Adhesive Vinyl

Get your message across at a fraction of the cost. Adhesive vinyl stickers and decals are an affordable yet impactful way to advertise.

They are weatherproof and waterproof and their colors stay vibrant even after years of use and constant exposure to sunlight or water. There are a million ways to use them, you can put them indoors or outdoors and on almost any kind of surface; cars, windows, floors, doors, glass, wood and many more.

  • Cost-efficient 
  • Easy installation and removal
  • 100% customizable
  • Multipurpose 
  • Moisture and humidity-resistant
  • Long lifespan
office lobby wall vinyl mural

What is an adhesive vinyl and why should you use it?

Window letterings, floor graphics, wall stickers, and car decals- almost every form of print ad you see is made of vinyl. 

Adhesive vinyl is a plastic material that is typically used in digital printing because it readily absorbs ink and easily sticks to almost any curved or flat smooth surfaces. 

It’s 100% customizable and can be cut into almost any shape and size. 

Single color vinyl decals and stickers are cut from one colored vinyl sheet and because of that it doesn’t have a background. On the other hand, full-color vinyl decals and stickers start of white and are digitally printed. 

Adhesive vinyl decals and stickers are produced using solvent inks so the vibrance of the colors last longer making them weather-resistant, which is why it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. They won’t shrink, expand, crack, or fade no matter the weather condition. 

Permanent adhesive vinyl will last you up to 4-5 years and you can double its lifespan with clear lamination. 

If you’re using them for only a short period of time, say only during your seasonal sale, you can use removable vinyl materials such as static cling, that do not leave any marks or glue stains. 

Aside from decals and stickers, Top Class Printing adhesive vinyl supply also offers static cling (which is removable and reusable) and custom air release graphic film ideal for vehicles. 

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Dry Erase Lamination

A custom foam makes the perfect affordable gifts for birthdays and holidays, these can be used to liven up the home by hanging poster prints on walls.

Instagram frame prop Christmas
Photo Props

You can use these posters for craft ideas. If you plan on having a photo booth, then a custom foam board does the trick for you.

Trade Show Stands

In trade shows, showing off the best of what your company can do is essential. A foam core poster can have nifty speech bubbles or super cool 3-D pop-ups, depending on what you want. These are the go-to displays for indoor use.

Store Displays

The foam board finish options make it perfect to display in local shops, it gives you quality poster boards for long-term use. Its quality doesn’t deter over time, especially when you choose thicker board signs. You can use your tabletop to display the signage or simply lean it against the wall.

Different Types of Adhesive Vinyl Decals, Labels, and Stickers

Adhesive vinyl printing makes great print ads at a very low cost. And you can easily transform your car, truck, boat, doors, windows, floor, walls, tables, and pretty much everything for branding and advertising. 


cut vinyl graphicsOne Color Cut Vinyl Decals 

Need something simple like window letterings? 

One color cut vinyl decals are perfect for single color logos, window letterings, etc. 

It comes pre-masked transfer tape for easy installation. It is custom cut to your desired shape at no additional cost and is ready to install out of the box.  

It’s UV and weather-resistant so the colors will not fade in rain, snow, heat, shine, and great for indoors and outdoors. 

Custom adhesive vinyl lettering is perfect for advertising your business on your car, trucks, boat, and storefront. 


adhesive vinyl window signageFull Color Vinyl 

Want to print high-resolution stickers and decals with eye-popping colors? 

Full color vinyl prints your logo or product images with the ultimate sharpness and clarity in CMYK full color printing process. 

We offer full color adhesive vinyl in permanent or removable backing. Removable vinyl will peel away easily without leaving any stains or glue residue. You can use it as a window signage or wall decor. 

Full color vinyl lasts about 2-3 years and is great as indoor, outdoor, and vehicle stickers. 


store front window signageDeluxe Full Color Vinyl  

Transform your car into a mobile marketing machine with Deluxe full color vinyl. It will stick to any surface and you can confidently install these on your vehicles because it will not cause any damage to the car’s paint when removed. 

