How to track your marketing efforts in 3 simple ways

How to track your marketing efforts in 3 simple ways

How to track your marketing efforts in 3 simple ways

3 Basic ways to track your marketing efforts

We are all aware that marketing is a vital part of a business, but do you actually track your marketing efforts? Most people spend time and money on marketing materials and ads but do not know which campaigns actual bring in most returns.

Here are 3 simple ways to start tracking your marketing efforts so you can spend more money on what works:

1. Track your marketing with landing pages

What is a landing page some might ask? It’s a page you create on your website for a specific product, service, or sale. Landing pages are now a necessity for any business to use in their marketing efforts. This can be done for offline and online marketing equally.

Scenario 1—offline to online: You mailed a brochure to clients and prospects about a new product or service, how do you track the success of your mailer? On the brochure include a link to your landing page created just for this mailer. You can track the amount of views on the page or create an incentive to register for something and track it that way. Since that page was only displayed on the mailer only people with that specific link would have checked it out and that will give you an idea of whether your mailer was successful or not.

Scenario 2—online to online: You posted business listing on a few online platforms and want to track the traffic from these platforms to your website. You would need to create different links for your landing pages so that you can track the traffic from each website. Your landing page can have the same information, the link is what needs to change to track the traffic.

2. Track your marketing with sales codes

When you offer a discount on an item or service you usually refer to a sales code. This process is the same whether done offline or online. In this case you will change the code number and track your marketing efforts that way.

Scenario 1—offline to online: You mailed out a postcard to clients and leads about a sale your business is having. You need to create different codes based on lists types for example. So, you will have one code for clients, another one for let’s say a list you received from your chamber and one for your purchased list. The way to calculate your success is on the sell amount from each code; which code generated more sales?

Scenario 2—online to online: You posted an item or service on sale on various platform. You need to use a different code for each platform in order to track which one brings more revenue.

3. Track your marketing with newsletter links

When you send out a newsletter the platform you use should provide you with a report. Most people do not pay attention to these numbers and how they help. The most important trackers are your unique opens, unique clicks, and the link clicked.

Your unique opens are the people who are engaged with your content and opened it. Your unique clicks are the people who took the time to click on a specific link to find out more about it- these are your best leads. The link clicked tell you what your audience is most interested in. These numbers are best to evaluate over time and will help your see who engages with your content, but also which content is most engaging.

In the same way if you sent a newsletter with the intent to sell a product or service, the click links tracking will allow you to track your success better.

Many business owners and some marketers do not know how to track their marketing efforts and will invest in methods that do not bring them any returns. With that they too often find marketing as unnecessary and a waste of money rather than an investment when properly done.

Start tracking your marketing efforts and if you are not sure how to hire a marketing agency such as The Top Class Agency to handle your marketing campaigns properly.

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