Making a Better Decision with Direct Mail vs EDDM

eddmMaking a Better Decision with Direct Mail vs EDDM

Marketing to local markets is something which has been accomplished through direct mail for decades. With new innovations, it is important consider direct mail vs EDDM. EDDM is every door Direct Mail which is offered from the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is offered to help businesses identify the addresses they should be mailing information to and assist in the mailing process. The postage rates are lower aprox 14 cents postage and the ease of mailing to a list of people make the new EDDM system seem very intriguing to local businesses.

Mailing to Your List

The biggest challenge companies face when it comes to Direct Mail vs EDDM is that Direct Mail requires a mailing list. Lists can either be developed or purchased. Either way, a lot of time and money is being invested in developing a list of people to mail advertisements to.

When using EDDM, it is not necessary to build a list. You can simply send out flyers to every residence or business within your area. Simply choose the city, geographic area or zip code you are looking to target and you can make sure everyone in that area receives the mail you are using to promote your business.

Keep in mind that the only materials which qualify for EDDM are flats and certain sizes. If you are looking to send out anything which requires a box, you will be required to use a Direct Mail mailing list and pay the appropriate postage.

Mail That Matters

No matter which side of the Direct Mail vs EDDM argument you land on, it is highly important that what you are sending can do the right job. Make sure that promotional materials capture the attention of your desired audience. Full color flyers can be included in envelopes to make sure they are being seen and paid attention to.

The more you are using mail as an advertising technique, the easier it will be to attract more local business. Targeting the right areas can help you to get the clientele your business needs to grow. Make sure you are giving the right consideration to Direct Mail vs EDDM to choose the right one for your business. The right choice can help to elevate your business through promotions which make sense to you and your clients. Make sure your advertising campaign targets individuals which can benefit from what your business has to offer.

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