Deluxe full color adhesive vinyl has air release technology that is mostly used as vehicle wraps. It reduces air bubbles and removes creases so it’s very convenient to install or wrap around most surfaces such as window signages, vehicles, and mostly any type of flat surface.

You can use it indoors and outdoors and it’s weatherproof and water and UV-resistant. It’s made for long-term use and will stay vibrant for about 4-5 years.


static window cling 3 optionsClear and White Full Color Window Clings  

Do you need something temporary and reusable? 

Static window clings are so easy to install as they are to remove. Both sides cling to glass on portions where there’s no print. They are reusable many times. They’re great for temporary use such as for holiday sales, grand openings, special events, mirrors, etc. 

You can use it on temporary work vehicles as well since it’s easy to remove when you’re no longer using it for work. 

Static cling window signs come in clear and white. Clear static cling stickers are transparent and see-through from both sides. On the other hand, white static cling is viewable on only one side. Both are great but white static clings offer a more brilliant color since the white background makes the colors pop out better.  Note as shown above clear static cling is printed in CMYK inks only which makes it transparent unless white ink is added beyind the print.

You can also customize it to your most preferred size and shape.


Floor-Graphics-asphalt streets concrete smooth floorsFull Color Vinyl Floor Decals and Graphics Vinyl 

Want to put special offers or customized directions on your floor? 

Floor decals bring color to your monotone tiled or concrete floors. Make the most of all the surfaces in your store and use them for branding, advertising, or for adding customized directions. 

We offer two different kinds floor decals and one is better suited for long term use and smooth surfaces which is vinyl with anti slip lamination and the other short term use for smooth and rough surfaces which is an adhesive vinyl fabric with a textured surface.

Vinyl floor decals can last up to 3 years in areas with little foot traffic. It’s a semi-permanent signage so once you install it, you will not be able to reposition or reuse it in the future. Our floor decals will work on any kind of damp-proof indoor surface like hardwood and sealed concrete. 

These durable floor decals are UL certified for slip resistance. They’re just at the right thickness to make an impression but at the same time safe for people to walk on. 




Full Color Vinyl Wall Decals and Wallpaper 

Bring your walls to life with full color vinyl decals! Create small fun stickers or go all in and make a full wall mural! 

Vinyl wall decals and wallpapers are made of durable and flexible material that can be removed, repositioned or removed. It will not cause damages to the paint or drywall and will not leave stains behind. It comes in various shapes and sizes and is highly customizable. 

Indoor wall vinyl decals will last up to 5 years and it is UV and weather-resistant. 


Full Color Carpet Vinyl

Just like floor vinyl decals, carpet decals are also UL certified for slip resistance. Carpet vinyl stickers usually last 3-6 months in the most ideal conditions. They are not reusable and can’t be repositioned once installed. 

It’s important to note that not all carpets are compatible with carpet vinyl stickers. It only works with short tightly woven surfaces such as low pile carpet, vehicle carpet, and low pile rug. Moreover, carpet vinyl stickers will not work with non-porous or smooth surfaces that are meant for floor decals such as laminate, tile, hardwood, etc. 

Make sure that your carpet is clean, moisture-proof and waterproof as it will not work with carpets that are dirty, wet, or stained with chemicals and oil. 

Removing carpet vinyl stickers is stress-free and they will not leave any glue residue on the carpet. 


Full Color Table Vinyl

Decorate your cafe’s coffee tables with beautiful patterned prints with full color table vinyl stickers! 

Abrasion-resistant and weatherproof, table vinyl stickers can withstand the harsh sunlight, cold, snow, or rain making them great for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s 100% customizable, shipped pre-cut to your desired shape or size, and ready to be installed out of the box. 

Compared to table runners,  stretchable table covers and table throws, vinyl table stickers are inexpensive, permanent and low maintenance. 

Vinyl stickers will bring out sparkle and vibrance to your tables. It’s perfect for malls, restaurants, cafes, universities and manufacturers. 


Frosted Vinyl 

Frosted adhesive vinyl window and glass wall decals give your office or storefront an upscale, modern, and professional look. It’s perfect for boardrooms, window decors, office decors, glass doors, and even at home! 

