Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Business Sign

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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Business Sign

Choose the best business sign for your needs

Business signs and signs are everywhere you go from your property signs to your coffee shop signage. Custom signs are an essential part of our daily lives whether it’s a business sign for branding, a street sign, a safety sign, or a directional sign.

Your business signage is at the top of key tools to attract the attention of your target client and attract them to your business. Each sign serves a purpose and should reflect as it is. The way you display your signs will also serve a purpose and effect.

With that said it is understandable that business signs matter and affect how a potential client and a client will interact with your brand and business. There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing a sign. Here are a top 5 factors when buying your business sign:

  1. The intent of the use: Consider the use of the signage and its end goal. Is it a directional sign, a safety sign, a branding sign, or even a sales sign? Simply answering this question will get you to consider the material needed, the size of the sign, and the sign installation.
  2. Sign Material: The material of the sign will vary based on its use, size, budget, and location. Is the sign being used indoor or outdoor? How does it need to be installed? These questions will impact the materials to use for your custom sign. For example, a foam board sign will not be recommended for outdoor use but rather for something short-term, indoor. A PVC sign can have many uses and the material makes the usage very versatile.
    Business Sign
  3. Sign Size and Design: The size of your sign will depend on the type of sign, its use, and the size of the space. A safety sign might need to be hung high and visible from far so it could be bigger with a simple font and design to be easily read from far. The color of the sign will also vary with its use. Safety signs usually use oranges, red, and yellow.
  4. Sign Installation: The sign installation will vary based on the sign use and location. Does it need to be hung from a high ceiling and therefore require a lift? Is it going into a concrete wall? Does it need to be aesthetically pleasing? All these specific will require different tools and skills to install but will also change the budget cost.
  5. Sign Budget: Your sign budget will affect the material options, size possibilities, and installation. When creating a budget for your sign, you should also consider whether it is a temporary sign or a permanent sign. Also, remember that outdoor signs will require permits which will add time and costs. Signage is a primary part of your brand and should reflect it accordingly.

A lot goes into choosing the perfect sign for your business and projects. You may not be sure where to start or which options might best fit your needs. For that reason, you want to make sure to use an experienced sign company that can help your find the best sign for your business, need, and budget. Contact a Top Class Signs and Printing representative today to help your find the best custom sign for your needs. With over 15years in the industry, Top Class Signs and Printing will be sure to guide you in the right direction. We offer many custom signs options made with quality at a fair price. Don’t waste any more time and call us today! 305-433-5574

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