Wall Mural and Wrap Printing for Business

Wall murals greatly enhance the visual attraction of your office, home, or building. These wall decals are an affordable way of setting a mood for your visitors or clients in which you want them to experience.
  • From custom graphics to full panels
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Vinyl for drywall, concrete, bricks!
  • Full color printing, unlimited designs
  • Submit your own designs and we can custom design
wall mural and wall wraps printing

Why custom wall mural vinyl wraps?

Custom vinyl wall murals allow you to be expressive and creative, and Top Class Printing wants to help you achieve your desired look with the help of our graphic designers. We create your vinyl wall to transform a plain hallway into a theme that uplifts the spirits of your company. 

You can use our custom wall mural printing as a way of creatively telling the story of your business’s history or timeline. Or you can showcase your company philosophy through our vinyl wall murals.

A customized wallpaper enables you to flaunt your business logo in the heart of the building. What’s more, you can place something you’re deeply passionate about what you want other people to know about. In other words, these wallpaper murals have endless possibilities. 

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From offices to stores to homes

We can wrap any material concrete, painted drywall, stairs, bricks, floors and more!

Textured Wall Wraps

From smooth to rough surfaces

custom wall paper muralCustom Wallpaper Murals Designers in Miami

Our custom wallpaper murals are specifically created to satisfy your tastes, whether it may be in placement, purpose, and size. Our design team focuses on working custom murals in order to produce awe-inspiring custom wall mural for your business. 

Top Class Printing delivers handwashing signage to wall murals and wallpapers for your establishment. We cater to every step and process, starting from design, manufacturing, and easy installation of wall printing.

We maximize your blank space and turn it into beautiful vinyl wall decals from start to finish. Our wall murals for home or business is made from quality wall decals to ensure it can withstand the test of time. 

Removable Vinyl Wall Mural for your Business

Top Class Printing lives to make your office wall unique, letting you stand out from the competition.  We present your brand in the best way possible with the use of our high-quality vinyl. Your vinyl wall mural is a sign of company confidence, and we deliver everything from vinyl wall decals up to big landscape murals.

If you’re renting an office space or it’s not something you want to have imprinted on your walls permanently, these are completely removable printing murals. In other words, if you want something to be removed, we can quickly take it down as fast as the installation process. 

You’re free to change the motif depending on company events and seasonal changes, so you can freely express it to your heart’s desire without any holdbacks.

Full-Service Wall Vinyl Company Miami

If you still don’t have a concrete concept on your vinyl wall design for your business, our highly professional team can help you with your goals. We offer a full-service wall mural in the local area, our team gives you a variety of designs and options, letting you pick the best one for your theme.

We take our job seriously, and our goal is for you to find the perfect fit for your establishment. Our materials are intended for longevity as we only utilize high-quality materials to ensure result.

wall printing services and muralVinyl wall mural installation 

While it’s true you can install it on your own. However, our professional mural installer fully understands the step by step process of a smooth installation process. 

Small graphics and designs may only have minor concerns. However, when dealing with large sheets, it’s definitely a challenge. One small mistake can ruin the entire picture and décor as it’s prone to creases, rips, and bubbles as well. Overall, it does not present a professional look for your clients.

Working with Top Class Printing means you’re working with the best. We get the job done on the same day, and we follow a smooth workflow within our company to ensure you’ll receive satisfactory results as soon as possible. 

When there are concerns involving the installation, our team of experts will handle and resolve the issue right away. We’ll replace damaged vinyl for free if the problem ever arises. Self-installation does not give you the same warranty, and choosing to work with experienced experts gives you a winning edge.

1. How much does it cost?

It depends on the design and size. Indicate the size, design, and other add-ons, and we’ll send you a cost estimate. Murals price is really determined by two factors how much material is needed (total square feet, length x width) and type of material.

2. How long does it take you to design?

Design typically takes about 3-4 business days for the first proof but also depends on how simple or complex the project.

3. Do you offer custom shapes?

Most wall murals are full coverage of the wall but we can contour cut to any shape.

4. Is it hard to install?

Depending on the material it can be simple to install with a bit of care and a few youtube videos. The biggest issues are with thinner materials as they tend to get soft and can bubble more. However but for most installations, we recommend our 6 mil thick rigid vinyl material which is more stable and can easily install even with your hand. If you are local (Miami-South Florida Area) we can also install it for you.

5. Do you offer installations?

Yes we can install one wall to a whole building. Whether it is in your office, store, showroom, home, stairs or even your concrete wall.

6. Can you install on any wall?

We can install on almost any material but materials may vary for each application especially when it comes to raw concrete and bricks as it requires a more aggressive adhesive vinyl.

7. Is there any special requirements?

The biggest requirement is letting us know the type of wall and if it is smooth or not. Another thing that is very important is that you should not install on any wall that has been freshly painted as it needs about 30 days to outgas. Even then you may sometimes need a primer due to high VOC cheap paints which may be unpredictable.



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