They are not printed but are cut according to your desired shape and are ideal for simple text, logos and designs. 

They produce an opaque look which means they are not see-through, so you can use them to give your office privacy in a subtle but classy way.  You can have it 3 ways: standard cut, reverse cut, and blank frosted. 

Standard cut vinyl is made by cutting out directly each letter and object in your design and it will have no background. It will come pre-masked with a transfer tape for easy installation.  

Reverse cut vinyl is the exact opposite, we will cut the design from the background, you can have the adhesive on back when you want to put it outside of the window, and adhesive on front when you want to put it inside of the window. 

If it’s blank frosted then it means there will be no designs to cut but you will just apply the frosted vinyl directly to the surface. 


Full Color Perforated Vinyl 

Full color window perforated vinyl gives you privacy and custom design to your windows. Our perforated decals let you see out but block others from seeing in. 

These decals are easy to install and safe for all glass types. There are two types: laminated and standard which has no lamination. Their only difference is that laminated ones have some level of protection so their lifespan is longer than the non-laminated vinyl. 

It’s also commonly used in vehicles and storefront window displays. Perforated window film (window perf) opens a new world of promotional opportunities by turning glass doors and windows into prime advertising space. 

Window perf is applied to the outside of your window and viewed from the outside. 


Full Color Backlit Vinyl 

Want your signs to be visible day and night? 

If your business is open day and night, you’ll really need signage that is functional at night. Full color backlit vinyls (no frame included) are great for business signages and bus stop ads because they’re made of translucent vinyl that makes them glow when the light shines through them.

Our backlit vinyl signs are printed in CMYK full color so we’re able to achieve the most accurate and most brilliant colors day or night. 

They’re made of durable, high-quality adhesive vinyl that is weatherproof, UV and water-resistant, and they will retain its and stay in great condition for up to 3+ years. It’s easy to remove as it is to install and you can customize it to any shape or size you want. 

Backlit vinyl is also perfect for airport signs, movie theater boxes, menu displays, exhibits backlit graphics, posters and photos, and window presentations. 


Full Color Dry/Erase Vinyl 

Personalize your menu boards, calendars, to-do lists, or schedule boards and put your brand’s name and logo on them! 

Full color dry/erase vinyl is great for retail stores, restaurants, offices, and many more. This vinyl features a special laminate surface that protects your graphic and allows you to write with dry erase markers and easily erase your markings.

1. Is it possible to have printed on both sides?

Yes by special order, 2 sides may be added soon.

2. Can I use pens to write on the foam board signs?

Yes, you can! It’s best to use a permanent marker when doing so.

3. Do you offer custom shapes?

Currently, we don’t do other shapes aside rectangular as standard but contact us for more information.

4. Are foam board prints usable for outdoor advertisement?

It’s commonly used for indoor applications because these signs aren’t weather-resistant, they could easily be damaged when used outdoor.

5. Is it okay to put holes in these signs?

No, although possible foam is soft and can rip depending on what you are doing.

6. What do you use for printing?

UV digital printing technology for quality results.

7. How can I make my foam board look appealing?

Only use limited text, and avoid using busy graphics. We recommend using a larger board size for high-resolution pictures.

8. How long does it take for me to receive the sign board?

Our team immediately works on it after receiving your request. Typically, it takes 2-4 business days to produce.

9. Why is this item pickup only?

Foam board is soft and can be easily broken in transit especially when ordering just one. The shipping companies are often careless and any dents often damage the item which means you will not be happy and want another one.

10. Does the print peel away?

No, it won’t. With UV printing we print direct unlike some companies who apply vinyl.

11. Do you have color matching service?

No, all jobs are printed CMYK which matches as close as possible to the colors the machine recognizes. If order a big run, sample prints may be ordered.

12. How long does this type of signboard last?


Most of the time, these foam boards are for one-time occasions as they are not weather resistant and made of foam. However, when they’re taken care of properly, and kept away from harsh weather conditions, they can last several years. Just make sure you’re storing the board properly to lengthen its lifespan.



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