirky and fun fonts to create a child-friendly image.

This is apparent in some logos for bands. If you come across heavy metal or rock bands, you’ll notice that the fonts they use have a lot of personalities, while an acoustic band is using a mellow font. 

If possible, you can create your own custom font specifically for your logo. Some examples of custom fonts would be the one from Coca-Cola, which is highly recognized all across the globe. So choose wisely and make sure that the color and font you choose is representative of the personality of your brand.

Choose The Type of Logo

There are different ways on how to go about creating a logo. You could do a logotype style of the logo where the main feature of it is the name of the company. Some of the best examples of logotypes are Coca-Cola, RayBan, IBM, Subway, Sony, and more. 

An important thing to note when you do this type of logo is to make the company name visible and readable by customers immediately. Logotypes also act as an advertisement for your brand, allowing you to spend less on advertisement towards your brand.

When choosing a symbol to be your logo, you’ll have to spend more on adverts to gain exposure of your brand. There’s also the possibility of combining two logotypes, using both a symbol and your brand name.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is best.  When we say a simple logo, it means that it’s easy on the eyes by only using two to three colors, one font, and minimal additional elements. If your logo is too chaotic, your customers may have a hard time understanding your logo, and may receive negative impressions.

A simple design logo is more appealing to the general public. Take a look at Apple or Nike. Their logo is easy to recognize and doesn’t have too many elements to it. What makes a simple logo so effective is that – it can easily be recalled from memory, and won’t make your customer a few seconds to understand your brand.


One requirement of an effective logo is its scalability. Remember that you’re logo is going to be featured in many forms of advertisement. Make sure that its quality isn’t compromised when stretched to fit a billboard or any type of large media.

When a logo is stretched and loses its proportions and quality, then it’s a failure of a logo. Additionally, your logo may need to be printed on a smaller surface area such as a pen. And a well-made logo will retain its visibility even when scaled at that size.

colorless logo

It Should Look Good Even In Colorless Version

Effective logos have the ability to look good even in black and white. There may be instances where your logo is printed without color. For example would be on documents, newspaper ads, and many other media. 

One trick to creating a good logo is to make it look good during the sketching stage without relying on using colors. If you do that, it’ll look even better when you start inserting colors and other elements.

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