Trade Show Displays and Imprinted Table Covers

Create the Perfect Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are a great way to attract more attention to your business. The right booth can bring in a lot of business. It is important to create a trade show booth with items including banner stands and imprinted table throws. These will attract attention as people are walking by your booth and offer a lot of information to appeal to your audience.

Banner Stands

As people walk by your booth they need to see what your company has to offer. If you have good banner stands, it is easy to set up eye catching displays to make sure that your booth simply cannot be ignored. One of the most popular, and easiest to set up, are the retractable banner stands. The banner is contained in the stand and simply unrolls to become a banner. When you are done using it, it retracts into a convenient carrying case.

You can also purchase banners which are also back walls. These are perfect for instantly creating a unique look for your booth. You can use your company name and logo over the entire back wall for your booth. Side Stands hold the banner in place to offer more stability.

If you want to show more than one banner, but have limited space, you can use scrolling banner stands. These have a mechanical base which rotates the banner from one banner to another. Battery powered units offer the ability to place the banner anywhere.

Imprinted Table Throws

The table you are using at the booth does not have to be bare. You can add an imprinted table throws to your booth. This allows you to completely drape the table with the name of your company and your company colors. Table throws are made to fit standard 6 and 8 foot tables. Most throws feature a three sided cloth that drapes over the table. The company name and logo on your throw allows you to catch more attention from people walking past your booth.

Single and multicolor imprints are available for throws. Simply send in your company name and logo and it can be added to the throw so you can completely cover the table with an advertisement that attracts attention. An added benefit of having the cloth on the table is that the brochures and other items you have on the table will stay in place a lot easier.



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