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How to Use EDDM Services to Help Your Business

Every business in Miami and Doral or even anywhere in the world needs an outstanding marketing strategy to make its presence felt in the industry, and thereby attracting new clients. No doubt getting conversions and making sales are the most important objectives for all types of business, but the very first goal to achieve is to spread awareness about your business and to create terrific brand recognition among prospective customers. Among the most cutting-edge and breakthrough techniques to accomplish this goal is by using Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM.

This exceptional program is offered by US postal service and is considered as one of the most powerful and effective ways to get in touch with your customers. The best thing about Every Door Direct Mail is that you get to choose the exact location where you want to spread awareness about your business and attract clients. For instance; if your business is based in Miami or Doral, and you want to attract local customers, you can use EDDM to target these specific locations with assistance from US Postal Service. You can also take help from design agencies to design excellent flyers and US Postal Service will do the job of sending these flyers and brochures to the mailing addresses of your clients.

So, why should you choose Every Door Direct Mail to market and advertise your business in Miami and Doral? Actually there are more reasons than one. Let’s have a look some of the most prominent ones.

EDDM make people remember your business in a much better way – These are the times of email spam and viruses, so people rarely notice promotional messages in their email inbox. On the other hand, people are more likely to read brochures and flyers that arrive through traditional mailing system because they read each and everything much more attentively than they do while reading their emails.

No complicated email lists – You don’t need to prepare complicated mailing lists of all prospective clients before using Every Door Direct Mail. Just choose specific target area, prepare some paperwork for each bundle and postal department will do the rest for you. We can also prepare the paper work for you for an additonal fee. Get your direct mail piece delivered to every business or home for only 16 cents a piece.

Affordable –The fact that EDDM is quite affordable to even the small business owners makes it the best choice as far as their advertising and marketing needs are concerned.

High sales generating potential – As soon as potential customers receive your mails, inquires and phone calls will begin. You may not start achieving sales immediately, but once they get in touch with your company, you will be astonished to see exceptionally high number of sales and conversions in a short period of time. You can easily achieve all of these goals effortlessly by using EDDM.

We offer three levels of service…

  • 1. We print, and you prep & mail locally.
    For greatest savings, we will print your mailpieces and ship them to you with easy-to-follow instructions and the required USPS documentation. You simply need to count and bundle them by carrier route and drop them off at the destination Post Office.
  • 2. We print and prep and you mail at your local post office.
    We print your mailpieces and we count and bundle them by carrier route and ship them to you with the required information ready to drop off at your local USPS.
  • 3. We handle the whole process.
    For the ease, we print your mailpieces, count and bundle them by carrier route and then we mail them for you via “open and distribute” to the local Post Office.

Whether you need Every Door Direct Mail in Miami, Every Door Direct Mail in Doral and all the way in California we can print it and ship it to you ready to deliver.

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