A trade show display is a graphic display device designed to be used at a trade fair or trade show. Trade shows are a large investment in both money and time. If you’re going to make the investment in a trade show, the first item you should spend your money on is a tradeshow booth that will stand out. We offer numerous options for customization, so you can get a booth that truly reflects who you are as a brand. We create unique spaces where you can make a presentation, demonstrate your products or services, and draw people in. Investing in a higher end booth that you can use and re-use for years to come is the best option. If you’re going to be cheap about your booth selection, you may need to look at another avenue of marketing; first impressions are everything and your cheap setup might be more harmful then helpful to your brand and business. Choosing a tradeshow booth that is versatile is best; meaning choose a booth that can easily be modified to fit various booth sizes such as going from a 20×20’, to a 10×20’ and 10×10’. This will give you the flexibility to increase, or decrease your trade show footprint while maintaining the visually stimulating elements of your booth and staying true to your brand.

A trade show or other industry event is your opportunity to take your business to the next level. The right display and signage products can make a huge difference in your ability to capitalize on the opportunities presented to you. A good trade show display booth will highlight what’s unique about your organization, making information accessible through a combination of visual appeals.

We understand that a trade show booth is more than just a back wall display. Booths need proper lighting, a sense of depth, and a well-designed layout. We can help you turn your booth into a marketing masterpiece that will impress your target audience at your next trade show. We offer a wide selection of accessories, counters, and multimedia kits to help you seamlessly integrate your products, brochures/catalog holders, and electronic equipment such as TV mounts into the layout without sacrificing the overall feel of your trade show booth.

The displays vary greatly in size, cost and complexity, but all are designed to visually represent a specific interest of the company. Your trade show display should have bold images and catch phrases, in an attempt to attract visitors to your exhibit space, so that your sales representatives can give a sales pitch or hand out brochures.

There are many types of trade show displays/exhibits; here are some of the most common types:

Table Top Banner StandsTabletop Displays: These displays are typically very easy to set up, they are designed to be set on top of a table.





custom table covers front only full color on colored throwTable Covers (throw covers or table throws): Custom printed table covers allow the exhibitor the opportunity to use the table as a branding opportunity, as opposed to just a stock, non-branded table drape. Show provided tables normally come with a neutral table drape, and a custom table cover allows the exhibitor to stand out from those who use the stock table cover.



Pipe and DrapePipe and Drape: They are often provided by the show contractor as part of the price of the exhibit space. The fabric drape is usually a color that is neutral or which ties in with the theme of the show. Exhibitors can use these as a backdrop for their own display pieces, but they are not meant to support any direct weight, and provide little in the way of display client graphics or branding. Most exhibitors use a purchased or rented display structure in front of the supplied pipe and drape.



Pop Up Displays POPDS&POPDCPop-Up Displays: A display which uses flexible PVC graphic panels or full color fabric print which attach using a magnetic border or Velcro. When ready to display, the graphic is pulled up like an accordion, spring loaded. They are normally very lightweight, and can be easily transported and set up without needing on site labor support. The components are often made from very lightweight materials, and transported in traveling cases. They come straight or curved in shape base on preferences.



BDR23Banner Stands: Banner stands are a smaller type of trade show display with a graphic supported in a standing frame; they are a portable and lightweight display solution. The various styles of banner stands include outdoor banners, X type banner stands, L type banner stands, and retractable banner stands/roll ups.




custom modular displayModular Exhibit: Modular displays provide exhibitors with a custom-looking exhibit that can adapt and evolve from show to show. Using standardized components as building blocks, custom modular displays can be reconfigured to fit multiple spaces and customized to fit multiple needs.




panel and frame systemPanel & Frame Systems: They are extrusions pieces that you assemble to create custom trade show displays as well as retail displays. Unlike a tabletop display or modular exhibit, panel & frame systems will require the services of an on-site labor source.




truss-displaysTruss Displays: These heavy-duty display systems can often be seen as the backdrop in a television show because of its quality, durable construction and interchangeable graphics. They are built using either steel or aluminum and come in many shapes and sizes. The bold, contemporary, industrial look of truss exhibits is a reconfigurable exhibit backwalls and counters that feature a fixed number of parts and connectors. NO TOOLS are required for assembly; 20′ x 20′ and 10′ x 20′ inline kits transition into smaller size exhibits, counters and more. The versatility and value of the truss system is unmatched! With endless designs and options to choose from, you are certain to find a solution that fits your needs. You can also easily customize your own truss exhibit and make it fit your exact needs.


custom built tradeshow exhibitsCustom Exhibits: These rental or purchase exhibits are fabricated from a variety of materials, based upon the design and needs of the exhibitor. These exhibits often incorporate hard wall panels to create rooms and separated spaces, stages, large metal structures, display and work stations, and other display components. Custom exhibits cannot normally be set up by the exhibitor without utilizing the services of an on-site labor source.



Tradeshow booths floor plan terminology:

PrintLinear Booth (also called “In-Line Booth’’): An exhibit space with exhibit booths on either side and/or back. A typical linear exhibit is 10’x10′ or 10’x20′.




Peninsula Exhibit: A ‘peninsula’ is an exhibit or area with aisles on three sides. A Peninsula Booth is typically 20’x20’ or larger.




split island boothSplit-Island Exhibit: A Split Island Booth is a Peninsula Booth which shares a common back wall with another Peninsula Booth.



Island Trade Show BoothIsland Exhibit: An Island exhibit is any booth exposed to aisles on all four sides. An Island Booth is virtually always 20 by 20 feet or larger.




End_Cap_BoothEnd-Cap Exhibit: An end-cap exhibit is exposed to aisles on three sides and composed of two booths.





PrintPerimeter Booths: These booths are almost identical to standard booths, however the backing is against the exhibit facility rather than to another exhibitor.




We are here to help you make the most of your trade show booth dollars and create a stunning display which will bring you the traffic you deserve. Contact Top Class Signs and Printing for all your standard and custom built Expo Displays.