Use Custom Table Covers To Stand Out In A Crowd

Branded Promotional Tablecloth Runner with full colour print. Great value quality printed table runners, personalised for your event.
Branded Promotional Tablecloth Runner with full colour print. Great value quality printed table runners, personalised for your event.

Trade shows are an absolutely fantastic way to display what your business has to offer to a large number of people in a very short period of time. We still regularly use this method to show off what we do, and we generate a good amount of business by doing so. When we are at trade shows, we always see a number of booths where the people working there spend the majority of time standing around doing nothing, simply because no-one is taking the time to stop by. What we also notice is that these booths offer nothing that will help them stand out among all the other vendors in the building.

When visitors approach a booth at a trade show, they will generally only stop and take a look if they see something that catches their eye. It may very well be a company that they know nothing about, but when they see that some real effort has been put into creating a well-crafted space, they see that as a sign that the company hosting the booth is professional and cares about what they do. The big question then becomes how to make a booth that will draw that level of attention, which we believe starts with a sign that people will notice. Just about every booth has a table or two where they can set their promotional materials. Visitors at shows tend to have their eye level cast down towards table level, just so they can get a look at what’s on offer. That means that a sign at that level is oftentimes more persuasive than one that sits over top of the booth. We can help you get the attention your booth needs by creating custom table covers that proudly display your company logo or message. Visitors will be well aware of the name of your company before they even arrive at your stand. We also know that getting the attention of the customer is just the start of having a successful booth at a trade show. The time and effort we put into creating great looking custom table covers is extended to every other product that we make. It’s one thing to have a great looking table cover, but it’s all for naught if the promotional and marketing materials you have on offer are not up to par. At Top Class Signs and Printing, we have a number of promotional and marketing solutions that are designed using the same full color printing process we use on your custom table covers. That adds up to a booth that will be bright, colorful, and which is sure to stand out in the crowd. We help by providing the tools to get people to your booth, leaving it to you to wow them even further with the products and services that your business delivers.


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